Betty Buckley Cast On The Third Season of ‘Supergirl’

You know that we love to know who is coming and going on shows. We need to speculate, think about the reasons that someone has been added or is leaving.

No show do we seem to speculate over more than Supergirl. Lets face it, after last seasons ending, there is so much to be said. So much we want to know.

There has been an addition to the cast. Broadway and television star, Betty Buckley, has been added to the cast for the third season as Patricia Arias, the adoptive mother of Supergirl’s villain, Samantha/Reign (Odette Annable). Now, do we always get to meet the parent of a villain? Nope. Which leaves us to wonder what role her mother will have in making Samantha/Reign the villain OR saving her from it.

The CW describes the relationship between the two as, “their relationship is made all the more complex by the secrets Patricia holds.”

What secrets? Well, we’ll find out when she makes her first appearance in ‘Wake Up,’ the third season’s seventh episode.

Supergirl, returns Oct. 9 at 8/7c on The CW.

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