'Vida' 3x05 Review: The One Where Everyone is a Mess

Starz Vida‘s episode 3×05 was a portrait all about the messes we make, take part in, and try to avoid as a means of hiding from the truth. And we are here for every messy bit of it, especially if it means compelling and dynamic women. Because messy bits, well,Read More →

‘Vida’ 3x04 Review: Oh the Disrespect in That One

People were being disrespected left and right in this week’s all-new Vida. Like seriously, I kept thinking about that Mulan gif where Mushu goes, “Dishonor! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your whole family!” And even now, hours after watching the episode, I can’t get over how much people were trampingRead More →

‘Vida’ 3×03 Review: Oh the Hypocrisy of It All

Emma Hernandez is a hypocrite on Vida. I say this with love. Like seriously, bucket loads of love because we don’t get to see messy women like Emma. We don’t get to see women like this that push, pull, and make a mess of things. We don’t get to seeRead More →

In an effort to build a space for queer people like myself, every Tuesday I’ll be posting opinion pieces, listicals, reviews, and more focused on the LGBT community (and occasionally about the Latinx/WOC community since I am Latinx.) Welcome to Queerly Not Straight! And for the month of June we’llRead More →