‘Supernatural’ 13×07 Review: War of the Worlds

Supernatural “War of the Worlds” had less war and more set up for what Michael is to do if he steps into our world and takes over this paradise. We didn’t see Jack for a second *sob* and only briefly heard about him in the plans of others who want to use him. But we did get back the deplorable Arthur Ketch and motor mouth goober who we miss, Kevin Tran. We’re definitely happy for the latter and not so much for the former.

Let’s dive into Supernatural’s “War of the Worlds”!

The Winchesters (Including Honorary Member Cas) Will Find Jack


Even though this episode didn’t spend a lot of time on finding our nougat son Jack, they did set up some background story about the angels and demons hunting Jack. It also cleared up why the angels want Jack. We all know that the demons want his power for destruction and for superiority. But the angels want Jack to create more angels. Their numbers are dwindling and actual fear has set into them that they might become extinct. *plays tiny violin*

Everyone continues to think that Jack is just a useful little battery that they can use to their hearts desire. They don’t stop to think that Jack is a person who feels love, anger, happiness, and a whole bunch of other emotions. He’s a real person who just happens to have the power to change the course of history. But you can’t force Jack to do what you want. All that will do is make Jack rebel and fight against those trying to subdue him.

Jack has a choice. And with Sam’s kindness and understanding, Dean’s strength and unshakable will to fight for those he cares about, and Castiel’s promise to protect the nephilim, he’ll have that chioce.

Castiel and Lucifer Team Up?


Watching Lucifer sit down with Castiel to talk about saving the world was trippy as hell. Lucifer, the great evil that has been plaguing us and the Winchesters for seasonssssss is suddenly sitting across from an honorary Winchester and talking about saving the world from the evil coming for this world aka Michael. Also, both are fallen angels, wearing tan coats while talking about saving the world and their son Jack. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Do I think Michael is still an evil douche? Yes. A creature like him finds it very difficult to change his stripes. But I think something has changed in him. He knows that the odds are stacked against him when it comes to Michael. And no matter how much he’s fucked up this world, it’s his home. If there’s anyone that’s going to rule it, it’s going to be him.

Additionally we have to contemplate what having a child has done for Lucifer. They always say that having kids changes people. For an angel like Lucifer, with daddy issues as far as the eye can see, will try to do better by his son. He’ll listen, protect, and when it comes down to it and he finally meets the nougatness that is Jack, he won’t turn his back on him like his father did to him. That’s what happens when you have a kid and strive to never do what your father did to you.

As for Castiel, he’s got a right to be cautious and roll his eyes at his brother WHO KILLED HIM. Lucifer is…well, Lucifer; evil incarnate and all that jazz. But Jack cares for Castiel. If Lucifer  wants to stay in the good graces of his son or even get into them after the Winchesters told him how evil Lucifer was, he’ll let Castiel and the Winchesters live. He’ll help, he’ll grow as a character, and he might actually do some good in this world to help the Winchesters & Co.

Yes to Kevin, No to Ketch


Every season is another opportunity for Supernatural to bring back someone long thought dead. It only took us til episode 7 for that to happen. Kevin Tran and Arthur Ketch returned in promising story arcs that will have them in more than one episode or 15 seconds like when God brought Kevin back from the Veil and sent him to Heaven.

I’m happy to see Kevin. He seems to be more spastic than ever and his mouth and mind run at 100mph. It’s Kevin and I didn’t realize how much I missed him until this moment. This isn’t the same prophet from before and his history with the Winchesters is non-existent. But it could be. He could come back to the Winchesters world and have a second second chance at living the life he deserved before angels and demons.

And then there’s Ketch. I should’ve seen it coming but I didn’t. I was naive enough to think that this evil and conniving bastard wouldn’t have a backup plan in place just in case things went south. I wanted to believe in Sammy because he’s an amazing goober who sees the best in people. But I’m glad he had Dean with him to balance him out and watch out for the assholes that would take Sam’s kindness and twist it against him.

I don’t think Ketch has decided to help Asmodeus because he’s hell bent on destroying the Winchesters. That’s just a side benefit. His aspirations are bigger. He wants to charge up the spell that allows him to come back from the dead and find a way to help Mary return to her boys. He’s an evil bastard but he’s an evil bastard who cares for Mary in his own twisted way. For now I’ll let him be. If he helps to bring back Mary, great.

The Winchesters can still kill him afterwards.

Favorite Scene from Supernatural’s “War of the Worlds”:

Lucifer will forever be the 2017 mood.


Check out the trailer for next week’s Supernatural titled “The Scorpion and the Frog”:

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