‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 5 Premiere Date Revealed!

Let’s be real for a second, Marvel’s Inhumans has been a disappointment at best. Thought to be the new Marvel darling at ABC, instead it seems to be heading for one and done territory.

Meanwhile, Agents of SHIELD continues to be like fine wine, improving with age as Season 4 proved to be it’s most creative and entertaining season yet. With the ending of the team in space, we were left wondering: ” When is our show coming back?!?!”

We have our answer thanks to the show’s NYCC panel today: November 1st is when we get to see our favorite agents back in action with a two-hour premiere. Then on Nov. 8th, AoS moves to it’s new time of 9pm on Friday Nights on ABC.

To say we are thankful, we don’t have to wait long is a understatement. We’re excited to see Coulson, May, Yo-Yo, Mack and Daisy kicking alien butt. And most importantly, IS FITZSIMMONS GOING TO BE OKAY?


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