Agents of SHIELD Review 5×05 : “Rewind”

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Fitz is back and damn it feels good.

For most of this season something has been off about Agents of SHIELD and it was clear what it has been after this episode. FUN. “Rewind” shows us what Fitz has been up to since the team disappeared. From prison isolation to a buddy team-up with a returning Hunter (Missed him so much!), this episode reminded me why Fitz is my favorite character. So much to talk about here so lets start with Fitz and the jailbird blues.

What Happened?

“Rewind” shows us the aftermath of the diner scene for Fitz as he wakes up to find the whole team gone. Fitz’s soft whisper of “Jemma?” right before the army bursts in to arrest him is such a great heartbreaking moment.

So Fitz is sent to a secure military prison. It’s genius that Fitz plays his captures so easily from the beginning. The framework messed with his head but he’s still no dummy. Especially once you begin to notice something’s not on the up and up with the head lady in charge. She wants answers on where the team is and demands Fitz gives them to her. Here is where we see Fitz is playing 3-D chess with them as he agrees as long as he can work on the problem himself. Oh and also get a TV to watch soccer. Which becomes letters to a soccer magazine to complain about the team. This should have been the most obvious clue to the army duo assigned to Fitz something was wrong. No one writes letters anymore! They go on Twitter and complain about their team!

So six months pass with nothing to show for it except a bigger beard on Fitz. Just when things seem bad….in comes a familiar old face.


Lance Hunter returns!! While it would have been nice to see Bobbi as well (Curse you Seth McFarlane), seeing Hunter was a breath of fresh air. After a little soccer banter and a heartwarming hug, it’s breakout time! This gets us to our buddy comedy/adventure part of the episode as they escape even with a plane crash and a crappy van. Fitz and Hunter get footage of the night of the disappearance and spot the van that transported the team.

While we never got a ton of the Fitz/Hunter friendship (except for a memorable one-line by Hunter agreeing with Fitz’s on Jemma’s astronaut lover…..that feels like ages ago doesn’t it?), this episode more than made up for it. You could feel the easiness between the two whether it was Hunter trying to ask what the Framework was like or finding the alien Enoch as a pair of badasses.

After a little chat where it’s revealed Fitz wasn’t part of the “prophecy” that took the rest of the team to the future, Fitz threatens him to take them to the seer.

This showcases how much Fitz has changed and not in a way. Yes it scaredme as much as it did Hunter to see him like that. It would be foolish to think otherwise. The Framework, the brain injury, all of that has affected him. But when he goes to see the seer, he is gentle with her. Caring. That will never change and I credit that to thanks to the love in his heart for Jemma.

The seer ends up being a little girl who’s dad was a inhuman who was in a previous season ( he was the one who predicted death…so that family got good powers I guess). We find out Fitz was not taken due to now he’s needed to save the team and possibly Jemma in particular.

Enoch has the boys get a pod of his so they can get Fitz into the future. Trouble is, it was in the base they just busted out of. However, getting back in and getting the pod ( and a Zephyr as well!) ends up being fairly easy thanks to Lance’s American accent and ferrets.

So the pod is used to freeze Fitz 70-odd years into the Future so he can rescue the team. This does give us one more magical moment between Fitz and Hunter that got me emotionally and laughing so hard it hurt.


So the episode ends with Fitz waking up and Enoch there to guide him and tell him what I happening. As Enoch asks him if he’s ready to save his friends, Fitz has a look on his face that confuses me. I can tell if something happened to him when he was frozen but the “yes” he gives feels me with a sense of uneasiness.

Without a doubt this was definitely my favorite episode of the season. Fitz is my favorite character on the Agents of SHIELD and “Rewind” showcased all of my heart is beloved. Now I can’t wait for the inevitable Fitzsimmons reunion and the angst it is going to give us!!



  • Hunter reveals that him and Bobbi are still together and still at each other throats. Even almost got remarried again but a pesky ninja ruined that. Damn ninjas.
  • Fitz and Hunter arguing about Liverpool and Man U was enjoyable- I’m a Manchester United man myself
  • Hunter reveals SHIELD has been disfunded and disbanded. So if the team gets back to the present, they got a lot of work to do to clear their names.


Agents of Shield airs on Fridays at 9 pm on ABC.

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