Starz ‘Vida’ Season 2 is Premiering in May with All 10 Episodes!

YOU HEAR THAT NOISE? THAT SCREAMING IN THE DISTANCE? THAT’S ME FREAKING OVER STARZ VIDA SEASON COMING MAY 23RD! As if my queer Latina heart couldn’t handle anymore goodness in my life, all 10 episodes of Vida will drop in May according to EP Tanya Saracho and Yes, you read that right. All 10. And with the hole of pain that has been left by One Day at a Time being cancelled over on Netflix, seeing our queer Latinx baby still out there making content for our community has been amazing & uplifting!

Starz Vida tells the story of two siblings that live completely different lives. Emma, played by Mishel Prada, loves to have her control and is leading the kind of career that looks good on paper but isn’t satisfying to the heart. Her sister Lyn, played by Melissa Barrera, is the wild child of the family, still causing trouble and destruction wherever she goes because rules are for others and not her. These two women are pulled back together when their mother dies and they are forced to confront the home, culture, and people they left behind.

In a twist that I’m still not over, Emma and Lyn find out that their mom was living with and in love with another woman. It’s a shocker for Emma especially because her mother threw her away like garbage when she found out that her daughter was a lesbian. And it shakes up Lyn’s world because her mom’s lover has a hold on the bar that Emma and Lyn grew up in and that is rightfully theres.

Season two of Vida sees our familia starting to build roots in the home they abandoned physically and in their hearts. Emma and Lyn have to care and come to terms with Eddy’s injuries and what they want to do next with the bar. Relationships will be tested, especially between the two siblings who are as different as day and night, and we’ll be right there when Emma and Lyn rediscover what it means to be Latina, queer, and back at Vida’s.

Starz Vida season two premieres May 23rd.

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