‘Timeless’: 5 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC

Timeless is here! It’s alive! It’s coming to San Diego Comic Con. Let’s just take a moment to savor that fact. We did it. We won. They didn’t take this wonderful, diverse, smart and fun show from us. Now, we have questions, the most important one being: what’s up next?

And the answer better be: a lot of things, for a long, long time to come.

But, let’s focus on the present, on the plot points that the show left hanging at the end of Season 1 and on the possibilities that they cleared the way for, as we discuss the 5 questions we want to see answered at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

When is the show coming back – and is there a chance for more than 10 episodes?

We know we won’t get to see Timeless till 2019, but when, exactly? We want to be prepared. We want to hype it up. We want …a better timeslot. No, seriously, we really, really want a better timeslot. And more promotion.

Plus, we want to know, is the 10 episode thing a set number that can’t change no matter what or, if, let’s say, the show returns with much better ratings and/or buzz, can we get more? I presume begging won’t be enough, because I’ll beg. I will.

Is this the time for Lyatt? Will Jesicca come back just when we get close to OTP heaven?

Lucy and Wyatt went from people thrown together to teammates to friends to a strange sort of family in season 1, and though the sexual tension was always there and the awareness was heightened after the Bonnie and Clyde incident, there was one thing holding them back – Wyatt’s quest to save his ex-wife, Jessica. At the end of the season, though, Wyatt stated that he was ready to leave the past in the past and that he was looking forward to the possibilities ….all while given Lucy the look that said she was the possibilities he was talking about.

So, now what? They both clearly got it. Are we gonna play coy for a while? Are they going to go for it? Is Jessica going to come back just when we least want her to? (Don’t answer the last one. I have a sneaking suspicion I already know.)

What is up with Jiya? Will we see her more involved with the Time Team’s adventures? Is there trouble in store for Riya?

What in the world happened to Jiya when she time traveled with the team, and why did it happened to her and not the others? More importantly, how will her new – eh, let’s call them abilities, impact the new mission, whatever that is, and her relationship with Rufus?

Because it’s all been going fine so far, but logic dictates this will make Jiya even more involved in their adventures, which might cause some friction with Rufus, not because he doesn’t want her to be, no, but because seeing someone you care about in danger all the time is – well, not easy.

Either way, I’m excited to see their relationship come to the forefront. I’m excited to see their journey. Give me all the Claudia Doumit. Give me all the Malcolm Barrett. And yes, give me all the Riya.

Rittenhouse is not defeated, not by a longshot. So, what is their endgame now and how does Lucy’s mom factor into this?

Is she, like, the BIG bad? Were there any actual clues that she was evil or was I just wary of her because she is, after all, the woman who played Moira Queen? What does Rittenhouse wasn’t now – and has that changed from what they wanted before? How does our Time Team get back on that lifeboat, and why?

Also, is Amy ever coming back?

How much of Flynn will we get to see in Season 2? How mad is he at Lucy?

For someone who was – is – the bad guy, we kinda grew to, not actually love Flynn, but at least sympathize with his reasons for doing things. He was a three-dimensional character, and though common sense indicates that we’ll get a new villain, what we really want to know is: does that mean no more Flynn?

Let’s just hope the answer is not. We might not love the guy, but we sort of love to hate him.

Agree? Disagree? Have more questions you want answered? Share with us in the comments below!

Timeless is expected to return for Season 2 in 2018.

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