‘Vida’ 3×03 Review: Oh the Hypocrisy of It All

‘Vida’ 3×03 Review: Oh the Hypocrisy of It All
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  1. weyes says:

    THANK YOU! imo nico hasn’t done anything that’s unforgivable…yes she should’ve been honest about that ex/current wife mess but in her defense her & emma were still in their honeymoon phase & were only dating for a few days but still she fucked up bc she knows how important trust is to emma
    & about her kissing the ex, she left the bar clearly distraught & the ex swooped in + like you said my sis emma literally had a threesome the night before soo….

    im still rooting for nico & emma but seeing tanya & the vida twitter account basically agree with what lyn said about nico being a fuckboy is SCARY AF because i do not want that storyline to end like this i think nico was exactly who emma needed & i feel like emma is exactly who nico needs too 🙁

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