7 Reasons Why We Love #Emico from Starz ‘VIDA’

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Emma and Nico from Starz Vida are the gold standard of what great ships are made of. And even though we’ve only had them for one season they are a great example of how TV can create, bring together, and respect the stories of queer individuals. So, for Emma, for Nico, for everyone responsible for the beauty that is #Emico, let’s talk about 7 reasons why we love Emma and Nico from Vida!

1. Nico brings Emma out of her shell without changing her.


One of the reasons why all of Emma’s relationships have floundered in the past is the fact that everyone keeps trying to change Emma. She’s not Latina enough. She’s not queer enough. It’s always one thing after another where she is left feeling like the person she is, warts and all, isn’t likeable or loveable. And that’s a feeling that no one should go through.

Nico is different in that she likes the person that Emma is and thinks she’s enough. Sure Emma has some issues and it takes her a bit to warm up to people. But once she chooses you, she’s in. And I think Nico accepting Emma as she is allowed her to play with Nico in a ball pit of ovarian eggs without a care in the world. She was just a woman having fun and being herself with someone who makes her feel like it’s ok to be herself.

2. Emma trusts Nico to care and hold her during her most vulnerable moments.


I don’t know about you guys but falling asleep next to someone is HUGE for me. I’ve got trust issues up the whazuuuuu and the thought of being unconscious in the presence of others makes me scared. And I think a part of this fear that I have is inside of Emma. She’s not the kind of person to share her space or let someone stay after bumping uglies. Yet, here we are with Emma and Nico cuddling.

They haven’t even bumped uglies yet and are taking things a step at a time. And it’s beautifulllllll. The little shimmy that came before this gif and the smile that Emma wore after this gif are proof that Emma trusts Nico and feels safe around her. Maybe she’s not 100% ready to have anyone see her craving for intimacy or physical contact as wonderful as cuddles. But she did it. She did it with Nico.

3. Nico meets Emma half way when experiencing new things.

Instead of asking Emma to change herself or forcing her into situations that make her uncomfortable, Nico met her half way and compromised. I mean, that’s what half of relationships are truly like because we don’t all like the same thing and if we care enough about someone we’re down to trying new things. And Emma, she might not love Nico (yet) but she trusts her and feels comfortable enough to listen and meet Nico half way too.

This small moment outside of the rave/party they were about to hit up cemented the fact that Nico respects Emma. She came up with a safe word just in case Emma felt uncomfortable and in turn it made Emma feel comfortable enough to enter a new situation because she knew her companion valued how she felt. And it’s fucking beautiful and I can’t wait to see more in season 3!

4. Emma feels comfortable enough to let Nico set the pace.


First of all, there’s nothing wrong with the sex and pleasure that Emma seeks out, even if she ends up being a user rather than a giver most of the time. She’s a grown woman and she can do anyone she pleases (as long as they consent, of course.) And so far we’ve seen Emma in positions of power where she controls what goes down between the sheets.

With Nico, it’s different. Emma feels so comfortable with Nico that she lets her partner set the pace of what they’re doing in the bar bathroom. And for Emma that’s big! Our girl is a Type A person and letting things flow instead of controlling them with an iron grip is unheard of. Also, Emma pleasured Nico. She didn’t have to do that either and thinking back to the sexual encounters that Emma has had, she’s never really given someone else pleasure like she does with Nico.


5. Nico brings clarity to Emma’s life.

I think most people are afraid of Emma. She’s an assertive, no nonsense woman, who knows what she wants and when she wants it. And that scares the shit out of people and makes them turn tail. Emma in turn has become used to this control over her life that is almost absolute. And then Nico came out.

Nico respects, appreciates, and cares for Emma. She also brings clarity to Emma’s life in a way no one has done in ages. Nico says the hard things that Emma doesn’t want to hear. Nico challenges Emma’s expectations, fears, and hesitations. Nico is that chance in Emma’s life to care about someone so deeply it leaves you feeling like you’re flying. And again, it’s fucking beautiful and something we can’t wait to see blossom into more!

6. Emma and Nico make breakfast sexy AF.

I’ve watched this scene like 7 times. Honestly, it’s beautiful. Queer women never get to have these quiet moments. We’re always painted through the eyes of men and if this were as well it’d have Emma and Nico in nighties, sucking things off their fingers for extended amounts of time. But nope, that’s not how this scene went down and the normalcy of it is what makes it sexy in the first place.

As queer women we do wear the nighties and bump uglies with whoever we consensually want to. But we also cuddle, make breakfast together, get weird, tease each other, and a whole slew of other things that show HOW FUCKING NORMAL WE ARE. Yes, normal. And that’s what this scene represents for me and queer people out there. We’re just like everyone else. We want love. We want companionship. We want delicious breakfast food.



Body language says a lot about the potential between two people. It’s the spark, the moment of connection that makes you sit straight up in your chair because your gay-dar is going off the charts! It’s also what keeps you on the edge of your seat when an OTP hasn’t hashed things out but the potential is there in the way they carry themselves and that chemistry. And that’s what Emma and Nico have; that connection in their eyes, from the very first moment they met!

Part of me thinks it’s due to the phenomenal writing by Tanya Saracho and her Vida writers room. And another part of me thinks that Mishel Prada and Colindrez just had an electric and off the walls connection that HAD TO BE brought to our screens. Which, I’m grateful for and can’t wait to see more of in season 3, because if this is the character development we’ve gotten in one season, imagine two or three more? 

What do you think of Emico? Do you love them as much as we do? Let us know in the comments section below!

Starz Vida season two is available to stream NOW & season three has already been confirmed!

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