Season 4 Of ‘Veronica Mars’ Won’t Include What Word?

I don’t know about you, but I drop F bombs like they are candy. It’s my swear word of choice and also the word I use when I have no other words to say.

But I won’t be hearing this word on Veronica Mars‘ upcoming season, and the reasoning kinda makes perfect sense to me.

“I actually understand Hulu’s decision,” series creator Rob Thomas told TVLine. “They bought [streaming rights] to all three seasons of Veronica Mars. And because those three seasons are built to appeal to younger people, they want them to be able to watch the first three seasons [seamlessly] with Season 4. That was their thinking on it.”

Now, Veronica Mars is far from innocent, but there are other ways to show that besides the F bomb, and Hulu’s course of action is understandable. It’s hard when a show transitions to another network (or in this case, streaming service) and it’s not like the show you knew at all.

Veronica Mars is coming to Hulu for an 8 episode run on July 26th.

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