‘The Bold Type’ 3×09 Review: “The Final Push”

Hello and welcome to the penultimate episode of the Bold Type’s third season. Quite a few things happened this episode, so let’s break it down to the highlights!


  • Jane and Jacqueline interviewed Pamela Dolin, who refuses to comment on any of the allegations, leaving their office strangely unfazed by any of the accusations they poised.
  • Of course, she had tipped off the New York Star to the model’s “bad behaviour”, giving them an attack strategy to tell her side of the story.
  • Jacqueline graciously sends the story over to Digital, so that Patrick can publish it before the New York Star can get ahead of the narrative, and just like that, is able to publish the truth about a horrible horrible woman!
  • Amidst this career-defining moment, Jane’s been getting weird vibes from Ryan all week, and is especially freaked out after listening to an interview in which he admits the single NYC life often tempts him.
  • This culminates into a moment I could see coming a mile away: Ryan gets drunk and kisses some stranger. He then returns home the night of Kat’s election, where his LOVING SUPPORTING AND PRETTY GREAT girlfriend greets him with all the love.
  • And then he tells her he cheated on her. The same night her best friend is about to find out if she won a very important election, because Ryan proved us wrong: people can’t change. Not even when they try.
  • Jane tells him not to touch or follow her, and finds Sutton. Points to Jane, though, she keeps this drama far away from Kat. Good friend!!!


  • Elections are almost here!!
  • Kat has a moment with Adeena as she panics about the election the next day. She tried to talk to Tia about how weird it felt that Jacqueline was looking at replacements for her, but Tia told her to “nip her anxiety in the bud” and focus on having her game face on for the interviews.
  • Adeena, on the other hand, reminds her that she is the kind of person who wants to change the world, and that means she is going to have to take risks! But ultimately, no one can decide what’s best for her except herself.
  • Kat sticks through! She pulls herself together for the interviews the next day, and invites Adeena to the election party.
  • They clearly still have feelings for each other, as Adeena admits that she put a lot of undue blame on Kat about her situation and artist block, and Kat admits she expected too much from the relationship. They table this talk for after the election, though.
  • Adeena shows up and there’s this moment where they look at each other from across the room and have a conversation with just their eyes, it’s bloody brilliant.
  • Kat loses the election. It’s hard but I think she’s gonna bounce back from this soon!


  • Sutton’s in a bit of a tense situation as she tries to put together pieces for the fashion show at the end of her design seminar. Oliver doesn’t really help when he drops off Carly, asking Sutton to please babysit her for a few hours.
  • Sutton discovers that Carly skipped school because she didn’t want a photo of herself taken on picture day at school because she felt ugly.
  • Sutton manages to convince Carly that everyone feels insecure sometimes, but we have to always remember to stop comparing our everyday lives with the parts of people’s Instagram’s. Carly goes back to school, it’s super cute!
  • While talking to Richard about what Carly said, she has an idea: for her fashion show, she’s not going to use models and promote detox teas and starvation, she’s going to use her friends and design dresses for “all kinds of women!” Love that.
  • On election night, Richard tells her that his friend got seed money to start a clean energy corporation, something he has wanted to do for years now. The friend offered him a position, but Richard declined because the job is in San Francisco.
  • I’m sensing some Sutton drama next episode.

Okay, that was a super quick rundown of what happened this episode. Next, we have the much awaited finale of the third season, and I can’t wait!

The Bold Type airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.

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