Hello and welcome to the penultimate episode of the Bold Type’s third season. Quite a few things happened this episode, so let’s break it down to the highlights! JANE:  Jane and Jacqueline interviewed Pamela Dolin, who refuses to comment on any of the allegations, leaving their office strangely unfazed byRead More →


Welcome back to Scarlet! This episode of the Bold Type was packed with drama for our three favorite ladies. With exes returning, boyfriends going on tour and a new seminar, the Bold Type has been a mess of emotion and tensions are running high in the offices of Scarlet magazine.Read More →

All’s fair in love and war, they say. Well, this episode is all about how not fair love can be, and all about the work it takes in making relationships work, once the honeymoon phase is over and real life kicks in. There’s some serious character growth in this episodeRead More →

(We’re a little behind due to some technical difficulties on my end! All my apologies, and let’s dive in!) We’re back at Scarlet in this episode, folks, with the leaking of all the Scarlet emails to the public. When an article comes out about Jacqueline “sort of enjoying” watching oneRead More →

The ladies of The Bold Type are back, bold and beautiful as ever! I believe this is one of my favorite episodes of season three so far, as it feels like season is starting to pick up speed, and we’re beginning to see how the next couple of episodes willRead More →

Over the course of the last two seasons, Freeform’s The Bold Type has established itself as a glamorous feel-good television show, centered around the lives of three millennial women. The workplace dramedy, set mostly in the offices of the women’s magazine Scarlet, explores issues of sex, cancer, contraception, gun control,Read More →

Fandoms are complicated, is the conclusion we’re getting at, I think. Representation is not a clear-cut matter of having “people like you” on TV, but it goes much further than that. The conversations we have in regards to these matters need a dynamic shift, and since I’ve been talking aboutRead More →

Despite everything I have criticized about fandoms, the fact is that they are still those places, they are still comfort spots for the most of us. We can come to fandom spaces at the end of the day and be assured that we will find something that suits us, weRead More →

Last week, I was told that I was reducing serious problems to shipper noise, so this week I’m back to address the real problems. (Which I was going to do anyway, but whatever.) I stand by my earlier statement: it isn’t that there is no problematic behavior in fandom spaces,Read More →

Back to that age old moral dilemma of thinking we know better than anyone else what’s good for screens around the world, another characteristic of Tumblr fandom horror is the shipping war. Shipping, if you weren’t aware (who are we kidding) is when you think two characters should be together,Read More →

The problem with us, as beings with some kind of moral consciousness, is that we think our morality is better than everyone else’s. Whether we mean to or not, we stand taller when we feel as though somebody made a mistake we didn’t. But that’s what they are, right, justRead More →

A sub-clause of being born in the 21st century is that we are, whether we like it or not, constantly bombarded with tragedy on a large scale. Massacres, bigotry, and radical injustice are tweeted past our eyes every hour of every day, and we rarely have a minute to breatheRead More →

(As a note: Saudi women here refers to both Saudi-born women and women living in Saudi Arabia) Over the years, Saudi Arabia has been under immense pressure to lift the ban on women driving through the kingdom. After protests, imprisonments, and rallying, Saudi women were finally granted that right lateRead More →

Perhaps since the beginning of cinema, the calling for better representation of women on screen has been loud and insistent. In recent years, the box office has seen movies featuring women outearn those that feature men, and the industry as a whole has seen an increase of interest in moviesRead More →

It’s no secret that Hollywood has a particular problem – a rather white problem, often reeking of testosterone and privilege. For proof, please refer to any television award show in the past decade, this Wikipedia list of highest paid actors in the industry, or well, the faces on any posterRead More →

Any exposure to the Internet in recent months might have introduced innocent scrollers to Skam –the risk-taking Norwegian show that is sweeping teenagers into a world they’d never known on screen before. Often compared to the UK show Skins, Skam –which translates, literally, to “shame”- tells the story of aRead More →

In recent conversations, I’ve found myself defending how important fanfiction is to the fandom experience, and why I find myself on Archive of Our Own at four in the morning. The thing with fanfiction is that if you don’t know the experience, no amount of justifying, describing or arguing canRead More →

Brie Larson refused to clap for Cassey Affleck as he was awarded his Oscar this season, and the world exploded in a series of back and forth re-tweets and think-pieces as everyone tried to figure out the right stance on an alleged sexual predator being rewarded – for anything heRead More →

What’s going on in old Riverdale? Murder? Attempted suicides? Secret engagements? Teen pregnancies? Almost everything, to be honest.  This dark and gritty adaptation of old comic books has swept us all up with its gruesome story and we are enthralled. Riverdale seems, at first sight, too similar to any otherRead More →