10 Best Moments of Season 1 of ‘Famous in Love’

Sadly we have already made it to the end of the first season of Famous in Love. My fingers are crossed for a second season, but until that is confirmed I thought it would be fun to look back on some of the best moments from season one. All of these are my personal favorite moments from the show. To make choosing the moments easier, I picked one moment from each of the ten episodes.

1. Paige gets the role of August in Locked

In the very first episode (“Pilot”), Paige gets the role of a lifetime that sets pretty much everything else that happens in the season in motion. It’s hard to imagine anything else happening if this scene didn’t exist. From more of a downer side, this scene can also be viewed as the moment that starts the divide between Paige, Cassie, and Jake that becomes a huge part of the show.

2. Paige’s mom becomes my favorite person

The second episode (“A Star Is Torn”) marks the episode we meet Paige’s mom. It’s also the only episode she appears in, which makes me very, very sad. Anyway, Paige’s mom figures everything out about Paige’s secret famous life. She loves watching entertainment shows. Her book club has read all of the Locked books. Though what really made this moment one of my favorites is that Paige’s mom was willing to stand by her daughter’s side and support her decisions. Paige’s mom, who is seemingly more excited about the whole Locked thing than anyone else, was ready to help her daughter break the news to her dad. It was just a very funny, heartfelt moment and I love it.

3. Paige stands up for what’s important to her

While Paige is always standing up for the things and people that mean something to her, her speech towards the end of the third episode (“Not So Easy A”) really stands out to me. Paige had been battling how to balance fame and school, however, she was sure that she wasn’t willing to give up either of them. So Paige goes to Nina and stands her ground; she tells Nina that she’s staying in school. Paige rearranged her schedule and made it work. Paige showed her drive, passion, and enthusiasm for her budding career but also her education. I think Nina respected that. I know that I respect Paige for that.

4. Jordan watches Tangey perform

This is a moment that is very quick but made me smile. It happened in the fourth episode (“Prelude to a Diss”) but the effects of it play out over the season. Jordan catches Tangey’s performance on Conan and can’t stop smiling the entire time he watches it. The scene proved that Jordan was just as curious about how much their relationship meant to Tangey as Tangey was wondering the same about Jordan. To know that Jordan has known Tangey for such a long time, it was nice to see him being so supportive of Tangey taking her career in a new direction.

5. The surprise party to end all surprise parties

Paige may not have been able to get the birthday celebration she planned but she was able to get the one that Rainer and Cassie planned. In the fifth episode (“Some Like It Not”), Rainer goes all out to celebrate Paige’s big day. I think my two favorite parts about this moment are Rainer and Cassie working together and Cassie and PA Adam’s relationship heating up.

6. Kathryn Perkins’s Emmy acceptance speech

Cassie is one of my favorite characters on the show and this moment absolutely destroyed me. In the sixth episode (“Found In Translation”), Cassie expressed her disappointment to Adam about how she fell asleep before seeing her mom’s acceptance speech, so Adam called up a friend and found the speech for her. That moment meant a lot to the Cassie, but it also proved a lot about Adam and his relationship with Cassie. I rooted for those two all season long, so it was nice to have this moment. It was also nice to see Cassie get that closure for missing that moment of her life and also take a step in the direction of mending things with Paige.

7. Jordan’s side of the story comes out

In the seventh episode (“Secrets and Pies”), Jordan tells Rainer what really happened in his past. It was the first time viewers were hearing the truth after almost seven episodes of speculation, and it was nice that it was revealed in a moment with someone Jordan truly trusts. This moment clued us in on what Jordan had gone through while also giving us a very sincere moment between two best friends. Rainer wasn’t there to judge Jordan, he was there to help in any way he could.

8. Jake and Paige and that balcony

Jake finally learns the truth regarding his future involvement with the project that started with his script in the eighth episode (“Crazy Scripted Love”. Rightfully so, he did not take the news too kindly. After kicking Alexis out, Jake went to get some air on the balcony of the apartment. I’m pretty sure I’m one of the very few people who have noticed how many significant moments Jake and Paige have shared on this balcony. Trust me, go back and rewatch the season; there are a ton of great moments there. Anyway, Paige stepped out to help point her best friend in the direction of taking his career back into his own hands. It was like all Jake needed was for someone else to believe he could do it and Paige was that person. Paige (and Cassie, of course) was always that person.

9. Rainer finds out the truth

In probably one of my favorite moments from the entire season, Rainer confronts his mother about his father. Rainer was able to piece together all of the little things over the past few episodes, like how Alan surfs, has motion sickness, and has a drinking problem. Like I said in my recap, whatever I write about this scene will not do it justice. Perrey Reeves and Carter Jenkins were absolutely phenomenal. They made my heart ache for this mother/son duo. It’s a brilliant moment and deserves to be on this list. Please go watch this moment. It’s in the ninth episode (“Fifty Shades of Red”).

10. Tangey takes control

Tangey continues to prove herself in the final episode of the season (“Leaving Los Angeles”). Tangey confronts Nina and demands her spot in the film to be only her spot. She holds Nina accountable for sleeping with Jordan when he was a minor and threatens to do something with that information. Tangey is demanding control of her career, her life, in this moment. After seeing her mom and Nina steer Tangey the way they thought was best, it was so gratifying to see Tangey take matters into her own hands.

What are your favorite moments?

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