‘Grown-ish’ 2×13 Review: “You Decide”

Who knew Zoey’s life could get even more complicated in the Grown-ish episode “You Decide”?

I really hate that Zoey is still “beefing” with Ana and she keeps making things awkward for all of her friends who have to watch Zoey be petty and bitchy to Ana. It’s hard to chose a side in this instance because on the one hand yes, Ana should have told Zoey immediately when she and Aaron started hooking up, but on the other hand if Zoey is truly in love with Luca like she proclaims to be then, why does she care what Ana and Aaron are doing together? Read on for my take on this weeks episode of Grown-ish titled “You Decide”!

It’s Not All About You

Zoey thinks the world revolves around her and what she is feeling; I blame this on her being a millennial and her parents. At first glance you might think she was an only child the way she behaves, but no, homegirl has four younger siblings at home!  I’m screaming at my television “Get over it already Zoey!” Is she a Scorpio? Because this girl can hold a grudge!

Instead of going out with her friends for drinks at the club, she decides to stay home, because Ana is going, and she refused to squash their beef.  What is really bothering her is the fact that Luca is not speaking to her, ever since she ignored him last week, in favor of sulking over Ana and Aaron’s budding relationship. Luca has been ignoring her texts, and has basically ghosted her.

Zoey goes to his dorm to apologize, but he’s over it and simply tells her “thanks chief.” I choked on my wine, because Zoey so deserved that shade.  Chloe then tells her she’s been “dissed” which is much more harsh than a “curve.” Zoey wants to know what the difference is? Me too girl! Ha! Zoey is all set to binge watch her favorite show, when she gets a text from Sky, letting her know Luca has been spotted at the club. Cue to Zoey ringing up her baby bro Junior, to be her wingman, because like, she can’t walk into the club solo, that would be a little too grown.

Junior Giving Advice

Turns out Junior is actually the voice of reason Zoey needed. He hits it off with Sky and tells Zoey he needs to borrow some condoms, preferably Magnums! LMAO! Zoey is aghast and so am I. Junior have several seats please, you will not be sleeping with Sky anytime soon. Junior is more perceptive than Zoey and asks her what is going on? He knows she is having issues with Luca and Ana, but doesn’t know why.

Zoey is all like, “I apologized to Luca but he’s still ignoring me.” Junior tells her, “Have you heard one of your apologies?” They are so half assed and fake. Damn! Real talk tho Junior. Zoey thinks the same thing and gains some insight and reflects on the current situation. First up on her apology tour is Ana, who she has been so horrible to. Ana is glad to be back in Zoey’s good graces, they have missed each other’s company, Ana was Zoey’s first friend at college after all.

Those ties run deep. I am relieved their squabble is over and like everyone is moving past it. That’s growth.

Next up is Luca, AKA Lenny Kravitz son. Ha! He too has missed Zoey and this time Zoey gives him a real apology and he accepts it. Meanwhile, Nomi and her professor decide to give their relationship a chance but  agree to “take things slowly.”  I don’t know if I like where this is heading, Nomi is going to get hurt and I’m not okay with it. Nomi is one of my favorite characters, so when she is sad, I’m sad.

Lately, Grown-ish has not been ending on a happy note. Everything was being left open and up in the air, but this week they finally closed a chapter, and I was grateful.  Sometimes in life, things do end happily and not everything is tied up neatly, and with a bow. However, It’s so wonderful when that happens and it’s not lost on me, how rare it is. Grown-ish tends to lean more on the reality of college life and that’s why I appreciate it so much. Those four or five years, if you’re like me, are where you find yourself and your footing. It can’t be rushed or every detail meticulously plotted out, you just have to go on the journey and appreciate the destination.

Grown-ish airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.

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