‘Blindspot’ 3×05: Review: “This Profound Legacy”

Blindspot has blown our heads once again“This Profound Legacy” was so awesome! I don’t know how they do it, but every episode is an adventure and a roller coaster of emotions. The action and the emotional part find a perfect balance in an episode marked by Jane’s reaction to the revelation of her daughter and the discovery of secrets – especially Berlin – that have left us with a lump in our throat and with many questions in our head. Let’s analyze everything! Here we go !


This week’s case was intrinsically linked to Jane. Through some numbers on her spine, the team found a warehouse that contained a “rape kit” about 20 years old, that was yet to be examined – it’s not a priority, but it should be. Someone powerful is trying to prevent it, which is proven when some mercenaries try to burn the files. Kurt and Jane, however, manage to get out of there with the files they need.

The files takes them to Vanya and her mother Yasmine, who was raped by the king of Kazahrus. The king has just died and his brother Cyrus has taken power and is trying to kill Vanya, who is the legitimate king. The team finds them and, after convincing Vanya that they only want to protect them, they manage to take him to safety and take Yasmine to the hospital, since she is injured.

A former acquaintance, Weist comes back to help with the case, since he’s an expert. I still hate this character as much as the first day. More now that the first thing he does is laugh at Nas.

Cyrus’s men find Vanya and Yasmine in the hospital and attack them, Kurt and Jane manage to take them away, but the mercenaries find them and they barely manage to get out alive.

BLINDSPOT — “This Profound Legacy” Episode 305 — Pictured: (l-r) Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Alex Ozerov as Vanya — (Photo by David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

King Cyrus dies and, although Vanya doesn’t want to know anything about his father or govern his country, if he doesn’t accept to do so, the country and its people are in danger. Because of that, he acquiesces, because he wants to make people’s lives better and take this huge responsibility on. 

It was a case that dealt with really hard issues such as rape resulting in pregnancy, and doing what is right even if it is not what you want. This chaos has been the perfect driver for us to see Jane’s reaction to the matter of her daughter, and also for her to see reflected that in Vanya and Yasmine, making their true feelings come to light.

Also, I have to say that I really admire Vanya. He was courageous and responsible. He did the right thing, even if it wasn’t what he wanted for his life. And he faced it head on, without any fear. He made a mature decision and what he did deserves all our admiration and respect. In addition, I was touched to see how he took care of his mother and wanted to stay by her side, protect her as she had protected him.



Jane … my baby! I just wanted to hold her very tight throughout the episode. Tell her that everything will be fine. This week’s case has affected her deeply. It was a young man of the same age as her daughter in danger of death, and a mother giving everything to protect him, even when his conception was the work of a horrible and despicable act.

Jane sees herself and her daughter reflected in the case. She sees how the child’s mother protects him with everything, even at the cost of her own life. It is only natural for a mother. That child is her life and she will protect him, come hell or high water. Jane thinks about her daughter, she didn’t protect her, and she feels guilty, she feels guilty for that and for not being able to remember her.

The way in which Jane faces this discovery is very important. She first denies it, believes that it’s just one more lie, one more manipulation to make her suffer. But little by little she accepts that everything is a reality, then the guilt immediately arrives. The guilt for not remembering, the guilt for having been so “weak” and not having protected her. But she was a kid and she just couldn’t do it. She wasn’t trained for it.

After being convinced that everything is true, Jane immediately reflects on the case. Thinks of her daughter when she discovers those rape kits and is outraged – along with me – that 20 years have passed and they haven’t been reviewed. It’s inevitable to think that her daughter may be one of them, one of those thousands of girls who were raped and are only “rape kits” in some lost warehouse. What if that happened to her?

BLINDSPOT — “This Profound Legacy” Episode 305 — Pictured: (l-r) Aaron Abrams as Matthew Weitz, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Mary Stuart Masterson as Director Hirst — (Photo by David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

When they go into the case and see that teenager, it’s inevitable for her to think that her daughter is the same age. 18 years old. She sees that mother protect her son with her own life and Jane can’t help thinking that she should have done that.

She needs so many answers … she wants to meet her daughter, see who she is, how she is, just to make sure she’s okay. That she has a good life. But the case and what she’s living through makes her change her mind. She decides that her daughter is better without coming into her life, because she’d be bringing her into a world of many unknowns and few answers. She has seen first-hand what an intrusion can do in someone.

The main emotion for Jane in this is guilt. She doesn’t understand how she could forget something like that. She has remembered so many things that now seem unimportant compared to this … why not her daughter ? She feels that she should have known it in some corner of her mind, and it makes her feel a bad person not to have done it. But she isn’t to blame in that. Her memory was erased, Jane can’t control what she remembers and what she doesn’t.

And she also feels guilty for not being able to be there for her daughter. To fight for her. But in her situation she couldn’t either.

Jane is disgusted that Remi didn’t protect her daughter and that Jane didn’t remember her. It disgusts and embarrasses her. We see this throughout the whole episode especially when she confesses to Kurt or talks to Vanya and his mother, trying to comfort them. She, more than anyone, understands them.

However, Jane must overcome this. Overcome guilt and restlessness. She couldn’t do more, they are things beyond her control. And the key is now to try to repair that which is damaged in her past. Do things right, now.

Poor Jane … I wish I could hold her! It has broken my heart in this episode, her eyes were full of tears, she was shattered, fragile, broken. But Kurt was there to help her pick up the pieces. If Jane is something, is strong and she will overcome it.

Reade and Zapata

These two are going to kill me !. Zapata has gone head-on and confronted Reade about what she discovered upon seeing him with the State Department Agent. She’s waiting for an explanation. She knows that there must be something that explains everything. However, Reade surprises her and me by not wanting to tell her anything.

Tasha is shocked and angered by this – and by the derogatory comments and “punishment”  of paperwork – and I with her. Maybe Reade doesn’t owe Tasha an explanation as his boss, but he does owe her as a friend. She deserves it after all they have lived together, she deserves his sincerity. And, of course, she doesn’t deserve that kind of contempt from him.

My anger calms down a little when I get the amazing scene between Reade and Hirst. In it, we discover that Hirst knows everything that Reade is hiding and makes it clear that he can’t say anything to Zapata, he knows it and that is why he treated her the way he did. WHAT?! What are they hiding ? After what Patterson and Tasha’s investigation reveals, it’s understandable to think that everything is related and that Reade knows perfectly well that Hirst is covering up Stuart’s murder. Moreover, he defends and protects her against Tasha and Patterson. The latter already suspects that he’s involved in everything.

I was really not expecting this. I didn’t expect Hirst to be with Reade in this. What the hell are they hiding? Why are they doing it? What is so important that Reade can’t tell Tasha ? I know that, at least on his part, there is a good explanation for this and I can’t wait to know what it is.

BLINDSPOT — “This Profound Legacy” Episode 305 — Pictured: (l-r) Mary Stuart Masterson as Director Hirst, Rob Brown as Edgar Reade — (Photo by David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

Apart from this, I remember a scene in previous episodes where Hirst asks Reade if he’s hiding something. When I saw him in the car with the agent of the state department, I thought that’s what he was hiding. But now that it is known that Hirst is with him in that mystery, does Reade have another secret or was Hirst just checking that he wasn’t hiding anything ? Do you have any theory? Share, please!

The final scene between Tasha and Reade has given me LIFE. Reade can’t tell her anything about what he’s hiding, but he can’t leave things like that with her. He knows that he has treated her badly and that she doesn’t deserve it. He cares and can’t bear to have treated her that badly. So he apologizes to her, accepts the idiot he was and asks her to trust him.

I think this scene has a special meaning. Reade can’t bear to have treated her like that, to have hurt her. Like he can’t bear to be hiding something important. So he feels the need to apologize to her, to let her know that she is important. Very important to him.

Reade knows her and knows that she will not let the mystery run away. So he asks her to trust him. He is hiding something, but it is for a good reason and he needs to have her trust, her blind faith in this. He needs to know that she believes him even though she doesn’t really know anything, that she trusts him and what he is doing. Tasha is special and important to Reade, losing her confidence would be something he couldn’t bear. So he tries to assure her, without saying anything, that she can trust him, he would never betray her or the team.

And this … it’s beautiful! I look forward to the break between Reade and Megan and the “reunion” of Reade and Zapata. I need it now. These two are making the partridge dizzy and I just want them to kiss and let everything come out. Do you feel the same?

Tasha and Patterson

Girl power! Zapata and Patterson on fire ! I like it more and more that Blindspot has decided to promote female friendship on screen. In each episode we have a sample with these two characters. Their friendship and their trust is becoming stronger and more remarkable. I just need to add Jane to the mix so that everything is perfect.

This episode hasn’t been the exception to the rule, and Tasha and Patterson have realized that something wasn’t right with Reade when he tried to divert the attention of Patterson before the first real evidence they had of the Stuart’s murder. Between that and what had happened between him and Tasha before … something is not right. Therefore, they decide to investigate and say that they have found something on Stuart’s phone and discover that Reade has eliminated the false evidence immediately.

This leaves them surprised … and Tasha can’t believe it. Patterson investigates more and analyzing the way of writing of all discovers that, although Reade’s access was used, it was Hirst who did it. She deleted everything. They investigate her and realize that she knew Loewe, the businessman they recently arrested. She had a connection with him and didn’t mention it. They realize that she is manipulating cases because they point directly at her. They both tell Reade, but he doesn’t believe them.

And here I return to what I have begun to say to you before. OMG! I didn’t expect this at all, Blindspot has surprised me again! Why? What are Hirst and Reade hiding? It’s clear that they know or suspect why and who killed Stuart. But … why do they cover it up? I don’t think it was either of the them who killed him, but they are covering up something, maybe his murderer … but, of course, relevant information. I don’t think they have bad intentions but, then, why so much mystery? And … why did Hirst not say anything about her connection with Loewe?

BLINDSPOT — “This Profound Legacy” Episode 305 — Pictured: Mary Stewart Masterson as Director Hirst — (Photo by David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

I don’t suspect Reade in the sense that surely he’s hiding something but I think he does it for a good reason. But her … of her I don’t know what to think because Loewe’s thing is very suspicious but, at the same time, I know that Reade wouldn’t have been involved in a secret with her if he didn’t trust her. What do you think?.

In addition to this, I was struck by the attitude of Tasha and Patterson before the possibility that Reade was a traitor. Tasha trusts him at all times, even when the suspicions against him accumulate and he seems more guilty than innocent. She can’t believe it, as she says, he’s family.

However, Patterson has experience with “family” that proves not to be. Borden’s name inevitably comes to the fore. He was also family, she trusted him with a blind faith very similar to the one she now sees in Tasha with Reade. And he betrayed her. If she learned anything from that experience, is that she must have an open mind and be prepared to assimilate that one of them may be betraying them.

Patterson wouldn’t have thought so before, but the experience with Borden is very recent and has taught her to be more cautious about trusting blindly in someone. It’s not that she doesn’t trust, she doesn’t have secrets with Tasha in this matter, which shows that she does, only that she is more alert. And that is not bad but Patterson must be careful with this, not to let what she experienced with Borden make her lose her essence.

By the way, it has been impossible for me not to fangirl about seeing Tasha believing and trusting so blindly in Reade, despite the rudeness on his part and all the suspicions that were against him. It was only when Patterson assured her that she had not been mistaken that she has begun to distrust … and yet she has tried to talk to him.

It’s a pleasure to see Tasha and Patterson so close together. It’s an increasingly wonderful duo and complement each other perfectly. Also, I was delighted to see how Tasha admires Patterson and is truly amazed at her intelligence and resources. I want more of the two together!


Our favorite couple is so special and magical! I still die of love when I remember all their scenes in this episode.

Kurt supports at all times there, hugs her, listens to her, comforts her … and is overwhelmed by not being able to fix this for her. How no to love him? But there are some scenes that I highlight especially.

Kurt knows that she is affected and tries by all means to be there, although he doesn’t know exactly how to do it. He tells Patterson. She knows that everything that is happening not only affects Jane, and makes Kurt confess that sometimes he doesn’t know what to do, how to help her. Patterson advises him to be there for her, just listening to her. Jane just needs to feel his presence and support. What is happening can’t be fixed, and he can only be there. Kurt tells her that this is the problem, that he can’t fix it.

And here I want to stop for a moment. When I heard it I could only think “my baby suffers because he can’t make Jane stop having a bad time, he suffer because he can’t fix this for her and that’s what he wants most, so that she wouldn’t have a hard time and nothing would ever hurt her.” And I think a lot of what  he says  is precisely what I thought.

But that is not the whole reason. When I heard about Berlin, I think Kurt was also referring to that, because after everything that has happened, he can’t fix it. He can’t go back and not lie to her. Kurt is realizing that the roulette has started to spin and it’s a matter of time before Jane comes to know what happened in Berlin. And that will hit them. Hard. Kurt knows he can’t stop all this. Jane has discovered the secret about her daughter and will end up discovering everything. Kurt can’t fix this anymore, he can’t make the right decision and tell her everything. What happened can’t be fixed anymore.

BLINDSPOT — “This Profound Legacy” Episode 305 — Pictured: (l-r) Mary Stuart Masterson as Director Hirst, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller, Aaron Abrams as Matthew Weitz– (Photo by David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

Another moment that I think it is necessary to analyze is what Jane said at the beginning. When she found out that her daughter’s was real and was struggling to accept the fact that she forgot something so important about her life, she tells Kurt that she doesn’t need to relax. Jane needs the truth, she has finished with the manipulations, with the lies.

All of Jane’s life until Shepherd fell was marked by these two things. Shepherd manipulated her and Roman since childhood. And the lie was part of her daily life. Now Jane has another totally different life but is still discovering things from her past that give her the creeps, she doesn’t recognize herself in the person she was and with this she feels bad, feels guilty for not protecting her and also for not remembering her. For having forgotten her completely. And just … just want to move with the truth, forget the lies and manipulations. May her life as Jane be different and she needs this mystery of her daughter to be resolved. She need to get to the bottom of it all.

However, Jane tells all this to Kurt, but he is lying to her about what happened in Berlin and when she finds out it will be painful. Very painful because of all people, she doesn’t expect a lie, a betrayal of him and less of such magnitude. When she finds out, it will change everything. I don’t rule out that it breaks them … momentarily. I’m sure our babies will find their way back to the other. I have no doubt about it. But when Berlin explodes it’s going to be huge and I don’t think it leaves a puppet with a head.

And I like it! I’m sorry, but even though I’m going to suffer, I can’t stop myself from liking it, because this is going to make them stronger. The roles will change and if in season 1 it was Jane who hid secrets from Kurt and he who felt betrayed when he found out, this season will be the other way around. Kurt already knows what it is to hide something from the person he loves only because he want to protect her, he is living what Jane lived in season 1. And the same thing will happen to her, she will understand how Kurt felt when she heard about everything. They will find themselves in each other’s shoes. That will make them have a much deeper understanding of the other. And their trust, after this test, will be reinforced.

Although before all that … we will suffer a lot. Prepare my friends! Prepare and hold on tight because curves are coming our way!

The last scene that has seemed most important to me is the one they have lived in the locker room of the FBI. She’s sitting, destroyed … and with Kurt she has no secrets, so she tells him everything she is feeling. She didn’t protect her daughter, she did nothing for her. And Kurt points out a fact: she was also a kid, she was only 16 years old. But Jane responds with a very valid argument. He has a daughter and he wouldn’t let anything happen to her, he would protect her with his life. Kurt just hugs her and lets her cry on his shoulder.

I love how he supports her here. He is there for her, and tries to make her see that she couldn’t do more in that situation. I understand Jane, she just can’t believe that she didn’t protect her daughter, that she did nothing to keep her by her side and fight for her. But Kurt is right, she was another kid. And she was under the influence of Shepherd.

BLINDSPOT — “Gunplay Ricochet” Episode 304 — Pictured: (l-r) Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Eric Liebowitz/NBC/Warner Bros)

Jane didn’t have a childhood. Shepherd manipulated her. She and her organization was like a sect. They indoctrinated Jane and Roman to behave and think as she wanted. Maybe a 16-year-old girl would have fought more for her daughter despite being a girl, as did the woman in the case they are solving, but a girl as manipulated as Jane … a girl like that couldn’t do more and she isn’t to blame for that.

I think Jane looks at the situation as what it is now: an adult. She now can’t imagine not protecting her daughter, not fighting tooth and nail for her. Just like she can’t imagine Kurt not doing it. But there is the crux of the matter. They are both adults now. They can defend themselves and defend those they love. When everything happened, Jane was a kid. A teenager traumatized and manipulated by a monster. Now, at this moment, as Jane said, Kurt would protect Bethany but … what would he have done when he was 16? Protecting a little girl would have been impossible for him. Especially in Jane’s situation.

It’s normal for Jane to feel that guilty … but she has to realize that it’s not her fault. Nothing is. She was just a teenager and … she couldn’t do more. Now she can. As I told you last week, she has to accept her past and fix her “mistakes” now that she can.

The last scene between them is where Berlin is revealed – which we now analyze – and where Jane decides that her daughter is better off without knowing of her existence. I understand this attitude, she has seen during the case of the week how an unwanted father figure can alter the life of a child. How happiness, plans … everything can dissapear. Jane doesn’t want to do that to her daughter, doesn’t want to take happiness away from her daughter and upset her life forever. She prefers to remain happy without her in her life. Jane is protecting her the way she couldn’t when she was born.

However, she is also taking away from her daughter her right to decide whether to know her or not. She is deciding for her and, at the same time, she is also depriving herself of knowing her own daughter and being able to have her in her life. Be a family.

It is a complicated situation, what is better with these cases? A father or mother protects their children with everything, even if that means protecting them from themselves. But keep in mind that Jane’s daughter is already older and can decide for herself. She has the right to decide if she wants to meet Jane and enter her world with all its consequences or not. What would you do?


We already know what Berlin is about! MY HEAD HAS EXPLODED! Literally. But that’s Blindspot. You never know what to expect, this show always surprises you. When you have your own theories about what a secret can be, when they reveal it, your theories are nowhere close. That’s why we love this show so much.

Of all the things that I had imagined that Berlin could mean, I never thought it was this. Kurt met there with JANE’S DAUGHTER, while he was looking for her. The teenager was also looking for Jane. She knew Jane was her mother and not only did she know that, but also all the aliases she has, that is, presumably, she knows everything about Jane’s life. This means that she is supposed to know about Shepherd.

WHAT THE HELL?. I still can’t get over it. This changes the game. Kurt has been hiding  that Jane has a daughter. And when she found out, he kept on hiding that he met her and that she knows everything, knows who she is. Even when Jane told him that she thought it was better for her daughter to never know of her existence. This is going to explode … big time.

Also, how does this teenager know everything about Jane? I can only think that Roman has searched for her and told her everything. That fits with his plan, it would have stirred a part of Jane’s life that she had no idea about and had left her ready to explode and make her suffer at the right time. A part of this, who knows if he manipulated things so that she and Kurt were in Berlin and thus have not only something to blackmail Kurt but a bomb ready for Jeller, to make them separate.

This has left me crazy and with a thousand and one theories in my head about how this could have happened and its consequences. Has the same thing happened to you? Of course, Blindspot knows how to keep us glued to the couch for a whole week just trying to take on the things that happen. I LOVE THIS!.


Roman appears again. He calls Jane and mocks what happened with her daughter. He wants to do as much damage as possible and he gets it, but in the middle of all that he hums a song that makes Jane remember a moment with her daughter when she was a baby. She is humming the same song while caressing the little girl’s forehead. It’s a very cute scene.

It seems important to me what Jane tells Roman after that memory. She tells him “it’s true” and he answers “why would I lie, the truth is already painful in itself.” I think Jane had the hope or the idea that everything could be a manipulation, but to remember that moment with her daughter means that everything is true. Roman’s response is enlightening: I have, as we know, want to make your suffer at any price. But this time, I have not had anything but tell the truth. He knows that discovering that secret helps him in his mission, he does not need any artifice.


Apart from this, Roman explains a little to Jane how was the adoption situation. It seems that Shepherd was the one who decided what Jane was going to do with her baby. And Jane didn’t stop her, she couldn’t stop being a kid and, to try to get over it, she enlisted in the army.

It seems that what I told you ,that it was possible that Jane had not decided on her own will to give her daughter her adoption is confirmed. She didn’t have a word in that decision, neither voice nor vote. It was Shepherd who organized everything. And Jane was unable to say no … because she was a kid and didn’t know how to defend her daughter.

All this is true if we trust Roman’s word. As he mentioned, he doesn’t have to lie because the truth is already painful in itself. But … what if he has twisted the facts so that Jane feels guilty and suffers thinking that she couldn’t protect her daughter from Shepherd and Jane actually agreed with the adoption? I have that doubt, I guess we will solve it as the episodes advance.

At the end of the scene, Jane asks the team to trace the call. But Roman is one step ahead, he knows that Patterson is trying to track him down, but it’s a dead end. Roman knows how they work, how the team works. Therefore, he can anticipate their next moves and that is a disadvantage when it comes to a game as dangerous as Roman’s.

How will they catch him in this situation? I still believe that Roman can redeem himself. He just need to overcome the anger and focus on what is in the bottom of his heart. Recognize that his heart is broken because Jane didn’t choose him. Do you think that Roman can redeem himself or for you is beyond redemption ?


In conclusion, it has been another episode that has changed everything. As we are used to, the pace is frenetic and the action spectacular. But also, we have managed to delve into the secrets of the characters, and the episode has shown us the emotional side of each of the characters. Above all of Jane, we have been taught how she feels about her daughter’s revelation, how she faces it and the confusion of feelings that this provokes.

As always, Blindspot gives us a very well balanced episode between action and emotional part. Weaving everything into a perfect spider web to give us an episode where the pieces on the board fall back and reposition and where, as always, they leave us with more questions than answers. And with a desire for more. Many want more. In short, a brilliant episode.

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back next week with episode 3×06 “Adoring Suspect”. And here’s the promo for the next episode.


Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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