In the great words of my boy Chance the Rapper, “And we back and we back and we back!”   Hello eveyrone! Grown-ish is back and I am so excited!  I, for one, am not a huge fan of the summertime and the lack of quality television shows to chooseRead More →


Okay, so this week’s Grownish has been my favorite of the season. I don’t know if I’m feeling nostalgic about college or if Zoey’s predicament incited a fond memory of many parties and many failed attempts at studying for finals. Whatever the case, I was into it and I evenRead More →

Would you want to know how many other girls your boyfriend had slept with before you? Would your boyfriend want to know your “body count?” That is the question Zoey poses to Luca on this week’s Grownish.  Zoey sees a painting Luca presents at the Cal-U art festival, and theRead More →

I cannot believe we are already on episode 8 of Grownish ya’ll, this season is flying by and I have loved every minute so far.  We all know, Zoey gave up her design lab class, but has not given up fashion completely. This week she is tasked with styling theRead More →

Grownish tackled sexual assault this week, or what the campus thought was a sexual assault, EXCEPT it turns out it was actually consensual sex between two adults. Were they completely sober? No, but were they fully aware of what was happening between them? YES. Cash Mooney was brought back thisRead More →

Luca and Zoey are aiming to be the next power couple at Cal-U on this week’s episode of Grownish.  Michelle Obama pays a visit to Luca’s design class to choose an up and coming designer and everyone steps their design game up except Zoey, who dropped the class because sheRead More →

Nomi’s bisexuality is on full blast this week on Grownish I gotta say, I am really digging this season of Grownish so far. This episode focused on Nomi and her many lovers, all women, and all straight but willing to turn for one night with Nomi. All of this sounds AhhmazingRead More →

What makes a modern day genius? This week’s Grownish has our gang waiting for a new album from a so-called genuis artist to drop. I’m thinking Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, or Maggie Rogers, only the gang finds themselves at odds coming to an agreement about what makes a musical genius. Oh,Read More →

Damn, Zoey! You have had a rough couple of weeks back at school. I feel for you, I really do. I understand your whole “There are RULES” with your girls. I get that, made some myself and followed them, for the most part… So this week, when Zoey finds herselfRead More →