‘Will’ Episode 1×02 – “Cowards Die Many Times”

Last nights premiere of Will was a two parter we couldn’t put the review into one. There is just so much to tell. This show just has way too many details and so much going on.

But it’s so damn good.

Here’s the recap/review for the first episode. The second episode is entitled, “Cowards Die Many Times,” and here’s the synopsis –

Will (Laurie Davidson) is wracked with guilt over the arrest of the rival playwright, Baxter (Tadhg Murphy), and he makes a dangerous confession to the beautiful and rebellious Alice (Olivia DeJonge). The future of the theatre is threatened when the crowd-pleasing actor, Kemp (William Houston), is tempted by another playhouse.

Lets break it down.

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I know, I know – who wouldn’t be on a high when it seems that all of London has the most amount of love possible for your plays. After all, for Will, that’s all he’s ever wanted. The world loving his words.

But with a high comes a lot more. See Shakespeare doesn’t know how to let go, even a little bit. He’s trying to stop any changes, anyone going off script. See, Shakespeare needs to cut a little loose. But I don’t think that he can.

Will is a good guy. Sure we have our issues with him, but he’s a good guy. He’s not divulged to anyone really that he’s a Catholic. He’s nervous about it. Who can blame him. He’s living in a time where being Catholic is a bad thing.

But for Will, the big test of his Catholicism is living with the guilt that Baxter has been arrested. You may remember from episode one that Baxter was arrested after Marlowe cut his hand and handed him over to Topcliffe as the “catholic traitor.”

Alice calls him on it. She wants to know what he’s hiding. See the costume designer tells her that he saw Marlowe cut Baxters hand. That makes her know that there is something about the cut hand that means something.

Alice wants Will to trust her. Which hey, I don’t blame her. She’s got a crush. She feels a connection with him. Will is hesitant, but he ends up telling her the truth. He ends up telling her that he’s Catholic. He tells her that his cousin is one of the most wanted men in England.

And what I have to say about Alice, is that doesn’t phase her. But she makes a point that Will can not hurt her family. I love that she’s fierce and family comes first.

She doesn’t back down, until… well, we’ll get there.


So the guy who keeps fucking with Wills play. That’s Kemp – who is one of the most sought after actors. He’s the reason that people come to The Theater. But he doesn’t like the serious, and he takes Will’s play and decides that he’s going to do some jokes – that drive Will nuts.

See, I have always known that there are jokes in Shakespeare, but the amount of dick jokes that there are. Holy shiz.

Kemp decides to leave, because someone else offers him the lead at their theater. But, what that does is cause The Theater to need to shut down. SO Will, who I would love to say that he is looking out for everyone – which part of me thinks – but then the other part of me thinks he’s only looking out for himself.

He talks Kemp into coming back – making promises that he will write plays that Kemp loves.


Can we talk about how crazy Topcliffe is? I get that he is in charge of rounding up Catholics, but like he’s insane.

His warrant for Baxter is denied. He’s told not to torture.

But he doesn’t listen. He keeps telling Baxter to tell him about the secret place that the Catholics are hiding. But Baxter isn’t lying when he says he doesn’t know, yet Topcliffe is sadistic and keeps on going.

To the point where he kills Baxter.

This leans heavy on Wills conscious. He believed that all would be ok, because Marlowe had let him know that the warrant was denied. But that apparently doesn’t mean shit, because Topcliffe delivers Baxter back to The Theater, dead.


Will is determined to make amends. I can’t blame him. But how? He starts by confronting Marlowe and getting the bounty that he received from the price on the catholic. He takes that bounty and gives it to Baxters family. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

The guilt is taking over Will.

What I am surprised about is that Alice is still standing beside Will. She wants to protect her family, but she wants to keep her family safe.

I have to say that I love the connection between these two though.


In Will confronting Marlowe we get to see more about him. I kinda feel like he’s this rock ‘n’ roll superstar of this time. People hang on his every word.

Marlowe seems turned on by this. He seems turned on by anyone confronting him or basking in his greatness. No one is saying that he’s not great, but like dude… calm yourself down.

Marlowe is about himself. He’s not about the reality of anything else.

He’s crazy.

But he’s played by Jamie Campbell Bower, so I can overlook.


  1. Will has to get himself a room, because he’s been sleeping at The Theater and that’s not allowed.
  2. Marlowe likes to kiss too many people.
  3. The costumes in this show are so so good.


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