‘Famous In Love’ 1×07 Recap: ‘Secrets and Pies’

This week starts with Paige trying to balance school with work once again. Lucky for her, Stephen Twitch Boss is back this week to give Paige a much-needed hug. Paige’s dance partner has been out all week because he isn’t feeling well. Rainer is back at the unfurnished beach house avoiding Paige’s calls. He doesn’t seem to look under the weather at all. Jordan’s appreciation of lawn chairs has almost completely vanished as that’s the only thing in the house he can sleep on. When Jordan presses his best friend about why Rainer is avoiding Paige and work, Rainer says he’s done trying so hard when all Paige is going to do is push him away. Yeah, I can’t see how this is going to backfire at all… Jordan then tells Rainer he has checked all of the pawn shops he thinks his mom would go to with no luck. There is no reason to worry about the empty house because Rainer’s designer has already ordered new furniture. Did anyone else roll their eyes at this or was it just me?

Cassie stops in to see her friend killing it at the dance rehearsal. Twitch needs no introduction to Cassie because she is clearly a huge fan. Cassie brings up spotting Barrett Hopper on the way in and that’s when Paige learns about Xu YiFei. Paige doesn’t really dwell on the casting shakeup too long before asking her best friend if she had filled out her paperwork to become Paige’s assistant. Cassie is hesitant to take the job as it may interfere with her school schedule, although Paige is overly chill about the whole situation and even tells Cassie she can choose her own hours. Paige sets Cassie up with Rainer’s assistant Vince to guide her in the right direction, but Vince just lays out a ton of information that would overwhelm anyone on their pre-first day.

As for Alexis and Jake, they are all cuddled up reading Jake’s script. Alexis loves Jake’s rewrite and they’re hoping that Newcastle will love it too. Turns out, Mike Tanen over at Newcastle Studios didn’t like Jake’s script as much as he made it seem in their previous meeting. The representative from the studio Mike sent to lunch delivered the news that the script still needs a lot of work. Said representative is also oddly interested in knowing if Alexis and Jake are a thing. Alexis immediately denies any romantic involvement with Jake, saying they were only working on the script together at the office. Yeah, offices are now beds. The representative then hands Alexis a list of actresses the studio would want to play Alexis’s costar. None other than Rachel Davis is on the list. Alexis tries to make Rachel sound as miserable and terrible to work with as she can, but of course Mike Tanen is a huge fan of Rachel.

Alan is the lucky man to deliver the bad news to Tangey about her replacement. Alan promises other Gold Brothers projects in the future and does his best to twist his words the right way to make it sound like he isn’t firing Tangey. She catches his poker face and knows she’s fired. A furious Tangey confronts Rainer about his involvement in her replacement. “You were always such a bad liar. I guess now you’re a bad friend now too,” she tells her ex-boyfriend and maybe now ex-friend. Rainer fumbles over his words and is unable to pull himself out of this mess. Jordan tries to fix it until he learns that it was Nina who fired Tangey. Jordan almost traps himself by saying he can talk to Nina and then Tangey asking why Nina would listen to him. He attempts to save himself by saying it’s because he’s known her for a long time. In any other time, I think Tangey would’ve caught on to Jordan and asked a lot more questions. Tangey thinks that all of this is sabotage for cheating on Rainer. Jordan invites Tangey to the beach house to relax away from Rainer since he’ll be shooting all night. Tangey wasn’t too excited about it until Jordan tells her it was his fault the place was robbed because he “left the sliding door open.”

Back on set, my new favorite person PA Adam finds Cassie stressing about not telling Paige that she doesn’t want to be her assistant. He has the paper work in hand and is ready to take her to the production office. Cassie is worried the real reason she doesn’t want to be Paige’s assistant could ruin their friendship.

In yet another very awkward celebrity sighting, Paige runs into Ben and Lauren from The Bachelor. Of course, they know who she is and are huge fans of Locked. Elsewhere, Rainer is showing Xu YiFei around. He gives her the same speech he gave Paige about all of the greats filming on the same lot they’re standing on. I thought my eyes were going to roll right out of my head in that moment. Come on, Rainer. Are any of your tricks new? Paige catches him in the act and joins in on the speech, since she knows it and everything. Then she compliments him on how well he’s rebounded from being sick. While Xu YiFei is falling for all of Rainer’s old tricks, Paige is starting to realize how used and tired they are.

Tangey is met by an unexpected guest at the beach house – Jordan’s mother. Jordan walks in just as Tangey dials 911. Apparently Brandy needed to see her son due to an emergency. Some guy named Aidan has a bookie that took all of the stuff from Rainer’s place because Brandy owes Aidan’s debts. All of Aidan’s people think that Brandy killed Aidan but that’s not the truth. All of that money Jordan has been giving to his mom has been going to Aidan’s people. If she doesn’t pay them all of the money, they are going to kill her. Clearly Aidan’s people are not to be messed with. I’m just going to keep calling these faceless people “Aidan’s people” until further notice.

A scene that I never thought we would actually see happened in this week’s episode. We saw Paige in a classroom on campus. Well, she was late to class but SHE WAS THERE. Paige is eager to participate in class, however, her professor doesn’t look too kindly on a late student.

Alexis finds Rachel at her yoga class and hands Rachel Jake’s script, telling Rachel that the part is perfect for her. Rachel notices Jake’s name and remembers he’s Paige’s friend. Rachel puts two and two together and realizes that Alexis is probably sleeping with Jake, so she hands the script back to Alexis. Alexis didn’t take that rejection as a final one and finds Rachel at a restaurant. Rachel apologizes for jumping to conclusions about thinking Alexis was the reason why she was fired from Locked. Rachel is hurt that Alexis never really let them be in a relationship. Alexis does her best to explain herself by saying, “My career is built on being the girl next door And even though it’s 2017, everyone knows that the girl next door is supposed to be with the boy next door.” She goes on to say that maybe she used that as an excuse to avoid her career that wasn’t doing so hot. Rachel finally lets her guard fall a bit as she agrees to read Jake’s script.

After complaining about not being able to do his own stunts, Rainer apologizes to Jordan about what happened earlier with Tangey. I’m at a loss as to why he’s apologizing to Jordan and not Tangey. Rainer thought Nina was going to fix everything, “It was all my mom. I don’t know why she was so quick to get Tangey off the movie.” Later that night, Jordan is yelling at what I assume to be the man who handles his money over the phone to sell stocks to “get it done.” Rainer finds Jordan to bring him to set and, like the semi-great best friend he is, he notices that Jordan is upset. Jordan asks Rainer for $750,000. To which Rainer responds, “For that amount, I at least get to hear what kind of trouble you’re in.” But Rainer already knows Jordan’s story, his real story. Jordan begins to fill Rainer in on some of the blanks: When Jordan and his mom first moved to Los Angeles, they were grifting for that Aidan guy. He was Brandy’s Irish boyfriend that lived with them. He was abusive to both of them and hardly ever sober. One night, Jordan couldn’t take it anymore and accidentally killed Aidan when he was only trying to get Aidan off of his mother.

Cassie walks through the door at the apartment holding her cleaning supplies. Cassie makes it clear to Paige that she only went back to being a topless maid for one of her very nice customers who always pays well. Paige cannot understand why Cassie would go back to being a topless maid. Cassie responds, “Because they’re just boobs.” It’s true. Cassie even mentions that many actresses end up showing their boobs at some point in their career, but Paige doesn’t see those actresses as “respected” ones. Paige can’t see where Cassie is coming from and Cassie doesn’t want Paige to feel sorry for her. These two just can’t see eye-to-eye at all this week. Finally, Cassie says, “Why can’t you get that maybe I don’t want to watch you live out my dream day after day after day? Don’t you get that?” The argument blows up rather quickly, causing the truth to come out even quicker: Cassie didn’t think that Paige would actually get the job; she’s mad because everything comes easier to Paige. Or so it seems.

Jordan and Rainer are back on set gearing up to do that stunt scene Rainer is definitely not supposed to be doing when Alan jumps in to remind Rainer that he’s not 21 and can’t do the stunt. Rainer sets Alan straight by telling him that he’s 23. It was Nina’s idea to shave a few years off of Rainer’s age when he started doing auditions to help him out in the long run. Alan rushes to Rainer’s side when Rainer falls off the back of the set, however, everything was fine. Rainer landed on a mat just like he was meant to. This is when we learn that Rainer thinks his dad was a stunt man named Steve Channing who worked on a movie with Alan and Nina in Morocco in ’93. Alan has no recollection of anyone by the name of Steve Channing. I wonder why…

Paige and Jake ran off to work at the same place without even knowing it. Jake reminds Paige that she deserves this job and even drops a few math jokes. Paige theoretically gives Jake a pat on the back for selling his script while still being in college. The duo then devours a slice of every pie on the menu, promising to take the leftovers home to Cassie.

Tangey finds her mother waiting for her at the studio. Ida is willing to let bygones be bygones so she can save Tangey’s career, though Tangey is still sold on wanting to do things her way. Since Nina owes Ida, Ida has a plan up her sleeve to get Tangey back on Locked.

Paige and Rainer finally have a tough conversation after she walks in on him rehearsing their dance number with Xu YiFei. He’s still held up on Vegas. Paige finally tells Rainer why she’s so irritated with him: “So that’s it then, huh? First time I say no to you, this is how you treat me? God, Rainer, grow up. Seriously. My friends needed me and I was there for them. That’s why I turned you down. And if I don’t get to, you know, take private fancy jets to amazing, weird place, then cool, whatever. I don’t care. If you don’t understand that you’ve just proven my point. This is exactly why I didn’t want to date you.” Even though Paige was being honest and telling Rainer how fed up she was with him, he seemed pretty pleased with himself when she walked away.

Paige stops by her professor’s office to receive some praise on her perfect test score but also a critique for waiting until last minute to kick the effort into full gear. Paige is still pressing her midterm paper to help boost her grade from the inevitable C. Paige starts pulling out anecdotes about her parents also being teachers and compliments her professor’s daughter. Paige is willing to trade a set visit and selfies with Rainer and Jordan with her professor’s daughter and best friend for a chance that her professor may actually grade her paper.

Rainer actually shows up to dance rehearsals at the end of the episode. The song playing during this dance scene mixed with the clear tension between Paige and Rainer makes this scene a fangirl’s dream.

Within the final minutes of the episode, Rachel shows up at Alexis’s to tell her that she liked the script and thinks that Alexis could go into producing long term. The only way Rachel will do the movie is if Kevin O’Hare, the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, does a full rewrite.

Elsewhere, Alan has Rainer’s birth certificate. The father is listed as “unknown,” but it’s safe to say that Alan is piecing it all together now.

Barrett Hopper approaches Jordan with news that his mother talked with him a bit when she needed bail money. He knows about “Jordy Michaels” and Aidan McGhee. After being slammed up against a wall by Jordan, Barrett still holds his ground that the truth will come out eventually.

A new episode of Famous In Love airs next Tuesday at 9/8c on Freeform!

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