‘Once Upon A Time’ 7×01 “Hyperion Heights” Preview

It’s like I can’t stay away. What’s that quote? Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in? That’s kinda what this is, except I don’t feel I’m in again – I just succumbed to my curiosity to see what, exactly, Season 7 was going to look like. And, once I did, I decided I might as well share my thoughts with all of you, for what they’re worth.

Should you watch Season 7? Is it worth it? That’s the number one question in everyone’s mind, and I’m sorry to say, I don’t have a good answer for you, mainly because that’s not for me to tell you. I felt, strangely, like this episode is going to change no one’s mind: If you were excited about Season 7 before, you’re probably going to like it and if you were dreading the thought of an Emma-less Season 7, then this episode is not going to make you feel better at all.

That being said – the episode is, in my opinion, good. It’s reminiscent of a Season 1 episode, with the added benefit that I enjoyed Cinderella about 857375343 times more than I expected to enjoy her, Lucy was kind of adorable and Henry was much better in his grown-up version than I expected.

As for the three people we already know, they seemed to retain enough of themselves while still being completely different people that this could, indeed, be an interesting journey, if done right.

So, am I going to be watching this season? Answer’s still probably no, and I’ll tell you why.

I’m not invested in these new characters – I’m just not. And if we treat this as a Pilot, that’s okay. I shouldn’t be, not yet. But I’m not treating this as a Pilot, I can’t, not when there’s three characters I already know around. For me to care about the new characters in the same way I cared about the old ones, I would have needed a clean break. I didn’t get that.

Conclusion? #NoEmmaNoOnce people, don’t bother. This is not going to make you feel better, this is not going to make you change your mind and this is not going to give you closure. Colin/Lana/Robert fans? You’re going to enjoy seeing your faves play new sides to the characters you already liked.

People in the middle? If you can find it within yourself to look at this as a whole new product, then give it a chance. There’s plenty of promise and a lot of things this episode does right, from little nods to the past to strong new characters that, if your heart is open, might end up stealing it.

If you, like me, can’t really separate (or have understandable issues with trust), then there’s always fanfic. I can even recommend some. Or hey, maybe you can! Either way, the characters we love never truly leave us, and that, at least, is a comfort.

Once Upon A Time returns Friday October 6th at 8/7c on ABC.

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