Ten of Little Mix’s Most Empowering Songs

We obsess over a lot of things – which hey, is our job. We love fandom of all kinds. One thing we could not live without is music.

Music is life.

One girl group that we can’t get enough of is Little Mix. The group – Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall, and Jesy Nelson make fun and catchy music, but they also are consistently empowering their fans through their music.

Nora and Erin are two huge Little Mix fans at Fangirlish and they’re breaking down their 10 favorite empowering songs from Little Mix.

1. “Salute”

“Representing all the women, salute, salute.” Featured on Little Mix’s Salute album, “Salute” is hands down one of the best female power anthems ever. Not only do the girls SLAY in the music video, the song helps empower girls and women to band together and salute. Definitely one of the groups fiercest songs to date!

2. “Power”

“I ain’t the chick to walk behind you around town.” Off their new album Glory Days “Power” is Little Mix’s current single and is one of their most empowering songs ever. Not only does the music video feature women from all walks of life, but it showcases that women have so much power and they should be proud of it.

3. “I Won’t”

“I got my pride, my self-respect, need nothing more, want nothing less.” A lesser known song from Little Mix’s Get Weird album, “I Won’t” is a song that tells you to be yourself and love everything about you. Little Mix is all about female empowerment and this song showcases it effortlessly. Don’t let anybody put you down and never settle for less.

4. “We Are Who We Are”

“We are who we are, who we are, pretty’s just a petty word, and I’m gonna shine like a star, cause I’m the only me in this world.” Featured on Little Mix’s first album “We Are Who We Are” is an empowering anthem that tells everyone to just be themselves. No matter what people think of you, it doesn’t matter, loving yourself is the most important thing. The song takes any negativity you might have and turns it into something positive.

5. “Clued Up”

“I stay clued up and I’m ready. To love the good and live the bad. Clued up and now I get it. Just make the best of what you have.” Another song off their album Get Weird, “Clued Up” once again tells you be an individual. You don’t need to be like everyone else or blend in, being yourself and standing out is so much better. Little Mix knows just what to say to make you feel better about yourself and “Clued Up” is one of those songs!

6. Change Your Life

Being who you are isn’t easy. It’s an accomplishment to put aside what everyone thinks and just do you. Change Your Life taught us just that – own who you are. People are always going to have thoughts and opinions on you, but the truth is – you are the one you. So show you, no matter what anyone else in the world thinks. Own who you are.

7. Little Me

This is the song that made me fall for Little Mix. Sure it’s a ballad, but it’s one that is talking about how it will be okay and it’s the girls direct message to the fans. It touches fans hearts, speaks to everyone and reminds then that they will get through. It feels as though you can do and be anything listening to this song. Shoot for the stars and you can do anything.

8. Wings

I think in life we all get discouraged, but when Little Mix launched Wings, they reminded us that sure, we can feel that way, but you can also spread your wings (figuratively). You are the best possible you. You can do anything. You can spread your wings and fly, doing what you do best.

9. Boy 

We have all stayed in relationships that were not the best for us, but Boy reminds us that we don’t need to. We are strong, we are fierce, and we deserve so much better out of life. Our friends can see what we can’t sometimes and what we love about Boy is that it’s our friends reminding us that we are worth more.

10. Hair

We know, it’s kind of a shocker that we chose this one, but we love it. It’s a great twist on a song about breaking up. It’s fun, it’s catchy and it reminds you that you can get through being hurt. You can get through pain. You can get through heartache. And we took it as not only getting over the pain of a breakup, you can wash a lot of pain out of your life.

What are your favorite empowering Little Mix songs? Sound off in the comments!

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