‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ 5×10 Review: “Past Life”

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So, the first half of season 5 is in the books and our team of Agents are finally headed back to the present. It’s been a long, strange journey to get there, with a few twists, turns and resurrections along the way. Heroic moments blended in with cowardly ones. And finally, what it takes to be a hero in a world where there’s nothing left to fight for.

So as we look at “Past Life,” let us also preview what is next for our Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D as we found out who was Kasius’s seer and it took us for a loop

Round and Round on a Yo-Yo String

As Mack, Yo-Yo, Tess and Flint are going to reconnect with the rest of the team, Yo-Yo goes to find some more Inhumans to save. Instead, though, she comes face to face with…herself. A very damaged Elena who besides being armless and very very pale is also hopeless as well. Apparently, she has gone through this time loop several times and it has destroyed her. Yo-Yo 2* warns our Yo-Yo that Coulson is sick and dying from something they tried to stop. Instead, it destroyed the team and the earth.

*We shall refer to seer Yo-Yo as Yo-Yo 2 to clear up any confusion because timey-wimey and all that.

This scene was the best of the episode, thanks in no small part to the MVP of the episode: Natalia Cordova. Natalia let us feel the pain and torture that Yo-Yo 2 had gone through over the years,  the shock in Yo-Yo’s face of what could become of her in the future.

Natalia has been great all season long, as Yo-Yo becoming a regular member of the team has been the best season 6 move so far. I have love seeing Yo-Yo and Mack’s team-ups as her and Henry Simmons have tremendous chemistry together. Another enjoyment has been seeing Yo-Yo’s interactions with Flint, guiding him and teaching him to become a true hero. Natalia is a prime example of when you give more to a very good actor, she shows you she can deliver with outstanding performances.

So after that shock to the system, Kasius and Mack have their final confrontation. The death of Sinara has driven Kasius’s crazy town banana pants. First he used Odium (think steroids + cocaine) to sick some Inhumans on the team but Flint is able to stop them so that threat goes nowhere. (Along with Daisy killing the main one as S.H.I.E.L.D. is not playing nice anymore from what I can tell this season)

So what do you do when all your plans go up in smoke? SHOOT YOURSELF UP WITH DRUGS AND THREATEN PEOPLE. (Please do not do this, by the way) The final showdown begins with Kasius has Yo-Yo 2 hostage in front of Mack and slits her throat! Now it was about 99% obvious that it was Yo-Yo 2 instead of our Yo-Yo, but damn if it wasn’t psychologically jarring to see that. It f*cks up Mack just as much as it does us, as he thinks it’s the main Yo-Yo and Kasius tries to make it two for two as we get our brawl to settle it all.

It looks bad till Simmons is able to put one of those ear-enslaving things in Kasius which leads to Mack delivering the killing blow with the good old shotgun axe. Goodbye Kasius, I’ll remember you for your long-winded speeches and…..well the long-winded speeches pretty much.

Then is when our Yo-Yo shows up and Mack is one confused puppy. A happy one but confused. There’s no time for them to figure this out though as Simmons, Mack and Yo-Yo got a time portal to catch! Now as to that story….


So as that is all happening, Coulson, May , Daisy are working with Deke and Flint to try to get the Monolith created and the Zephyr working. Enoch is able to get it going but at the cost of himself and to Deke as well who volunteers to help him power up the time portal.

Enoch and Deke were two characters I never really got into, especially Deke. Here however, they commit the ultimate sacrifice to save the team, the present and change the future. With this being Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, I can’t say this is the last we’ll see of them but if it was, then they died as heroes.

The team, much like me, is ready to return to the present…all except Daisy. She is still fearful for what she could become: “the destroyer of worlds”. I understand the fear Daisy has, as some sort of fear has always been inside of her. Fear of abandonment due to her parents, fear of hurting someone with her powers, and now the fear of not being able to change her future. Fear is strong, but with the help of your friends and family, it can be overcomed. Now icing Daisy so she has to come isn’t exactly the best help Coulson could give, but at the moment it was all he could do. Much like Phil has hope she will forgive him, so do I. Because I really don’t want a “Daisy hates Coulson” arc this season or ever.

So we get our cliffhanger of the season as Mack, Simmons and Yo-Yo race to make it on time to the portal so they don’t get left behind. Will they be able to make it??



Well yeah they do because right after the episode ended, we saw a preview for upcoming episodes and those three are front and center in it. D’OH. Well I mean their wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell we were losing them especially since I am owed a FITZSIMMONS WEDDING AND I AM COLLECTING.

Now the team returns to the present to find themselves on the run (again) and trying to prevent a apocalyptic future from coming to pass. So basically typical Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D goodness, and I can’t wait for these 4 weeks to pass by so it can return.

(Thanks a lot, Winter Olympics)


  • The epilogue of the episode showed Flint and Tess leading the surviving people of the Lighthouse to the planet Earth. It hints that Flint is going to try to repair it with help and support from Tess. I’m going to really miss these two and I would love to see just a glimpse of what happens to them in the future, even if it doesn’t become the actual future.
  • Hearing Fitz’s call Jemma his fiancee will never get old. Well until he calls her his wife. <3 <3 <3
  • All isn’t perfect I think, though, for FitzSimmons as Fitz uses a pretty cool trap to chop off the heads of some Kree soldiers. I’m cool with the beheadings but the look Jemma gives suggest that she is a little worried of what her fiance is doing.
  • Anyone else think that Coulson dying might be because of the deal he made with the Ghost Rider? Yo-Yo 2’s hints suggest this heavily.
  • Dove Cameron looks to be one of the main baddies for the back half of season 5 proving once again that you can’t trust anyone from the Disney Channel

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D returns from break on March 2 at 9 pm on ABC

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