‘Famous in Love’ Season 1 Review: We Fell And We Fell Hard

It’s not normal that we fall so fast for a TV show, but we did with Famous in Love. Sure, we loved the books and still do. But having to review it is hard. We want to say all the goodness, because we love it – A LOT.

But lets break down the first season.

Overall Impression

It’s hard to critique something that you love so much. Because we do love, Famous in Love. It’s just that as much as we love it – we have to think hard about it when doing a season review.

Famous in Love was a beautiful adaptation. One that others should pay attention to. It’s not even that the book was followed to a tee – it wasn’t. But that is part of what worked. It’s really great that Rebecca Serle – co-created the show. The fact that she understands the fandom behind her book makes it translate to the screen even better.

The drama, the intrigue, the mystery – loved every second.


What Worked

The Cast: Somehow this show was cast perfectly and we loved it. The chemistry of the cast radiated off the screen and we loved it. We’ve said from the beginning that Bella Thorne is magic and we think that she’s ideal in this role. Everyone seemed perfectly fit, as if they invented chemistry. They made you forget the changes from the book to the screen, even look past them and want more. They just were perfect.

The Behind the Scenes Look: What we loved about Famous in Love was that everything wasn’t cookie cutter Hollywood is so glamorous, lets bow down at the feet of people. What we got was the cold hard truth. Hollywood can be a bitch.

The Slimy Pap: The truth is – celebrities are hounded a lot. They don’t have privacy. Their lives are invaded at every turn and sure – sometimes they call the paps for attention, but that’s not always the cast. Paps can be slimy, they can be after only what benefits themselves. Loved that the show showed that side.

PA Adam: He’s amazing. That’s all I can say. He’s amazing.

Getting to Know The People, Not Just the Celebrity: I loved that we got to know everyone’s life, but I loved how deep that they wanted to go – so that we could get to know everyone. It brought humanity to the celebrity. It also reminded people that we don’t know everything about everyone. What we read in the papers is not always truth.

What Didn’t Work

Paige and Cassie’s Relationship Troubles: Now, we know that friendships are complicated Hell we live real life and we know that they are a pain in the ass sometimes. But the way that Cassie and Paige’s broke – it felt a little forced. It felt a little out of sync. The drama – I wondered how they had been so close and then the drama became overwhelming and felt out of character.

The Telling Us of Stuff Before It Happened: Ok, I will admit this one – I was pissed that Nina’s Mom was added for no reason. We didn’t need her to spill the beans to us that Rainer was the studio heads son. We wanted to find this one out. Jesus, that scene ruined so much.

The Trip to China: It could have been something that happened off camera – we didn’t need to see it. It felt like a filler.

Jordan and Rainer’s Reunion: Maybe it’s that dudes get over stuff faster, but like – calm yourselves. Like I just don’t see people making up that fast. However, had we known more about Jordan and Rainer’s past – it may have been easier. But that was missing. Sure, it evolved over time, but it just seemed as though we were supposed to buy something and we didn’t know what we were buying.

What We Wanted to See More Of

Raige: Yes, we know we saw a lot, but those two are just so perfect together. They radiated off of each other and that was great. It felt as though they were actually building a relationship at every turn and that was exciting.

Shooting of the Movie: Seriously. Have no idea what Locked is – ya, we don’t either. We know, we know – there is a book, but like show us more. Make us emotionally invested in that.

What We Wanted to See Less Of

The Forced Celeb Appearances: They just felt like the studio was like, “Here, we have celebrities, lets add them.” And it just was like – ugh.

Nina: Look, we love her. She’s great. But a little less of her would be okay, and exploring more of the characters that were coming at us would have been better.

Favorite Episodes

Pilot: It’s up to the pilot to get your attention and this one did. This was great. It hit you with the feels and made you want to be invested in the show.

Leaving Los Angeles: That season finale. Sure, we wish that Jake had left. Look, there is a line in the sand when it comes to ships – we know it. But, what makes this our favorite is that damn cliffhanger. OMG so good.

Least Favorite Episodes

Found in Translation: The thing is – I felt bad for for Cassie – the way that Jake caught her with her job. But what angered me over the whole episode was the damn trip to China. WHY PEOPLE, WHY? It felt like a filler episode.

Fifty Shades of Red: The truth is, this ranks as one of the lowest, because of the celebrity guest stars. I feel like there could have been more with the actual stars of Famous in Love.

Season Finale Impression

Look, I can’t even comment – because that cliffhanger. I screamed. Like how can you leave it at that.

If I don’t feel the Raige next season, it’s on.

Next Season Speculation

When a second season is announced, I got this answer. But until then, I wait and stew over the fact it hasn’t been announced yet.

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