'Vida' 3x05 Review: The One Where Everyone is a Mess

‘Vida’ 3×05 Review: The One Where Everyone is a Mess

Starz Vida‘s episode 3×05 was a portrait all about the messes we make, take part in, and try to avoid as a means of hiding from the truth. And we are here for every messy bit of it, especially if it means compelling and dynamic women. Because messy bits, well, they’re fun, intriguing, and the kind of moments that lead to change. So, sit back, relax, and join us in discussing the messiness that was this episode of Vida!

First up in the Mess-o-meter is Lyn.

How is our girl going to wear a silky top like that and not expect her nipples to show? There. I said it. It’s like subconsciously she can’t help but screw herself over and over again. She has the guy and is on the way to have the life she’s always wanted. But there’s some part inside of her that recognizes that this isn’t real, this isn’t going to last, and that she’s a hot mess.

And don’t even get me started on how she thinks she’s better than what the bar is and what she developed it into being. She did this to the bar. But now that she’s found faith and a boy toy, her creation isn’t good enough? Girl please. You are a badass mama who doesn’t need anyone in her life to feel complete or like a badass. You just are.

So, stop holding yourself back Lyn. Stop trying to be something you aren’t and accept the brilliant young woman you are when you don’t let anyone run you over with their intentions, including friends. You got this girl. And it’s ok if things are a bit messy for a while. Life is messy but we’re sticking with you.

Second up in the Mess-o-meter is Emma.

Emma needs to stop. Seriously. Stop and take a look at your life. Count the ways that things have gone badly and compare it to the brilliant new life you’ve created or encountered with your sister Lyn. And one of those brilliant things is Nico (who I hope are endgame, dear lord.) Stop and listen to her. Nico’s worth it and has made your life that much brighter because she’s in it.

Hell, and believe it or not, maybe you deserve some happiness. Ever thought of that? Instead of just continuing to spiral in a manner that will never make you happy, break the chain, Emma. Stand out. Change your life and accept that while Nico might’ve lied to you about her ex, it doesn’t change how she feels about you.

And I’m not going to lie, Emma is my favorite kind of messy when it comes to women on TV. She’s a queer Latina trying to build something in a place that only has brought her pain, anger, and regret. And that right there takes tons of strength and plenty of ovaries instead of balls. We’re tired of balls in this neighborhood.

Finally, the Vigilantes.

You, and all of your friends, are a bunch of posers who deserved every single word Emma threw your way. You’re not really here to fight anything. All you’re doing is trying to see how tall, loud, and disruptive you can be to a bar that’s been in the community for ages instead of the clear sign of gentrification right behind you. And I’m tired of it.

Mari was right for bouncing and leaving the Vigilantes. Her eyes have been opened to the truth that there are bigger, badder, and scarier things out there that need the help, the hope, and the attention. Vida‘s bar isn’t that place and hopefully some of these Vigilantes understand that this bar isn’t where the fight is.

The fight is against ICE. The fight is against those who are racist towards Latinos. The fight is against the government and its policies to keep us down, restricted, and weak. That’s where you should be focusing your attention. That’s where you should be learning from. And that is what you should be fighting against. And that’ the tea.

Vida airs Sundays at 9/8c on Starz.

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