‘iZombie’ 3×08 Review: Eat a Knievel

iZombie has a problem. A major one. (Not Lilywhite.) A problem that has been looming over the show since episode one of season 3 and is still going strong in ‘Eat a Knievel.’ That problem is Liv and the fact that I don’t know who she is anymore or which parts are her or the brain.

On top of that, the show has introduced it’s version of Piz from Veronica Mars in the form of Justin. He’s cute, likeable to a certain extent, but practically only there to separate Liv and Major. And then there’s Blaine…he’s back to his old ways and it looks like there’s no stopping him now!

Let’s talk about iZombie‘s ‘Eat a Knievel’!

Which Parts Are Liv & Which Are the Brain?

At this point I don’t know what I’m watching anymore. I tried to hold out. I tried to reason with myself that I knew what I signed up for and that I didn’t need to harp on about it week after week. Then I realized that I was right and that the show has gotten off track in a big way.

Before, we could see parts of Liv shining through even when she was on brains. It was still her driving the show, the journey, the investigation. She just had a couple little things that were different about her, some antics that made you realize, “Hey, something’s different with our female lead.”

Now the brain has overtaken Liv.

75% of this episode was Liv on loser daredevil brain that made me want to cheer on the actress for her acting abilities but also cringe because this isn’t my Liv nor did I see a spark of her while on this brain. Where’s the journey? What did she learn from this guy?

It used to be that Liv was discovering how much life she was missing out on before her death. Now it’s just week after week of “how can we make it more outrageous!” I enjoy the different brains that Liv takes on like the dominatrix or the spaz, but what did she learn from it? How did it change/define her story?

If I can’t answer these questions then iZombie needs to step it up, reel back on the brains & expanding everyone else’s stories, and show me. Because right now I don’t know who Liv is and I really miss her exuberance and wonder at stepping into someone’s else’s shoes and discovering bits about herself and the world that she missed out on.

Justin is the New Piz

If you’re a fan of Rob Thomas then chances are that you’ve watched Veronica Mars and know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that Justin is the new Piz. If you haven’t, let me explain. Piz was a character introduced on Veronica Mars to basically fill up space when Veronica wasn’t with Logan.

Piz was a fill in, an alternate, that became easily forgettable when you thought about Logan for 2.5 seconds. He served no purpose besides being a distraction. The same thing is happening with Justin. He’s sweet, kind, and seems like a great guy…but he serves no purpose besides being a distraction.

We already know that Liv and Major are ‘the’ couple of iZombie. So I don’t see any point of introducing Justin and making him a romantic interest when just a couple episodes ago Liv was mourning Major possibly losing all his memories and forgetting everything they had together and the feelings between them, that are very much alive.

It seems to me that Liv and Major are back on the “oh we can’t be together because I might accidentally turn you into a zombie during sex” train. Newsflash you can be together without bumping uglies, something that I feel like I’ve said over and over again. It’s not the end of the world! In fact, I thought the bond between Liv and Major was strong, built on years of knowing and loving each other. It can survive not having sex.

So I’m at a loss why iZombie is even wasting time on this new Piz. Quit playing games with my heart and go for Liv and Major. Give me something to cheer for or even a mere glimpse of the Liv we used to know, because the introduction of Piz 2.0 is also another contributing factor in me not knowing who this woman is anymore or what she really wants in life.

Blaine is Back to His Old Self, Surprise?

I was hoping that Blaine would prove me wrong this episode. I was hoping that he’d changed and had decided that he wanted to be a better man for himself and not just Peyton because that storyline feels like beating a dead horse. Been there, done that.

But, nope. Blaine is just back to his old antics and there’s no changing him for now.

He’s taken over his father’s business and exacted revenge on the man that tormented him his entire life. Now, the latter I’m not afraid to say was justified. His pops tortured him all his life and sent someone to kill him. A little cement and the bottom of a well is what he deserves. The rest of it is what I have a problem with.

Blaine is going global. No longer is he satisfied with the scraps he was getting in Seattle. And instead of shutting down his father’s operation and being the kind, funny, and gentle man he always wanted to be when he was with Peyton, he’s decided to throw that all away.

It didn’t work out with Peyton so why even try to be a better man? He could try for himself, so he could be satisfied inside because of his own accomplishments. But no, that would be too much hard work! Being the bad guy is easy, familiar, and just has one pesky downside aka constantly dying.

Dying all the time, being alone, and having everyone hate you is ok because you have money. Right? RIGHT?! Wrong. I wonder how long it’ll take Blaine to figure that little tidbit out.

Favorite Scene from Evil Knievel:

Liv and Ravi bonding over terrible accents before going undercover.


Check out the trailer for next week’s episode of iZombie:

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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