5 Lessons About Friendship That I Learned From ‘Pretty Little Liars’

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Pretty Little Liars came to an end and I have to admit, that I wasn’t as in love with the finale as I thought I would be. But it still hurt.

It hurt hard.

So I was thinking about it. What am I going to take away from this show? What is it that I spent 7 years of my life doing? It wasn’t solving mysteries, cause I can’t do that. I am horrible at picking up on clues.

But when it came down to it – Pretty Little Liars taught me about friendships. It taught me about the choices that we make in friendships, the things we should and should and should not settle for, and ultimately that the most important thing in friendships is to find your tribe and never let go.

Find your tribe and love them hard.

Let us all be honest – Spencer, Aria, Emily, Allison, and Hannah have not had the easiest road. They have been through more things than any of us would ever want to experience. Hell, I woulda have had to consider tapping out of that friendship a long time ago, because it’s so intense. They have been through so much, but even in the arguments and yet, they have stayed being there for each other and made sure that through it all, they have stayed by each other. They have forgiven for mistakes. They have kept each others secrets. They have made sure that in the end – they have each other, that they know their tribe, and they love them hard.

Don’t lose faith, hold onto it tightly.

Sometimes in life, there is a bunch of shit that makes you loose faith. Circumstances make things change. Sometimes we get discouraged and sometimes we feel a little overwhelmed, but there is always a road that will lead you home. It’s okay to feel as thought you can’t take it anymore. It’s okay to feel like you are overwhelmed. BUT you must keep the faith. The Liars kept the faith that they would get through and somehow, in their twisted lives, it’s all worked out.

It’s all bee the way that it’s supposed to be. They have inspired us to be better. They have inspired us to know that when you hold on tightly to your faith, you can make it through anything and everything.

People just want to be loved.

Let’s be honest, I have hated Allison. She was just really rude, manipulating and quite frankly – she needed to be slapped. She was a bitch. But through out the seasons I have learned that Allison was lonely, damaged, and just felt a deep desire to be loved.

Vulnerability wasn’t something that came easy to Allison and strangely, I can relate to that. But her friends – even thought the road wasn’t always easy – saw that she just wanted to be loved and they loved her in spite of her craziness.

The road with friends may be hard, but keep in mind that sometimes all people want is to be loved. So love your friends in spite of the hard times. It’s when they need it the most.

Distance doesn’t change friendships if you hold onto them.

As chapters in our lives end, we move on to new ones. The new chapters may not be easy, they may take you away from the people that you have always known, the comfort in life. But even as distance and time passes, you have to find a way to keep that friendship growing. I don’t think that is easy – distance is hard. But when things matter – when people matter, all the work is worth it.

Sometimes friendships feel like a full time job but it never should. You should want to keep cultivating those friendships, to be there for each other, and when you do – distance won’t change the love and commitment that you have for friendships. It will just make those friendships feel like they naturally keep evolving.

Everyone comes into your life for a reason.

Life is not easy. Friendships are not easy. But people come in and out of your life for a reason. Things may not be easy. There may be a road that they help you find the courage to go down, there may be a road that they stop you from traveling. But the truth is – there is a lesson that you can learn from anyone and everyone. It’s a matter of how we take it in. It’s a matter of what we open ourselves up to.

Embrace the differences. Embrace the lessons. Love those that better you. Thank those for lessons learned.

Life is not easy, it is not short – but it’s all about the way that you live it.

What lessons about friendship did Pretty Little Liars teach you?

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