Little Mix Singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock Has Signed A Solo Record Deal!

Congratulations are in order to Leigh-Anne Pinnock! The #LittleMix singer signed a solo record deal!

The Internet Is Heartbroken Over ‘Little Mix’ Announcing Their Break

When bands announce their breaks, our hearts hurt. #LittleMix announcing their break hurts, but we get it. And we understand it.

Little Mix Doesn’t Want To Talk About What’s Going On With Jesy Nelson

We kinda love that Leigh-Anne, Jade, and Perrie don’t want to talk about what’s going on between them and Jesy. After all, it’s none of our business.

Little Mix Singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock Has Given Birth To Twins

Surprise! It’s Twins! Did you catch the announcement from #LittleMix singer #LeighAnnePInnock & her fiancé Andre Gray?

Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards Has Given Birth

Congratulations are in order for Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards and her boyfriend, Alex Chamberlin!

Jesy Nelson Signs Solo Music Deal

Jesy Nelson has moved on from Little Mix. The singer has signed a solo record deal.

Little Mix Releases The Video For ‘Confetti’

Little Mix’s video for #Confetti is everything we didn’t know we needed. It was AMAZING. See it here.

Jesy Nelson Working On Solo Music

We were sad when Jesy left Little Mix, but we have to admit, we’re excited at the prospect of solo music.

Liam Payne Sure Comments On A Lot

Liam Payne sure has a way of commenting on everything and anything – even when he doesn’t need to.

Little Mix Annouces ‘Little Mix: LM5 – The Tour Film’

Little Mix: LM5 – The Tour Film is coming and we can’t wait. Find out more here!

Little Mix Announces Release Date For Their Next Album

#LittleMix is coming out with a new album and my heart is happy. I may even throw around #Confetti!

Little Mix Releases New Song – “Holiday”

Little Mix makes us want to go on a #Holiday.

Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock Speaks Out About Her Experience With Racism

Little Mix has had a profound impact on my life. Their music has been part of the soundtrack on my life. I am that person that watches all of the Little Mix videos, their YouTube channel, and reads their interviews.…

We’re Obsessing Over ‘Eat In With Little Mix’

I obsess over things. I know that I do it. But I think that is part of what makes me who I am and love the things that I love. One of the things that I obsess over all of…

Little Mix Announces Three New Songs Are Coming

We’re trash for Little Mix and we don’t even care to hide it. We’re waiting for the girls to take the US by storm, but regardless if they do or don’t – we will follow them anywhere. The girls recently…

Ten of Little Mix’s Most Empowering Songs

We obsess over a lot of things – which hey, is our job. We love fandom of all kinds. One thing we could not live without is music. Music is life. One girl group that we can’t get enough of…

Year in Review: Ten Times ‘Little Mix’ Conquered in 2016

As we wrap up 2016, it’s time to look back at some of our favorite moments. From TV to film to music, 2016 gave us a lot to celebrate, but there’s one group in particular we have to give a…

Little Mix Talks About Shout Out To My Ex, Ugly Heart Comparisons

Little Mix is on a roll these days. The foursome has been on a roll with the release of Shout Out To My Ex. Immediately, one of my friends messaged me and said it sounds like G.R.L.’s Ugly Heart. Now,…

Little Mix Releases Official Video for Shout Out To My Ex

We’re obsessed with Little Mix’s song, Shout Out To My Ex. It’s like the anthem for every breakup we’ve ever had and for every future breakup we will ever have. Don’t even care that it’s like the song that tells Zayn…

Perrie Edwards Confirms That Zayn Malik Broke Up With Her Via Text

The thing about todays world is you can really offer up receipts for anything. If people put anything in writing and sometimes, even if they don’t – you can produce the proof that someone has done something, said something or…

We Can’t Get Shout Out To My Ex Out Of Our Head

We all have ex’s. Some of them are good and well – some are lying, cheating pieces of sh*t. Yup, I went there. Just call me bitter. I accept it. Like they have done so many times before – Little…