‘iZombie’ Review 3×09: Twenty-Sided, Die

iZombie‘s “Twenty-Sided, Die” saw Liv finally emerging from her brain induced eating spree this season, Ravi and Clive hating on the nerds, and Fillmore Graves preparing for the day they’re eventually discovered by humans. With four episodes left in the season, it’s a shame that we haven’t seen more of Liv’s journey but a delight to see the addition of a larger zombie community and story-line.

Let’s dive right into iZombie‘s “Twenty-Sided, Die”!

Finally Seeing Liv Moore

As soon as Liv said she was going to slurp on some brain tubes from Fillmore Graves I was super excited. She’s been so hopped up on brains this season that I haven’t been sure where she ends and where the brain begins. What I don’t understand is why she did it for the Piz of the show.

Justin is super nice, handsome, and helpful. But he’s forgettable, momentary, and lacks a spark/connection with Liv. He’s clearly just there to impede and slow down her relationship with Major before dying, like all of Liv’s boyfriends. Been there, done that. Keeping that all in mind, you’d be able to understand why I’m confused that she chose this night, this moment, this date to go off her typical zombie brains and be the Liv that we know, love, and miss.

Liv didn’t take the brain tubes when her friends were in trouble or when they needed her advice on important things in their lives. But she did it for a guy she barely knows and only just met? I’m not buying it and hope that iZombie steps it up for the last four episodes of this season. I love this show and am not giving up on it yet. The Liv Moore I know and love is in there!

Why the Dungeons and Dragons Hate?

I thought we were past the point in television where nerd/geek culture was looked down upon with disdain and such ignorance. Every single time Ravi or Clive stuck up their noses at these Dungeons and Dragons players I just wanted to yell, “What is wrong with you!?” Clive cosplayed as someone from Game of Thrones, the geekiest thing you can do! And Ravi was obsessed with an online game akin to World of Warcraft.

Both men are parts of communities that are highly imaginative and immersive. To call out the D&D players is hypocritical of them and just makes them seem like the ignorant jocks/cool kids of tropey shows from the 90’s. Nerd/geek culture is not just something that lonely weirdos do. Highly intelligent, successful, and amazing people partake in it and it was kind of a let down to see Ravi and Clive become part of that narrow-minded narrative.

They saw the error of their ways by the end of the episode and seemed willing to do weekly campaigns, but it felt like too little too late. And all of this is coming from someone who has never played Dungeons and Dragons but who understands that it’s just another part of nerd/geek culture and that anyone can join in. You just need a spark of imagination and loads of patience.

I’ve got both and would love to play someday. *hint hint*

Zombie Expansion & World Domination?

The best thing about this season so far has been the addition of Fillmore Graves. It’s the writers way of letting us know that the zombie virus is not just something strictly happening in Seattle. It’s happening all over the world and zombies are placing themselves in positions of power in preparation for the day when the zombie virus becomes public knowledge.

Fillmore Graves having their own island, supporting their community, using their abilities to get more contracts, is somewhat horrifying but also highly logical. There are some bad apples in every bunch, and there will be some zombies who think they are better than other humans, but at the end of the day they’re a minority frightened by the public reaction to their “otherness.”

Fillmore Graves has a reason to fear the reaction from humans and they’re doing the best they can to prepare their families, friends, and neighbors for Z-Day. At least I’m hoping they’re doing that with good intentions in their hearts. For all we know Vivian is still alive or was killed because she wasn’t taking the hard approach other pro-Zombies believed she should’ve taken with the humans who killed their own.

If that’s true, the zombies at Fillmore Graves don’t want to live beside humans. They want to live above them and rule them.

Favorite Scene from Twenty-Sided, Die:
Check out the trailer for next week’s episode of iZombie:

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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