‘The Bold Type’ Episode 3 Roundtable: Trolls, Trolls, Trolls

It’s episode 4 of The Bold Type tonight, which means it’s time for the round table from episode 3. Or as we like to call it – so much respect to our favorite trio of friends. Jane, Kat, and Sutton – you’re inspiring us like no other.

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Jane hit a bit of a road bump when she tried to branch out and get an interview with a Congresswoman. Let’s talk about the stigma against Scarlet when it comes to politics.

Liz:  I don’t think it’s uncommon for politicians to look down on fashion and women’s magazines when it comes to them getting involved in the political climate. Take a look at Teen Vogue and their coverage of everything going on — a lot of people were a little thrown off and questioning why a magazine tailored to teen girls was writing articles about politics. And I think Scarlet is a lot like that in a way that people don’t take them seriously because they’re a magazine about sex and fashion. It’s terrible, but hopefully Jane’s article about the congresswoman shows that there’s a lot more to Scarlet than meets the eye.

Erin: I think that though there is a stigma against women’s magazines, I think that they are unfair. I think that politicians looks down of fashion and women’s magazine is a sad thing to me. I think that they are underestimating writers. If we look at places like Teen Vogue – which have changed the game when it comes to reporting on politics – we should realize that we have a generation of women who are woke – and they have opinions, insight and drive. Kudos to Jane, after being dismissed, writes an article that changes the game. I adore her – she made it known that it doesn’t matter where she works – she’s got an opinion, she’s got a voice, and she’s gonna use it.

Chloe: I don’t think it was totally out of the blue for Scarlet to get shut down since politics seems like a fairly new area of coverage for them – but I don’t think that they should have been continually underestimated and belittled, either. As we saw with the last election, Teen Vogue became a beacon of hard-hitting, real coverage that reached a young audience eager to learn, have a voice, and get involved. I hope that Jane’s article will make a splash and show that Scarlet can be a contender in the political sphere with their own unique voice.

Lizzie: It feels like they’re doing it because it happens and it’s relevant, and not only because Scarlet is a fashion magazine, but because women in general have to fight to be taken seriously in an arena like politics. So in that regard I feel it’s important that they went there, because it sends a message. Women can be and do anything. That’s what this show is about, after all.

Nora: I really like that they’re approaching this topic because I think it’s something that is very relevant to the magazine world currently. I know people in real life sometime discredit Cosmo and Teen Vogue when they try to write those hard hitting pieces, and they really had to break that stigma, especially during this last election. I love that Jane is fighting to write a hard hitting piece and discuss things other than what the congresswoman is wearing. Scarlet is looking to prove that it’s a magazine about empowering women and it doesn’t have to only be about what products to buy or how to please your man. Like Jacqueline said in episode one, Scarlet wants to tell you what mascara to buy so you can see the entire world, and I think that’s what Jane is trying to live up to here.  

Sutton juggled both working as Lauren’s assistant and helping Oliver with the fashion show. Was it a little too much too soon, or do you think Sutton took advantage of the opportunity?

Liz: I was worried about Sutton stretching herself too thin! I think she did take advantage of the opportunity, but I think she could’ve gone about it a different way. She should’ve told Lauren that she wanted to help Oliver out since he was lacking. But I think it showed that Sutton really, really wanted this job and would be willing to do anything to get it, which is admirable.

Erin: I think that in life, you have to take advantage of opportunities. Sure, sometimes they are going to stress you out, sometimes they are going to be too much, but you have to give it all in order to get ahead in life. That’s the way that things work out. I feel like Sutton handled shit like a boss. She knew that she needed to show what she could handle in order to move ahead. I stand up and cheer for Sutton, because she knew what she had to handle, what she needed to do, and she did it.

Chloe: When that kind of opportunity comes up, you have to jump on it if you can. Sutton made it clear that fashion openings are few and far between at Scarlet, so I applaud her for moving to make it happen. That said, I do think she was a little irresponsible in how she handled the situation. I get the enthusiasm about working with Oliver, but Sutton should have made sure that Lauren was informed and that her usual duties were covered during the transition. I think everything went better than expected overall, but it could have easily gone south for Sutton. You go, girl – just make sure to cover all your bases.

Lizzie: I think you always have to take advantage of the opportunities. Always. No opportunity will ever come at the right time, so you either jump in or you get left behind. I love that Sutton went for it and I also love that it wasn’t just smooth sailing. Life never is. But this show has, so far, giving me so much reality in just a few episodes and that’s why I love it. It’s real.

Nora: I was nervous that Sutton was stretching herself too thin this week and it was going to blow up in her face. I liked seeing her trying to juggle her job with the dream job she hopes to have soon. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for Lauren to be upset about Sutton spending so much time helping Oliver, but I’m glad at the end Lauren is going to help Sutton. I think Sutton did bite off a little too much this week, but I’m glad it worked out in her favor.

Kat had to deal with some pretty nasty online trolls when she spoke her mind. It got pretty harsh and it obviously had a serious effect on her. Let’s discuss how it affected her and how she handled it.

Liz: Trolls are, uh, the worst. I think we’ve all had to deal with them in some form or another. I know for a fact that I’m always like oh it doesn’t bother me! But it does. It hurts a lot when someone who doesn’t even know you immediately attacks you for having a different opinion. And I think it was a hard thing for Kat to deal with; we’ve seen her be this strong confident woman who doesn’t let anything get to her. But this really struck home and hurt her — even when she tried to deflect it with humor and playing it off. I think in the end, Kat handled it really well — it might’ve taken her a while to realize that fighting fire with fire is not the best way to get the upperhand, but I think the way she ended up really fighting against these trolls was the best way. You know, rise above it. In the words of Michelle Obama, “When they go low, we go high.” And that’s exactly what Kat did.  

Erin: Trolls are the worst. We deal with them all the time, and sometimes they take everything out of you. The way Kat reacted was so real. She was hurt and she was finding a way to deal with it. She was finding a way to cope. It wasn’t easy and lord knows that she went through every emotion. I sometimes have to learn that engaging is not the answer – because they piss me off so much that I want to – but Kat – she reminded us all that we need to rise above. I applaud you Kat.

Chloe: As hard as the troll situation was to watch, the way Kat reacted to it was so real. Even if what the trolls are saying is absurd and irrelevant, it can be stressful to say the least – and usually does a lot more damage than that, whether we think it will bother us or not. So far we’ve seen Kat really roll with the punches, which is what she started to do when the trolls attached – but then it kept going, and it got more personal. I liked how we got to see Kat struggle with what for so many is an all-too-real situation – and I also liked how she ultimately handled it. Kat let other people in on what was happening, allowed them to help her, and then took control of the situation in her own way by rising above. Again, you go, girl.

Lizzie: This is so real and so current and if you have never experienced it you have probably never gone online and you should both be happy and sad. I felt so connected to her during this because I feel like being a woman online, in general, no matter what you do, means dealing with people telling you that you don’t know or your feelings aren’t real or you’re stupid or a whore for just having an opinion. It’s rough and I like that they showed that but I’m also glad that she found a way to rise above it and see that the word of strangers online did not define her.

Nora: I think it’s safe to say, we’ve all dealt with some harsh online trolls, especially when we write about ships we like and stuff in fandoms people might not agree with. It’s harsh to be on the receiving end, and it’s hard to watch that break Kat this week. Especially because she’s such a strong person. Those trolls took a strong, confident woman and shook her, but she learned to rise above and block out the negativity and I thought that was really important to see on TV. It’s hard to hear something negative about yourself and something you say, especially when it’s online where people can be SO much meaner. I think Kat handled it in a perfect way and I’m glad she rose about it and learned not to let the online trolls control what she thinks of herself and her beliefs.

But of course, we did get a little romance during this episode — which relationship was your favorite this week?

Liz: Uh of course I loved Sutton and Richard this episode. Who needs flowers when he brings you breadsticks!!!! This really cemented my love for them because Richard pushed Sutton to follow her dreams, didn’t get upset when she stood him up — completely understanding that she was working towards a big goal of hers. He was supportive and was there for her! It was beautiful.

Erin:  Sutton and Richard! Lord, I want to hate him – I really do. But like I can’t. He’s really trying to be a good man and I love that about him. But when he brought her breadsticks, I was like he’s a keeper. Yes, he’s a fucking keeper.

Chloe: Is there any answer other than Sutton and Richard?! If I ever stand a guy up for work and he brings me breadsticks anyway, I’m going to consider him certified marriage material. As someone who is kind of never not working, Sutton’s situation felt like something that will inevitably come up in my own life. I loved how Richard didn’t get upset at all, but encouraged Sutton to go for it and make her dreams a reality. #GOALS.

Lizzie: Fine, I get it. I do. Sutton and Richard win, if just for the bread sticks.

Nora: “I stood you up, and you still brought me breadsticks!” I am shipping Sutton and Richard SO hard!! They had my favorite romantic moment this week when Richard shows up downstairs in the limo when Sutton is working late. Sutton tells Richard that her dream is to work in fashion and he supports her 100%. They are super adorable and I just love them even more in this episode!!

What was your favorite quote from this week’s episode?

Liz:  “I stood you up and you still brought me breadsticks?” — Sutton

Erin: I’ll third Liz on this one.

Chloe: I’ll second Liz on this one.

Lizzie: Can I just agree? Bread sticks!

Nora: “Oh, I’m going full Hamilton on this. Because I’m the definition of ‘young scrappy and hungry’ and I’m OUT!” – Sutton

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