‘Fear the Walking Dead Teases at SDCC

Remember when zombies were the biggest thing to worry about in a post apocalyptic series? Well, it seems that even when you are running from the dead, you still have to content with human tendencies to not always get along.

Fear the Walking Dead is in the middle of their Seasons 3 hiatus, and that is just how they left viewers; in a tense little bubble between the Black Hats, ranchers and militia. Granted, when strangers are forced to band together for survival, it isn’t always going to go conflict free.

Fear the Walking Dead released their latest teaser trailer at San Diego Comic Con this week, showing new alliances being formed, old bonds breaking, and the return from some who would have been better to remain gone.

Fear the Walking Dead will return on AMC on September 10, 2017 for their third highly anticipated season, and we will be along for the ride!

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