In Defense of Fanfiction

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  1. Leelo says:

    Genuine question- why is it the “right” of the reader to make the story “yours” just because you dislike the direction of the story? What do you mean by “fix” a story when not everyone agrees it needs to be fixed? Imagine trying to tell your own story and someone tries to make your story their own or “fix” what they don’t like about it even though the story is intimately yours….how is that not disempowering? Especially when fanfiction writers themselves become upset snd defensive when ff readers don’t like or agree with their interpretation of the work? It all seems to be double standards in hypocrisy. Also, Death of the Author is just one literary viewpoint of many that exist, and is not end all, be all. Original authors of stories don’t have to abide by it regarding their fandom.

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