‘Supernatural’ 13×06 Review: Tombstone

Supernatural’s “Tombstone” saw Team Free Will reuniting, Dean letting out his inner fanboy, and Jack making a mistake in his eagerness to help the Winchesters.

Our nougat loving Nephilim has enough angst in him to most certainly be part of this Hunter family. And like Sam, Dean, Castiel, he needs to be protected from all those that would wish harm upon him. Even if it’s from his own thoughts and angst.

So without further ado let’s discuss Supernatural‘s “Tombstone”!

Jack, The Eager Junior Hunter


Every hero goes through what Jack is experiencing right now. They make one mistake in their eagerness to help, fight, and stand side by side with their comrades, that they end up losing an innocent life.

Like Castiel said, the pain of doing this never goes away. But you’re left with an understanding that everyone makes mistakes and that this doesn’t define you. What you do afterwards does that. Jack left because he didn’t know that, even after Cas and Sam spoke to him.

Even though Dean has changed his mind on Jack’s evil status, he’s taking the security guard’s death and Dean’s previous words to heart. He’s come to a decision that maybe he is a monster and maybe he needs to take a step back before he hurts the only people that have cared for him.

It’s a twisted logic that unfortunately makes sense and makes him even more a member of this family.

There’s Nothing Sweeter Than Fanboy Dean


After the angsty and downtrodden Dean that we’ve been dealing with for 5 episodes, this fanboy version of himself felt like a breath of fresh air. (I know, sounds cheesy. But wasn’t Dean’s love for cowboys and gunslingers cheesy? That’s what fangirling is about!)

We were reminded of the fun, loving, grumpy, and entertaining Dean that peeks out when he’s not a ball of angst. Sure he’ll always be dealing with the supernatural. It’s part of his life. But small moments like this where he fangirls out over cowboys shows that the light hasn’t been snuffed out for him.

A lot of the Dean that we saw in this episode was because of Castiel. He’s lost so much in his life and having his friend back in it means that he can breathe a little easier and let go of some of the pain he’s been stewing in. And that’s great for Dean because this is when healing starts and he contemplates weather saving his mother is a fool’s errand or reality.

Jack was able to bring Castiel back into his life. Who’s to say he can’t bring Mary back too?

Jack’s Power in The Hands of Heaven and Hell


With each episode that passes I begin to understand more and more on why everyone wants to get their hands on Jack. He is a well of endless possibilities and his access to the darkness that Castiel was in could open the doorway for long dead angels and demons returning two Supernatural.

Just imagine that, all of the angels and demons that Sam and Dean have fought and destroyed in their life’s mission to protect the world, could have a chance to return and cause more havoc.And this will only come true if Heaven or Hell get their hands on Jack.

Even if either side got to Jack while he’s in pain and alone in the world, he still has the Winchesters with him. Their lessons and everything that he’s picked up from them along the way are going to guide him when everything seems like it’s going to fall apart.

Jack is a good man and he will decide what to do with his powers and future. The angels and demons can continue to fight until they’re blue in the face, but Jack’s mother believes in him and the good that he could bring into this world. Castiel believes in him. Sam believes in him. And even Dean, with his misplaced anger, has come to a place where he believes in Jack.

That’s what matters!

So bring it on Heaven and Hell! Jack is not alone. He’s got family and family doesn’t leave you behind even when you run out on them.

Favorite Scene from Supernatural’s “Tombstone”:

The continuity is beautiful.


2nd Favorite Scene Because Why Pick One?!

Our nougat son is too precious for this world!


Check out the trailer for next week’s Supernatural titled “War of the Worlds”:

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