‘Blindspot’ 3×04 Review: “Gunplay Ricochet”

We are back for another week, Blindspot fans! After last week’s episode, it seemed impossible for Blindspot to give us an even better hour. But “Gunplay Ricochet” has achieved it! We have fallen in love with Jeller (again), we have felt tension with a frenetic pace, our heads have been blown with amazing twists and discoveries and there was a lot of action. So, let’s talk about it. Here we go!


This week Blindspot presented us with a case that was supposed to change everything. While Patterson and Zapata advance the case of the Stuart’s murder AKA “Coolfish,” we go into the case of one of Jane’s first tattoos, which connects with one of the new ones she has thanks to Roman.

The Team must stop a terrorist who threatens to put bombs on important Manhattan buildings in order to cause as many casualties as possible.

The investigation leads them to a letter written by a supposedly dead terrorist, addressed to his daughter. After questioning her, the team finds a way to catch him and they mount an operation. However, the terrorist doesn’t show but they catch Rossi, a criminal who is dedicated to making everyone who can pay for his services disappear.

Rossi has a connection with Jane, he knows her and it seems that he was very important in her life. Jane doesn’t remember him, but he does, he was like a father to her. The State Department demands the extradition of Rossi and, without him saying anything, they try to move him, but he escapes.


In spite of this, the team obtains a coded notebook where Rossi has important data from his clients. Patterson manages to decipher it and thus get a key clue to catch the terrorist.

They go to his house but he’s gone and there’s only one bomb. They manage to get out alive. Later, the investigation linked to Jane’s tattoo leads them to find out different points where the terrorist could have put a bomb. Only one – the one at the New York University – is real. The team goes there and they meet the terrorist. Zapata and Reade manage to neutralize him while Jane and Kurt do the same with the bomb. Saving the day and the world.

What a frenetic case! And so many suprises! It has been the perfect way to know a little more about Romi, to know her human side. At the same time, it has taken us to a character – Rossi – who reveals a key secret about Jane, changing everything in a second. In addition, we have also been introduced to a very suspicious state department agent … who connects directly with Reade.

This case has managed to keep us in tension throughout the episode while giving us new secrets and surprising twists. And, of course, it has also served to show us wonderful Jeller moments that have given the episode a magical and special touch. Bravo Blindspot!



Jane’s attitude throughout the episode has been quite interesting, curious and significant.

She has denied at all times, even to herself, that she had a connection with Rossi. It’s as if she’s reneging on Romi, she doesn’t want to remember those dark moments of her past. Rossi seems to have been very important in Romi’s life and vice versa. He seems to truly appreciate her. Jane doesn’t remember … and Rossi seems to guess why. I suppose it’s logical, knowing Shepherd and the manipulation that she exerted on Jane and Roman, it’s easy to imagine that the Jane’s memory loss has its cause in that manipulation.

However, despite that connection that Rossi and Romi had, Jane doesn’t ask about it, she doesn’t want to know more, as she would have before. In fact, when Rossi was telling her several memories about her that were valuable to him, Jane didn’t make any gesture, didn’t have any outside reaction, she continued with the interrogation.


Why? We have the answer in the words of Jane herself. She confesses to Kurt that she just wants to forget that part of her past, get over it. Everything in Romi’s life was pain and manipulation and she wants to start from scratch like Jane, forgetting her past. They just won’t let her. Something always reminds Romi and what she did when she was her. Jane tries to turn the page but it’s as if she were stuck.

All this has to do with what I said a few weeks ago: Jane has to find herself and know herself as Jane. But if her past as Romi always brings back bad memories, she can’t do it.

However, Jane is wrong to try to ignore her past. Jane is who she is right now precisely because of her past. We’re all who we are today because of our past. Our past forms an intrinsic part of us. Therefore, running away from it and avoiding it isn’t a good option. What Jane must do is confront it, accept it, learn from her mistakes and overcome it. Only then can she move forward and find herself as Jane, accepting that Romi was an essential part of the person she is today. With her good and bad parts, Romi helped her find her true path.

And now, let’s take care of the elephant in the room. I mean that last scene that CHANGES EVERYTHING. Jane has a daughter! OMG ! Did someone fall to the floor in surprise like me? I didn’t see that coming at all and this is Blindspot for you. It’s a show that surprises you at every step, when you think they can’t do it and you are prepared for everything, it leaves you with your mouth open.


I really couldn’t stop screaming in surprise. This really game changing. And many questions arise. Who is the father? I imagine Oscar, but I guess they will confirm it soon. Was the adoption made with Jane’s consent? Knowing Shepherd it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that she manipulated Jane to convince her to give her daughter up for adoption. What does this mean for Jeller? It’s a pretty surprising situation, but I think Kurt will be there supporting her at all times, just like Jane did with Allie’s pregnancy and then with Bethany. And what does it mean for Jane? I think she’s going to feel guilty in every way. She will feel guilty for not remembering anything about her daughter and she will feel that way because she couldn’t find and protect her.

What do you think of all this? I’m still recovering and tried to close my mouth because it has been left open from shock. Am I the only one this has happened to?

Of course, Blindspot knows how to surprise us. As announced, this’s game changing. I really want to see how they develop it!.

Zapata and Patterson

I love seeing these two wonderful women working together! Tasha and Zapata have been a perfect duo since the beginning of the episode.

Patterson was too focused on finding out more about the tattoo Stuart was investigating. This is how she is, she needs answers to the enigma, to know why. But Tasha knows her and knows that, apart from that, she also feels guilty. It’s logical to feel this way, to think that they could have done more. But Patterson must know that she isn’t guilty of anything. This is what Zapata tells her and gives her the distraction she needs by focusing on a new case.

Throughout the investigation of this case and also of “Coolfish” both work together, integrating themselves as the family and the partners that they are. It has been a pleasure to see this friendship, to see the rapport that both have and how they help each other, complementing each other as a wonderful tandem. In addition, we have clearly seen the concern they feel for each other and the way in which they know each other.

Apart from this, I liked that Patterson trusted Tasha so much to tell her everything she was investigating and finding out, even knowing that there could be a mole who was helping Roman, she shares that the moment of Stuart’s death was very suspicious … it had to be for something like that. She tells her all and together, in secret, they investigate it. This proves the full trust they feel for each other. Wonderful


Everything we have been discussing the last few weeks about how the show has improved in showing female friendship on screen is confirmed more and more. A clear example are the scenes of Tasha and Patterson in this episode. Good job, Blindspot!

By the way, extra points to Tasha and the Blindspot writers for the reaction to that “Darling!” that the policeman says to Zapata. Unfortunately, there are men like this, and they make me indignant and angry. Darling? Excuse me? Darling? Why? Do you know that woman? And why do you talk to her as if she can’t understand? She’s smarter than you and all your teammates together and she can kick your ass, idiot!

I’m sorry for this outburst, but these “men” bring out the worst in me. That’s why I LOVE the way Tasha reacts and Blindspot’s writing at this point. She asks defiantly “Did he just call me darling?” (“The idiot” is what is meant) as saying “if he says it again I kick his stupid ass”. And my reaction was: “Go Tasha, kick his asshole ass!” Deserved applause for Tasha and the writers.


Blindspot hasn’t spared any surprises this week and, apart from the one we took with Jane, they also reserved one for us with Reade.

From the beginning, when Reade was talking to the director, she sensed that he was hiding something. Roman is bringing everyone’s secrets to light. She wanted to know if Reade also had something he hadn’t told them, he’s the leader and has to be with the head in the mission, not protecting a secret. However, Reade’s reaction – trying to avoid answering – already foreshadowed that he also had his secrets.


This situation unites surprisingly with the investigation of Stuart’s murder and the discovery of Zapata and Patterson that someone at a high level was leaking information and helping Roman. Tasha and Reade were sending messages – fangirling about this! – and he lied by saying he was at home when she saw him getting into a car with the agent Zapata and Patterson suspect. WHAT THE HELL?!.

Of course, it seemed they knew each other, I don’t think this was a one time thing. And … why are they meeting? Why did they act as if they didn’t know each other in front of the team? I can’t imagine Reade helping Roman, at least not consciously or with bad intentions. This has to have an explanation but what is it? Does Reade have a secret with this agent that has nothing to do with the tattoos? Is he trying to gain his trust to find out more? This mystery is very attractive … do you have any theory ? I can’t wait to find out everything!.


Mother of God! Can Jeller be more perfect and wonderful together? The answer is no. This episode has given us a lot Jeller goodness. Bless you, Blindspot!

The first thing I want to talk about is that wedding video where everyone wishes the best to the couple. They are all beautiful, full of good wishes and truths that have connected directly with what we were seeing in the episode, with the moral that together they’re capable of overcoming everything and that they’re perfect for each other. But I’m left with three: Patterson’s speech for being funny and at the same time very tender, Jane’s for being the most beautiful thing that exists and Kurt’s, especially Kurt’s, for being so special and magical that he has emotional me to tears.

Jane brings out everything she has inside and talks about how that day is the best, everything is perfect. Her perfect life with the perfect man. It’s something she thought that she wouldn’t get … but there she is and she’s only grateful to have him in her life. Here Kurt interrupts and we have a very tender scene between the two where Kurt tells her that “he will never leave her out of sight,” they will always be together. And I melt completely.


But Kurt’s speech has left me speechless and into a sea of ​​tears. Has anyone been able to avoid crying when listening? I don’t think so. Phrases like “I can’t believe how lucky I am. I’m not good with words, maybe that’s why it took me so long to be with you. You’re my starting point and my end point, you’re my north.” And even Kurt’s voice breaks while he’s saying this. He’s emotional. Someone with a dry eye in the room? God, I can barely contain my tears as I write this.

Kurt, that’s why I love you! He is so hard, so … inaccessible. But Jane came and, with her, all his defenses go down, she got inside his heart. Jane is special, she is so special that Kurt still can’t believe that someone like her loves him and married him. In addition, Jane became his north, his anchor, the satellite he turns on, one of the most important people in his life. Kurt has never been a man to talk about his feelings, he isn’t good at it, but he managed to let Jane in and talk to her about what he felt, he got his girl, his endgame. It’s beautiful.

After we dry our tears, let’s talk about Jeller in the present. Jane doesn’t hesitate to be honest with him and tell him that Roman called her. She is determined not to hide anything from him so that Roman can’t separate them. Then Kurt remembers that he still has an important secret, something he hasn’t told her. Problems are coming … but Jeller will overcome everything.


Later, we see Kurt’s great concern about not finding Jane after the explosion and that voice of pure terror when he finds her on the floor without her reacting. It’s really harrowing, heartbreaking but also beautiful. Kurt was so scared, so terrified. He returns to relive his worst nightmare, he sees Jane again hurt, inert, almost dead … he thinks again that he has lost her. And if he lost Jane, he gets lost, that’s the way it is. Sullivan inflects the voice that pierces the heart, makes us feel his terror, his panic, his pain. It makes us tremble with fear along with Kurt.

Once she sees that Jane is fine, then he sees her getting ice and immediately the worry returns to make an appearance. He even offers to do what she needs. Kurt is an attentive and loving husband, I adore him for that. That’s when an interesting conversation between them takes place. We see how Jane doesn’t hesitate to tell him everything she feels, he talks about Remi, about her past, about everything she wants to forget. And Kurt is there to support her, to sustain her. He will always be there.


At a critical moment, both must deactivate a bomb – which transports us directly at the end of season 2 where they had to do the same – and they do it together, blending in perfectly, being aware that together they can overcome everything and also knowing that they could be at the end. That’s why they keep looking at each other, as if to memorize each other and try to make the last thing they saw be the other person.

At the end of the episode, Jane discovers that she has a daughter, which leaves both surprised and throws a new challenge for the couple. But I’m sure that together they can overcome it, Kurt will support her.

By the way, I can’t help myself, I fall in love with this couple every time I see them doing domestic life or just laughing in a meeting room. And I can’t forget to mention Jane’s bright smile when Kurt shows her the video of their wedding. I can’t love them more!


Roman is appearing little by little, at a few drops but every time he appears he makes himself noticed like nobody else.

He has also participated in the Jeller wedding video – he couldn’t miss his own sister’s wedding, right? – but his message is less promising than that of others. He touches all the sensitive fibers, revives the fears of both. For Jane, he has the message that she isn’t made for love. I think that deep down she has that fear, that she isn’t made to live as a couple and to have a “normal” life, that this isn’t for her.


As for Kurt, Roman tells him that his whole relationship with Jane is based on lies. This is a real sensibility, not only because of what happened with Sandstorm but also because Kurt has a huge secret AKA Berlin. Jane has told him that if they’re honest with each other, Roman will not be able to get between them … but Kurt isn’t being totally honest and he knows it.

Roman is aware of all this, of the deepest fears and weaknesses of both and is taking advantage of them to gradually undermine them. But he will not get it, Jeller will come out stronger than ever!.

In addition, Roman makes it clear that he will make them suffer and that they will not be able to do anything to stop him. It’s a clear threat. He thinks about punishing Jane for her “betrayal” so that she feels, as he himself mentions, “the same pain that he feels”. That’s what he wants, he wants to make Jane feel all the pain and anger he feels. Roman still feels that betrayal on Jane’s part and wants to make sure she regrets having chosen the FBI and Kurt before him. This is going to be hard!


Apart from this, Roman has made one more move in his plan. He has infiltrated a fundraiser to get to someone called Blake, and managed to put a tracker. What leaves us with the questions, who is this girl and why is Roman interested in her? There is still much to discover in this matter …

As they announced a few months ago, Blake is Roman’s love interest so we’ll see her on more occasions throughout the season. And I have to say that I liked the character a lot, she has an explosive chemistry with Luke, I have felt those sparks that jump with each look and have made us feel through the screen the attraction that the characters have for each other. In addition, Blake is charming, charismatic, fun and daring.

And, if that was not enough, it’s also smart. She immediately knew that something in Roman’s identity didn’t fit and he revealed a certain part of his life: his past full of bad actions. As I told you recently, a good lie should always carry something of truth in it. Roman had to reveal that he was not a good person so she wouldn’t suspect his bad intentions. I love this girl and I’m sure that they will give us very good moments.


In conclusion, it’s an episode that has changed everything, the pieces of the board were put in a certain way and, suddenly, the board has fallen to the ground along with the pieces. This episode has blown our heads. AWESOME. It had everything, amazing twists, lots of action, secrets discovered, connection with the past and also some wonderful Jeller scenes. Blindspot continues to do an excellent job balancing all the ingredients perfectly to give us a round episode.

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back on December 1, after Thanksgiving with episode 3×05 “This profound legacy”. I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy the day with all the people you love. And here’s the promo for the next episode.



Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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