‘Wynonna Earp’ 2×02 Review: Shed Your Skin

Wynonna Earp‘s second episode, Shed Your Skin, follows in it’s premieres footsteps by delivering a strong episode full of drama, relationship woes, treachery, one of a kind one-liners, and slow motion babes with weapons. I foresee a future of more of the latter and hope we can get more evil Waverly soon. There definitely wasn’t enough of that!

Let’s dive into Wynonna Earp‘s “Shed Your Skin.”

Leading in the Absence of Dolls

With Dolls gone there​’s a mini power vacuum in the team that is being filled in Wynonna. She might not feel confident about it, wish that Dolls was back ASAP, but it’s the job she needs right now. She’s never seen herself as a leader. Badass with a gun, yes. But leader of a team fighting the supernatural, no.

Now it’s her time.

Season 2 is going to test Wynonna in new and surprising ways as she mourns Dolls, deals with the guilt of killing her sister, and hunts down the monsters that have started to plague Purgatory since Willa mucked things up. And this shift to leader isn’t to say that anyone can replace Dolls. No one can. But it’s meant as the next logical step in Wynonna’s journey that will build her self confidence and make her a better part of the team.

She knows how to let lose, how to have fun, but not how to shift priorities and compartmentalize as strongly as a leader should. And right off the bat you see her struggling, bemoaning her new role, coming to Doc with anger for assistant, and not being confident in herself. But you also see her going into battle with Waverly and trusting a little more in her little sisters capabilities. I count that as a win.

Her journey isn’t going to be pretty, it’s not gonna be fun (lie, it’s going to be fun because this is Wynonna we’re talking about), but it’ll be worth it to watch her grow and become stronger and more sure of her capabilities as the Earp heir.

Wayhaught Milestones

Wayhaught surviving their first fight is a milestone for the pair. Any other show would’ve torn them apart over what Waverly did, dragging it out over a long line of episodes. Thankfully, this isn’t that kind of show.

Waverly and Nicole actually talked. It took a little bit of time and some cooling down but they talked, respected each other, and laid their cards down on the table. They’re not in this for kicks, giggles, or the occasional glorious shag. They’re in this for the long haul and they’re ready to put in the hard work as they navigate the dangerous waters of a new relationship.

Besides hashing out the mess up over Waverly’s need to protect Nicole, Wayhaught also had another important topic they discussed, her parentage. Waverly hasn’t told Wynonna because she’s frightened of her sisters reaction after just killing Willa. She doesn’t want to shake that foundation or the bond she’s known her whole life. And she shares some of these fears with Nicole because this woman is her safe space.

Waverly trusts Nicole with her life, sees that they have something wonderful growing between them, and has given her heart to the woman. Nicole returns this sentiment and it makes it so much easier for Waverly to express her fears and doubts, further developing this relationship.

I’m warning you now, this won’t be the last time that I praise Wayhaught or Emily Andras brilliance when it comes to them. In fact, I think they’ll be a dedicated section to them every week. That’s how much faith I have in the developing relationship of Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught.

Doc Holliday’s Long Con

Doc knows where Dolls is. Calling it.

Every move that he made in this episode was about placing himself in a position of power where he can help Dolls, not be in the direct line of fire, and still be in the know about things that are happening within Black Badge and their new boss. And he’s doing this all for Dolls and the rest of Team Earp.

Doc is the kind of guy who takes a while to open up and love. But once you’ve earned his trust and respect, he’ll fight for you with a fierceness you’ve never experienced. This rag tag group of people have become his family and he’ll do what he has to to get Dolls back, even shunning the ill-timed affections of someone close to him.

His rebuffing of Wynonna after she announced that she made fire was as much to respect her as it was to respect Dolls. As this is his family, he loves and respects them equally. Whatever feelings he has for Wynonna are secondary in comparison. He’s going to reunite his family, no matter how long it takes, while keeping his honor and not sinking to the depths of treachery that Black Badge has.

Then he’ll deal with his feelings for Wynonna. Hopefully. I’ve got a lot of faith in you Doc Holliday!

Favorite Moment from Shed Your Skin:

Check out the trailer of next week’s Wynonna Earp:

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10/11c on Syfy.

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