‘Supernatural’ 13×01 Review: Lost and Found

Supernatural returns for it’s 13th season in ‘Lost and Found’ with a naked newborn who somehow ended up being an adult 2.5 seconds after birth, angry Winchester’s who are grieving the loss of their loved ones in different ways, and angels who are even bigger assholes than we imagined.

Let’s talk Supernatural’s ‘Lost and Found’!

Different Ways of Grieving


Supernatural did an outstanding job in showing that there are different ways to grieve and that one way is just as valid as the other. Dean’s first reaction was to cling onto his anger. He saw Jack as the reason why he lost Mary and Castiel. And instead of facing that pain he decided to do what he knows best, hunt things.

Sam on the other hand decided to cling to the love that he has for Mary and the fact that their lives are remarkably impossible. They’ve defeated death so many times and come out the winners that he thinks that they can fix this. He’s not grieving because to him they are not truly gone. And with Jack in their custody now he believes they’re one step closer to getting back their family.

Even though Sam and Dean don’t quite agree with what they should do next, they have each other’s backs. They’ve learned what it costs to be fighting this war alone and Jack is way too important to let their grief separate them. So going forward it’s going to be messy. The boys are going to multitask between their grief and protecting Jack from people who want to use him to their advantage.

There will be pain. There will be a lot of moments full of feels and Winchester bonding. But then again, when has this show not had that? And wouldn’t it not be Supernatural if it didn’t?

I Kind of Don’t Hate Jack


After the events of last season I was ready to hate Jack. I didn’t particularly enjoy the way he was conceived and how Castiel was pulled in by him and Kelly. I was ready to write him off. I’m glad I didn’t.

Jack might be all-powerful and he might scare the hell out of a lot of people, but he’s just a kid. In many ways he reminds me of Castiel when he first arrived on Earth and in the Winchesters lives. He had great power and an understanding of how the world worked but not how to live in it and what it meant to be alive.

This season it’s going to be a battle of nature versus nurture. Running through his veins is the power and blood of one of the most evil angels and the one who caused the Winchesters the most pain. But he’s also human. He has a piece of Kelly inside of him that loved him and wanted him to be better than his father or what people expected of him.

I’m willing to give him a chance and see where it goes. Plus I’ve got a feeling that anyone who enjoyed nougat and grinned like a fool while eating it, can’t be as evil as everyone thinks he is. He’s an innocent who deserves his best chance. And with the Winchesters by his side, even if Dean is ready to write him off as evil, I think he’ll surprise everyone.

Angels Are a Bunch of Assholes


If there’s anything I’ve learned from Supernatural it’s that it’s not what it seems. Those angelic, just, and honorable depictions of God’s children are a lie. Angels are a bunch of assholes who have somehow elevated their assholery in ‘Lost and Found.’

They are so determined to gain control or kill Jack that they don’t care what they have to do. The angel who dared to call Dean a destructive roommate called ‘Becky,’ stabbed an innocent human and tried to kill Jack without a moment’s hesitation. They’ve really gone off the deep end and have shown the Winchesters that Jack is an even bigger player in the upcoming battle.

I’m afraid of what comes next. I’m afraid of what hell and the demons are willing to do if the angels are okay with hurting and possibly killing humans. And I’m afraid about what’s coming for the Winchesters and the sacrifices they will have to make to keep the world safe like they always do.

I’m afraid.

Additional Thoughts:

  1. I will never be ok with the look that Dean gave Castiel’s body…*whimper* I have no words to describe the pain Dean, Sam, and the viewers are going through. *cries in corner*
  2. I love how Dean prayed for Crowley to return as well. He’s been a staple of this show for a very long time and it saddens me that he’s not coming back because the actor has decided he doesn’t want to come back. Rest in peace Crowley. There will never be a king of hell quite like you.
  3. No matter how small the role, everyone that comes into the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester matters and are written in such a way where they are memorable. Other shows can take a page out of this shows ability to make side/background characters matter. They flesh them out and it makes this show even richer.
  4. We definitely need a behind-the-scenes clip of Sam and Dean being attacked by Jack. They were floating in the air and probably had such a good time being harnessed.
  5. I knew that Lucifer wasn’t going to kill Mary. I don’t think they’re going to become Bosom Buddies but a bond is going to grow between them born out of hate and an understanding that they need each other to survive.

Favorite Scene from ‘Lost and Found’:

Dean begged. I have no doubt that God was listening. He just chose to ignore Dean. It’s just further proof that God is a coward who can’t face that his creations and children are out of control.


Check out the trailer for next week’s Supernatural titled ‘The Rising Son’:

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/9c on The CW.

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