‘Wynonna Earp’ 2×06 Review: Whiskey Lullaby

Wynonna Earp continues to prove that you can have a female led drama with a twist of humor and family without drowning in hero angst that weighs down the main character and everyone around them. This week’s episode, “Whiskey Baby”, surpassed all our expectations and delivered an hour of females doing whatever the hell they want with their bodies, a touch of sisterly bonding, and revelations of a surprise baby bump.

Let’s dive right in!

Turning Tropes Around on Their Heads
'Wynonna Earp' 2x06 Review: Whiskey Lullaby

We’ve seen situations like Wynonna’s time in and time again. Woman falls pregnant but is embroiled in a romance or a will they/won’t they relationship that could change everything. She decides not to tell the men in her life because…you know, this is her own damn body. But then she’s forced to or bereated by family & friends to tell the men because “they have a right to know”.

Wynonna ain’t got time for that shit or that trope.


Seriously, when she snapped back at Waverly’s whole “you’ve got to tell them” I just wanted to jump through the TV, whip out my phone, start filming before saying, “You’re doing great!” Or many start a slow clap. Both work. It was a moment worth remembering forever and showing to EVERY SINGLE WRITER who has ever made it seem like having a child was anyone else’s decision besides the woman ACTUALLY CARRYING THE CHILD TO TERM.

This is the kind of hero, woman, and TV that we deserve to see more of and I plan on sending it to every single person I know to the point of annoyance. Anyone looking to figure out how to write powerful, funny, rich, tender, rude, and all these wonderful attributes (because women tend to have more than one emotion and can’t be described in one sentence. I know…shocker!) for women needs to look to Emily Andras and every single person contributing to this show.

The Earp Sisters
'Wynonna Earp' 2x06 Review: Whiskey Lullaby

Wynonna and Waverly were absolutely adorable in “Whiskey Baby”. Yes, I know crazy things were happening all around them, with possible death at every turn. And yes, I know that Wynonna revealing her pregnancy was a HUGE DEAL. But…they were still adorable and continue to be the heart of this show. 

Oh and then there were the feels. THE FEELS!

Wynonna was scared about the huge changes going on with her body, a baby bump ain’t no little deal, and Waverly was with her every step of the way. Even better she wasn’t overbearing or acted like she knew what Wynonna was going through. She was there to help her sister in whatever she needed and was going to stand by her side no matter what came their way. Yes, I said ‘they’. They’re in this together and this baby is going to have an amazing mom and aunt if Wynonna decides to keep it.

I’m not even that worried when the news comes out that Waverly might not be an Earp. They’re sisters. End of story.

“I Am All In”

'Wynonna Earp' 2x06 Review: Whiskey Lullaby

For a man who proclaimed that he wasn’t a family man…I was surprised by Doc’s move. I was sure that he was going to stick to that decision and not be part of this child’s life. And it’s not because I don’t think Doc’s an honorable man. He is. But this show continues to surprise me at every turn and I was sure that he would stick to not being a family man.

With a simple note Doc turned me and Wynonna into a crying mess. This is her body. And she’s going through this. But it’s heartwarming and nice to know that she isn’t alone in this if she decides to keep this baby. Someone like Wynonna, who has always been on the move, alone, and left behind, when people stay she’s overwhelmed with a feeling of love and acceptance that she’s never felt.

This is why Wynonna’s journey is such an interesting one to watch. She’s an indoor cat who became an outdoor cat. And while out there she learned how to survive by hardening who she was and being wary of letting anymore in. The problem now is that she remembers what it was like to be loved and supported by those around her and she’s got a home once more. Wynonna is being brought back in and it’s horrifying, heart-wrenching, and going to lead to some changes that will defy her own expectations of what her life was always meant to be.

Whether she keeps this baby or if Doc joins her in this journey, is still up in the air. But it’s interesting to know Wynonna is not standing still. She’s growing, learning, and being surrounded by a group of wonderful people that won’t let her down and will have her back no matter what.  

Favorite Scene from Whiskey Lullaby:

This isn’t gratuitous making out geared towards filling the appetite of men who just like to see two women making out. This is a couple in love, expressing themselves through a passion they only want to share with each other. It’s intimate, beautiful, and feels like we’re intruding on something not for our eyes.


Check out the trailer of next week’s Wynonna Earp:

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10/11c on Syfy.

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