Little Mix Talks About Shout Out To My Ex, Ugly Heart Comparisons

Little Mix is on a roll these days. The foursome has been on a roll with the release of Shout Out To My Ex. Immediately, one of my friends messaged me and said it sounds like G.R.L.’s Ugly Heart. Now, not to be rude – but I don’t have the faintest clue who G.R.L. is, but I do know that Little Mix is making waves and we’re not shocked that others are latching on to that publicity.

G.R.L. threw some not so subtle shade as they tweeted –

Yes, that was some not so subtle dragging of the band.

The girls of Little Mix aren’t ones to back away from controversy and addressed the situation while being interviewed in Belguim.

“I think every song is going to have a similar chord sequence, slightly similar lyrics, and melodies — you know, it happens all the time. But it doesn’t mean that they’re not both incredible songs.” Jade said.

You can judge for yourself as the great people of the world have mashed up the two choruses…

We’ll stick with Shout Out To My Ex. And here’s something happy to make you smile. Below is the girls performance on the BBC R1 Teen Awards.

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