‘Famous In Love’ 1×10 Recap: ‘Leaving Los Angeles’

We’ve made it to the end of the first season of Famous in Love. This episode was the final episode of the season and also the second part of the big two-hour season finale event. Let’s get into what happened in the episode.

This episode picks up right where the last left off. Rainer is yanked away from all of the paparazzi as they continue to question him about his sobriety. Alan and Jordan join Rainer in the back of a car that races away from the scene. It doesn’t take very long for Rainer to bring up Alan being his father. Rainer starts to ask questions, including why Alan was never around. When Rainer learns that Alan only recently found out himself, Rainer calls his mother a bitch, and Alan immediately tells Rainer to never call Nina that. Alan turns to Jordan to ask him to watch over Rainer and Rainer takes that as an opportunity to hop out of the stopped vehicle. A car full of girls pulls up just in time to give him a ride.

Cassie is catching up on all of the news back at the apartment when Paige comes home. Cassie wanted to check in with her friend and find out what actually went down. Cassie and Paige finally have their Gilmore Girls and pizza date. Well, until Paige gets a call from an even more wasted Rainer. He was thinking of her because he is at a bar on her campus. Paige suggests meeting him at the bar, but Rainer becomes skeptical that Nina put her up to checking on him. Paige ends the call after Rainer starts yelling for another round for the entire bar. Cassie finds Rainer with a simple Twitter search, but when they get to the bar he’s already gone.

The next day on set, Paige asks Adam if anyone has seen or heard from Rainer, which they haven’t. Paige turns to Jordan for some answers. Paige is still in the dark about why Rainer is acting this way, why he’s drinking again. Jordan tells her as much as he can without telling Paige Alan is Rainer’s father. That’s more Rainer’s to share than his. Nina then finds Paige and asks if she’s talked to Rainer. Next time Rainer calls Paige, Nina wants Paige to call her.

Jordan tries to convince Tangey not to tell Rainer that he and Nina were a thing. Tangey doesn’t take kindly to the fact that Jordan thinks she would even do that, because she says, “Why would I want to ruin his life with your lies too?” Nina pulls up in a golf cart right after Tangey tells Jordan their relationship is over and walks away. Nina has Barrett Hopper after her because he wants to put out a story about Alan being Rainer’s father and about her relationship with Jordan. They can’t figure out how Barrett Hopper would know all of this information, but we know it’s because of Nina’s scheming assistant Eva.

Paige pushes through some paparazzi to enter her apartment to find Jake getting the last of his things. She perceives the situation as him trying to get his things while she wasn’t home. Jake tells Paige through her bedroom door that he wasn’t going to leave without saying goodbye and he’ll only be gone for 3 months. He notices her flashback hairstyle for the movie and even asks how Rainer is doing. Cassie comes home and Jake makes it known that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Cassie to move in with Adam, but Cassie isn’t going to listen to him. Jake is just worried about everyone leaving Paige at once and thinks his reason is better than Cassie’s.

Alexis swings by a meeting with Mike Tanen’s assistant (?) Olya to find that Rachel is a part of the meeting as well. Alexis came prepared with some notes on Kevin’s new draft of Jake’s script, but they don’t want to hear her notes. Rachel is now a producer on the project, meaning Alexis isn’t one anymore. She’s also not needed to act in the film either. This meeting wasn’t meant to further Alexis’s involvement with the film but to cut her out completely. Alexis isn’t shocked that Olya delivered the news, but she is hurt that Rachel would do this. Alexis says right there in front of Olya that she thinks Rachel is doing this because Rachel is mad she wouldn’t go public with their relationship. You can tell all of that was a plan from the smirk on Alexis’s face when she walks away.

Back on set, Alexis and Paige are filming a scene together. During the scene, Paige says Jake’s name instead of the name she is supposed to say. Alexis brings up how Paige’s budding career could quickly be over if Rainer doesn’t pull through. That doesn’t shake Paige; she’s sure she’s here to stay. After swapping some insults, Paige asks Alexis where she thinks Rainer would be because Alexis has known him the longest. Alexis thinks that Rainer may be at a park he used to go to hit baseballs before he got sober. Alexis is right; Paige is able to find Rainer hitting baseballs in that park. To try to get through to him, Paige brings up when Rainer told her how much he hated himself when he drank. Paige is standing there, willing to help him, but all Rainer sees is someone trying to get him back to the movie to save people’s jobs.

Alan stops by Nina’s office while she is taking and making calls to calm people down and deny any production shutdown. Wyatt has told Nina they only have a little while longer to get Rainer back before they have to shut down the movie. Alan has private investigators doing everything they can to find Rainer. Nina goes through all of the things going wrong, including Barrett Hopper’s story about her affair with Jordan. That’s news to Alan. Instead of Alan insulting Nina, he brings up their differences that caused their relationship to end, even calling Nina a female version of himself. The plan is to get Rainer to the press junket and everything should fall in place then.

Rainer returns the beach house after his confrontation with Paige. Jordan takes his best friend in his arms and expresses how worried he was about him. Rainer tells Jordan that he’s “going to get it together.” Rainer goes on to thank Jordan for always being there for him – for being a true friend. A true friend that had an affair with his mom, that is. Jordan calls Barrett Hopper to cut a deal with him but Barrett’s special is ready to air the following night. Jordan is willing to tell Barrett everything about his past, including murdering his mom’s boyfriend, on his show in place of the original special. Barrett just has to promise not to bring up his relationship with Nina.

Rachel drops by Alexis’s place to give her the check Alexis purposefully left at the meeting earlier. Rachel tries to give Alexis a “pep talk” about finding another project and admits to becoming a bit of “a heartless bitch,” like Alexis had claimed earlier. Rachel wants to know if Alexis’s whole speech at lunch is the truth; Alexis says it is. And just when you think these two are finally having their big moment and could happily be together, it’s revealed that Alexis is recording their whole sexual encounter on her iPhone behind some makeup brushes.

Rainer and Alan walk into Nina’s office for Rainer to tell his mother that he’s not back for her, he’s back to do the movie. When Nina urges her son to go to a counselor, Rainer responds: “I’m an adult. I’ll seek help if I need it.” Nina tries to convince Rainer to give the press a story about him having been on dental meds or something at the press junket, but Rainer is going to take responsibility for his actions. He calls his mother “Nina” on the way out, and Perrey Reeves absolutely crushes me with the look on Nina’s face when she hears it.

Back at the apartment, Jake’s car is all packed up and he’s ready to say his goodbyes. The Three Amigos share a group hug. Jake promises to call when he gets to Austin and that’s that. Until…Paige tries to run after him in a grand gesture but doesn’t catch him in time.

Tangey walks into Nina’s office, finds her on the phone, ends the call for her, and confronts Nina about sleeping with Jordan. Tangey talks about how she knows that Nina and Jordan had been sleeping with each other before he was 18. Nina is in shock and doesn’t believe it. So Tangey explains that Jordan was 16 when they met; he lied about his age to get the Backsplash gig. Tangey is willing to keep this secret to herself only if Nina lets Tangey be the only Time Sorceress in Locked. Tangey wants it all, and Nina is going to help her get it.

Paige sits in Jake’s empty room and sees his script in the trash. She finally reads it out on THAT balcony. Am I the only one who thinks the balcony is a significant place in Jake and Paige’s relationship? Anyway, Cassie finds her there after she comes home from an audition. That’s right, Cassie may have booked a commercial gig. After finally reading the script, Paige realizes that the story in his script is what Jake wanted to have with Paige. When Paige calls Jake, he doesn’t pick up because he’s getting gas and washing his windshield, but Paige leaves all of her feelings on his voicemail.

Then something that I did not see coming happens… Barrett Hopper leaves the studio and is shot. By who? I don’t know.

Paige arrives the press junket to find only Rainer, since no one else is there yet and is pulled aside by Nina. Nina basically suggests that Paige act like she and Rainer are in a relationship to show some unity for the film so the investors don’t drop out. Paige just promises to tell the truth. Rainer tells Paige that he thinks he’s done with press junkets and movies; he thinks he’s done with all of it. That’s when Paige brings back one of my favorite thing from the show – their sign. Fingers crossed. Call for safety. Paige tells Rainer she will be right there the second he needs her.

Alexis is being interviewed by Jared Eng about her sex tape that has went viral upon its release. She looks distraught and stressed. She blames the recording itself on Rachel but doesn’t talk about who let it out, other than basically calling Rachel “the guilty party.” Alexis says she’s upset because of the violation, not because she’s been outed by saying, “I just don’t like labels. I’m not someone that can be put into a box. I guess you could say that I’ve always been bi or fluid. But you know I’ve never hidden that.”

The press junket begins with Jordan, Paige, Rainer, Nina, and Alan. Rainer starts to be hounded by the press, so Paige swoops in and saves the day. Right when Paige is about to definitively answer if she is dating Rainer, Cassie AND JAKE show up. Jake makes his grand declaration. He tells her he loves her, you guys! And that’s when Rainer holds up their sign. The screen cuts to black before we can learn who Paige will pick and who killed Barrett Hopper.

We need to know if we are getting season 2 NOW!

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