‘Grown-ish’ 6×12 Review: “Fake Love”

In the great words of my boy Chance the Rapper, “And we back and we back and we back!”   Hello eveyrone! Grown-ish is back and I am so excited!  I, for one, am not a huge fan of the summertime and the lack of quality television shows to choose from. I mainly just binge Netflix all summer long…however, this summer I’m pumped because Grown-ish is back on my screen, for the second half of their second season and it was so good and worth the wait.

When we left off, Zoey had been cut off financially from her parents because she cheated on her finals, and was put on academic suspension. Also, Dre found out she was dabbling in drugs… We all know Zoey still abuses Adderall and she occasionally smokes weed with Luca. Her father, Dre, was DONE and told her she was on her own. Zoey also learns that Ana and Aaron have been “hooking up” and no one told her. Yikes!  This episode picks up right where were left off, and Zoey is still reeling from both revelations.

Now, if I were Zoey, I would be way more upset about how I was going to pay my bills and eat, rather than who my friends were dating but that’s just me. The real reason Zoey’s mad is because both Ana and Aaron kept this a secret from her and she cannot possibly concentrate on her own real issues when there is romantic drama to digest and pout about. We all remember that time Zoey and Aaron were crushing on each other and I think they may have even kissed? Who cares? It didn’t last, and they were never “together, together” and they certainly never dated.

In the end, she chose Luca because she loved HIM, not Aaron. All of her friends remember this choice, including Ana who reminds her of this, with a little help from Nomi and the twins.  Also least we forget Ana was torn about her growing feelings for Aaron because she didn’t want to hurt Zoey. I am not loving Ana and Aaron together, they are total opposites and I miss when they use to fight all the time about their own causes and political views. They had sexual tension for sure, but like I, Zoey was totally asleep on their budding romance.  Luca made a good point when he said “Maybe the reason you’re so upset, is because you still have feelings for him.” Uh Oh Zoey! I think he may be right.

Aaron meanwhile, is feeling some kind of way and seeks helps from Dougie and Vivek to process what he’s done and how he is feeling about both Ana and Zoey. I love that they show this! Guys need to process things too, and I like these boys, who are a part of this friendship circle, can talk about what’s going on and not just play video games and think that will solve all of their problems.

Dougie tells Aaron he’s messed up the friend code of the girls by sleeping with Ana and now everyone will be hurt. Aaron admits he never wanted to hurt Zoey, he was just naturally falling for Ana. This is where I start to feel bad for Aaron and Ana, and I kind of get mad at Zoey for being so upset about the whole thing. Yes, they shouldn’t have lied and kept this from her, yes it’s kind of weird, yes she’s allowed to feel some kind of way but it should not define her and Ana’s friendship or end it.

Ana would rather end her relationship with Aaron then end her friendship with Zoey. There is a pretty bitter and complex ending to this decision too. Zoey tells Ana, you are no longer my friend, you are just my roommate. Damn! They cannot go on like this all season. How awkward will this be for Nomi? I don’t even think Zoey and Chloe have made up yet so like Zoey your down to two girlfriends. What are you doing? She is mad at her personal life, her dad, Ana and Aaron lying to her, but  really, deep down, Zoey is mad at herself. Her entire world fell apart in one day and she doesn’t know how to make it right or put the pieces back together. She is not grown ya’ll, she’s Grown-ish.

Grown-ish airs on Wednesday 8/7c on Freeform.

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