‘Wynonna Earp’ 2×04 Review: She Ain’t Right

Wynonna Earp‘s “She Ain’t Right” saw the discovery of Dolls, more teasing on what’s actually lurking behind the scenes of Purgatory, and a truly awkward kiss between Wynonna and Waverly. Amongst all this crazy/terrifying/hilarious chaos, what truly stood out are the breadcrumbs Wynonna Earp writers are leaving us to follow. And like good little ducklings, we’re on that trail, nipping away in intrigue at what Black Badge has to hide, what was done to Dolls, and what these demons are running from.

Every creature/demon that we’ve encountered has been vicious, cruel, and deadly. But something is creeping about and setting them on edge. They can feel the storm brewing and are starting to prepare themselves. That’s why scissor hand was ready and willing to kill anyone he must to get that fancy briefcase with the plate inside. If there’s something coming they want to have the biggest weapon available.

Hello Goononna!

If you’re still reeling from that Wynonna/Waverly kiss, then you’re not the only one! I honestly expected Waverly’s possession to last longer and to be a driving force this season, a mystery that Nicole and Wynonna would work together on. Infecting Wynonna has thrown a curveball at all my expectations and I love it!

Goonona won’t be able to deny the fact that something is wrong with her. She also won’t be able to hide long from Dolls, Doc, or Nicole because how will she defeat the evil in Purgatory if she can’t even hold Peacemaker? Also, hiding Waverly is only a temporary measure. Nicole has noticed that something is wrong with Waverly and will go on the hunt for her, taking on any obstacles she has to, to find Waverly and make sure that she’s safe.

And as we welcome Goonona, I’ve got to give props to Gooverly. Looking back, I’m not sure how much of the Waverly that we’ve had with us has actually been Waverly. She certainly was acting like Waverly when on the table, screaming her lungs out before they cut her hand off. Whatever this spirit/demon is, it’s a tricky one, setting out to hurt others, collect shiny things, and place itself in the most powerful person in Purgatory, Wynonna.

What Having Dolls Back Means for Wynonna

Relief. All encompassing relief that someone she cares for is with her once more, is what Wynonna feels as she hugs Dolls and holds him close. She doesn’t let people in, ever, but Dolls managed to sneak in with his grumpy attitude and no nonsense perseverance. And now that she has him back she will fight tooth and nail to keep him there with her and away from Black Badge’s grubby fingers.

Dolls is a potential love interest for Wynonna, there’s no doubt about that. But his return and what it means is bigger than that or whatever love triangle is brewing between her, Dolls, and Doc. He’s family. A member of their team. A friend to Doc. A brother to Waverly. A mentor to Haught. And Wynonna recognizes all of that and appreciates that he is back to fill in that spot that was left empty when he was snatched away from them and their little family.

With his return Wynonna hopes for him to also take back the leadership position that was thrust upon her and that she doesn’t want.Unfortunately Black Badge is still after Dolls and his reinstatement is going to be harder then getting the Goo out of Goonona and turning her back to the wise cracking Wynonna we know and love. Leadership has always been one of Wynonna’s greatest points of self doubt. But if there’s anyone we have faith in to save the day and kick her self doubt in the nuts, it’s Wynonna Earp.

Winter is…I Mean, Monsters Are Coming

At every turn and with every demon that appears, I feel like this is the big Kahuna. I think to myself, this is the one they’re going to battle this season for the fate of Purgatory. And every single time, the rug gets pulled from underneath me and I realize that there is something bigger on the horizon. These are just little weaklings in comparison to what is lurking in Purgatory.


Gooverly seemed like a formidable foe. The ladies with the black veils and fancy hand jewelry, seemed like a threat. Even the guy with the oddly convenient pair of scissors in his hand, seemed like a threat. But they’re not! There is something coming, something let in by Willah, that threatens every single life in Purgatory. And it’s a brilliant move by Wynonna Earp that keeps me, and every other viewer, intrigued and invested in what is happening on the show.

Favorite Moment from She Ain’t Right:

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