‘iZombie’ 3×12 Review: Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1

The pieces of a very complicated puzzle are finally starting to fall together in iZombie’s Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1.

Liv’s zombie face on the cover of a newspaper combined with the explosion at the party will help tip the scales towards a hostile D-Day or everything being excused as an elaborate hoax. The fact that Fillmore Graves is possibly behind the death of Ravi’s old associate, makes the former sound more likely. The zombies of Fillmore Graves are dipping their fingers into as many pots as they can in an effort to paint a narrative where they have to defend themselves against people that want to destroy them. Nothing is a mere coincidence when it comes to them.

Crazy Fillmore Graves stuff to the side, this episode delivered on the laughs and balanced it out with moments that made me angry, like really angry, for the first time in iZombie history. (Yes, even more angry than when Lowell died.) So I’m saving a long and winding discussion on Fillmore Graves for the finale and instead diving into what made me angry, what made me cringe/laugh, and what left me shaking my head in exasperation and going, “Oh Liv!”

Natalie Deserved Better

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been mad at iZombie. Sure, I’ve had moments of irritation, but nothing like what I’m feeling for Natalie. She deserved better. Hell, her and Major deserved better!

Her return was like a breath of fresh air. Her and Major are kindred spirits who understand what it is to be an ex-zombie more than anyone else and they shared a bond ever since he found her when she was about to kill herself. And with her return I was hoping for something more between them. Liv and Major are endgame, but I wanted these two to be happy for a while, having adventures in Italy and breaking away from the pain they have experienced in Seattle.

Then they killed her?!


Natalie deserved better. She didn’t deserve to be a pawn to move the story along. There were already enough people in that house for Major to feel like he’d lost a huge part of his family in that explosion. Which…if we’re being honest…HOW DID THAT REDNECK ZOMBIE EVEN FIND THAT PARTY!? But this isn’t about him. It’s about Natalie.

I think it was a weak move on iZombie’s part to bring back a well liked character, tease us with Major finally having something good in his life, to just snatch it away. It was also a weak move to have them having sex before killing her off. It’s like if you bone anyone on this show you’ve got a high chance of dying. Is Justin next? Oh, I bet he’s next!

Well This is Awkward

Oh god. The Ravi flashbacks. Look, Ravi is great. Love him and he’s got the best hair to beard ration I’ve ever seen. But I never want to see him mid-coitus ever again! Like Liv, I feel like he’s a little brother and I’d like to continue imagining he never has sex. Ever!

The fact that his boss used her position of power over Ravi just makes me cringe even more. Whatever their relationship was, it wasn’t a healthy one and I don’t Liv or anyone watching, wanted a peek at that. But despite all that, the scenes where Liv flinched away from Ravi or didn’t want to look him in the eyes, were hilarious.

Liv and Ravi work well together. They have from the very moment they first appeared on screen together. And it’s nice to see that even seasons later these two still have each others back, joke around, and are out to save the world together. The fact that they’re of the opposite sex and have zero sexual tension, makes them a special unicorn indeed.

Who knew women could be friends with men and never want to sleep with them?

Liv Cheating on Justin

While I don’t enjoy Liv and Justin as a couple, Liv messed up when she cheated with Chase Graves. It again brings into question how much of the Liv walking around is the one we know and love or the brain that she’s consumed.

Earlier on in the season she was indulging in all the things the brains could give her as a way to deal with the disaster at Max Rager and killing her boyfriend. I do believe a part of her will always feel that pain but we’ve surpassed that a little and are at the point of healing. Was this brain too strong for her or was she self sabotaging because she’s scared of what she has with Justin?

Lowell, Drake, and even Major, had their lives dramatically changed because of Liv. Maybe subconsciously she doesn’t believe that she deserves that happiness. When combined with the brain of a doctor with no qualms when it comes to her sexuality, it was bound to be a recipe for disaster!

Whatever her reasons, she still cheated and will have to deal with the consequences of her actions in the finale and in the season to come.

Favorite Scene from Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1:

I can’t stop staring at Clive and how no matter what’s going on in the room or how racist this lady is…he’s staying away from those germs.


Check out the trailer for next week’s season finale of iZombie:

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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