‘Vida’ 3×03 Review: Oh the Hypocrisy of It All

‘Vida’ 3×03 Review: Oh the Hypocrisy of It All

Emma Hernandez is a hypocrite on Vida.

I say this with love. Like seriously, bucket loads of love because we don’t get to see messy women like Emma. We don’t get to see women like this that push, pull, and make a mess of things. We don’t get to see women who regret, mourn, and keep pushing forward no matter what comes their way. And for that, I respect Emma. But because of that, I also have to call her out for her hypocrisy. Lyn’s too.

Nico is a fuck boi? Really? Because what I’m seeing right now is a young woman who got burned by Emma. Was Nico keeping a huge secret? Yes. Does that make her innocent of it all? Absolutely not. Nico did what she did and she is now living with the consequences of it. But to throw her off to the side as a fuck boi is rude, ignorant, and it really pisses me off.

Yes, I understand feelings are complicated. But how you gonna throw rocks in a glass house? Basically, how are you going to get mad at someone else for doing the same thing you did? First up, Lyn. She was messing around with a man who had a commitment and a child on the way. She saw no problem and didn’t think of herself as a fuck girl. And then there’s Emma, she just got done with a wild night of partying and sexing it up. But Nico is the fuck boi? Girl, please.

*deep breath*

But seriously, I love that I have these complicated feelings about Emma, Lyn, and Nico. It means that they aren’t perfect. And that right there is so damn real and the reason why I love this show so much. Real life is messy AF. Real life doesn’t fit into cookie cutter shapes easily identifiable by anyone and everyone. 

We are messy. We are complicated. We fuck up. And we get right back up from it all. 

That’s why I felt for Emma when she saw Nico after her sexcapade and realized that Nico might be drinking on the job to numb the pain of the dissolution of their relationship. And that’s why I felt for Emma when she saw Nico with her ex aka her still married to wifey. Emma is complicated. Emma is a hot mess. Emma is a hypocrite. And it’s ok if she’s all those things at once because everyone is complicated.

Maybe this will give Emma the perspective she needs to let her walls down a little instead of always having them up at the first sign of things getting hard. Things get hard in life. That’s just the way it is. And if you keep closing yourself up at every turn, you’re not going to grow, you’re not going to change, and you’re not going to let the love that is needed in your life, into your very own heart.

That’s why I worry for Emma. Lyn, she’s a whole ‘nother case that deserves an editorial all about. But Emma, she is a hypocrite who throws her walls up and doesn’t let anyone in. Sometimes even her own sister can’t reach her. And that’s going to stop her growth as a character aka turn out to do something I want no part in because character growth is where it’s at, people!

The difference between this show and any other that I’ve watched, it’s that I trust Tanya Saracho. I trust her voice, I trust her storytelling, and I trust the team that she has brought together to write this story and then to bring it to life. I trust her to give me complicated women of color who are also queer. And it’s the reason why I’m still around even when I have messy feelings about the women I’m supposed to be cheering on and having their back no matter what.

That is what makes for grand TV, unforgettable TV, groundbreaking TV. 

That’s what Vida has been from the start and what it will continue to be long after the screen goes black on season 3.

Vida airs Sundays at 9/8c on Starz.

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  1. THANK YOU! imo nico hasn’t done anything that’s unforgivable…yes she should’ve been honest about that ex/current wife mess but in her defense her & emma were still in their honeymoon phase & were only dating for a few days but still she fucked up bc she knows how important trust is to emma
    & about her kissing the ex, she left the bar clearly distraught & the ex swooped in + like you said my sis emma literally had a threesome the night before soo….

    im still rooting for nico & emma but seeing tanya & the vida twitter account basically agree with what lyn said about nico being a fuckboy is SCARY AF because i do not want that storyline to end like this i think nico was exactly who emma needed & i feel like emma is exactly who nico needs too 🙁

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