‘Agents of SHIELD’ 5×01 Review: “Orientation”

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One thing you can always say for Agents of SHIELD is that they aren’t afraid to take risks. The latest one is a couple of twists that make this season it’s most unique yet. And even after two hours, I still have a ton of questions and thoughts racing through my head. So let’s start going through them all as we talk about some of the the twists and turns “Orientation” gave us.

Space…..Still Scary

So the team wake up in a mysterious space station (without Fitz…more on that later). After some misadventures with a few humans and some alien bug creatures, we find out that it is a Kree station that is basically “Snowpiercer in space.” May and Simmons highjack a spaceship to get to earth to warn Fitz as the rest of the team search for a way to contact him. It leads to meeting our newest cast member Deke. Deke makes a interesting first impression as he both gives the show a touch of comedic relief and the early hints of a new love interest for Daisy. His and Daisy’s scenes at the end of part 2 give off that vibe so hard, you’d need sunglasses to avoid being blinded by it.

But back to the big twist of the episode as we find out through Simmons and May finding a massive crater where Earth use to be and the team find more evidence of this that not only are they in space, THEY ARE IN THE MOTHERFORKING FUTURE.

Damn, this team can not catch a break. Also if you are a Philinda or Fitzsimmons shipper, I don’t blame you for wanting to break something in frustration. I mean, can Fitz and Simmons be happy for once? These writers and their love of torture through angst can be annoying, if the writing just wasn’t so damn good.

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Future Shock

The back half of the episode deals with our team trying to survive this new hellscape of a future. Mack,Yo-Yo,Coulson and May deal with some shady characters as they see what has become of the human race. Spoiler: like now, not so great. They get to meet Deke’s allies who are a interesting bunch to say the least.

Simmons, on the other hand, gets taken to the Kree Ambassador after she saved the life of his servant. Here’s where we get to meet our baddie for at least this opening part of the season: Kasius.

This was a weak part of the episode for me here, as Kasius felt just like a cartoon character here. I wasn’t impressed in the slightest with it and of course Jemma is the one he’s going to remake as his new servant. I hope this leads to Simmons sticking a fork through this dude.

As for Daisy, she learns from Deke (after following him through a framework-like place that the humans go to relax from basically life) that she was the cause of the Earth’s destruction after Quaking it apart.

Couple thoughts here. First, we are doing a quick enough job as is fucking up this place so what Daisy did will probably just happen in a few years anyway with global warming. Secondly, I feel like this gives us the back half of what the season will be. This First half will be the team trying to help these people and get back to Earth. The back half will be to prevent this nightmarish landscape from happening.

Agents of SHIELD is definitely not leaving anything off the table it seems after this premiere. On one hand it was nice to see they are still willing to take risks after all these years. But on the other, this story feels a bit off. Not sure if that’s just me or it’s a problem that could rear its head later on. I have faith in the SHIELD but my stomach is going to be in knots during the journey.

Quick Thoughts:

  • No Fitz in the episode SUCKED. I know we might get a episode of him in the past working on trying to bring the team back but I miss him with the team.
  • Starting with a Talking Heads song was brilliant…even if it was confusing and we still didn’t get any answers about that weird alien dude that kidnapped the team.
  • Mack was the MVP of the episode as he rattled off one-liners that were brilliant
  • “How hard did you hit him Mack?” “As hard as humanly possible.”

Agents of Shield airs Fridays on ABC at 9pm

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