‘Supernatural’ 13×02 Review: The Rising Son

Supernatural’s “The Rising Son” finally cleared up why Sam is so adamant to protect Jack, in my eyes at least. We also saw Jack’s innocence. He’s just a boy who needs guidance as he comes into his powers and as Heaven and Hell fight to influence him. And even though Dean has reverted back to the season one version of himself, Jack is in good hands and will probably end up surprising everyone with the kind of man he becomes.

So without further Ado let’s talk about Supernatural’s “The Rising Son”!

Why Sam Wants to Save Jack


Sam feels the need to protect Jack because he sees himself inside of the Nephilim. Once upon a time, 45 seasons ago, Sam was destined to be evil. It seemed inevitable and that his fate was sealed by the Yellow Eyed Demon and then by Lucifer. His brother and his never-ending need to protect him pulled him back and saved him.

Now it’s Sam’s turn to save somebody else from a similar fate.

This is also why it hurts so much that Dean has already put Jack in the “evil” box. Logically he knows his brother loves him to death, literally a couple times. But a small part of him questions how Dean actually feels about him. Did his brother think, at one point or another, that he was a complete monster that had no chance of being good?

From the outside looking in this seems a little bit ridiculous. They’re the Winchesters and they’ve died plenty of times for the other. But Sam’s connection to Jack is making him think twice and wonder if if his brother ever held such hate for him or certainty that he was evil. And at the end of the day Sam wants Dean to give Jack a chance like Dean gave Sam all those years ago.

If Dean is ready to step up to the plate and do that then Sam is more than willing to.

Jack is NOT Evil


Jack it’s just a nephilim. He’s a kid, a young man. He’s brand-spanking-new and needs guidance like any other person in this world. And with Sam and Dean at his side he has a fighting chance. Sam believes in him more than Dean does but we all know that the latter eventually cracks and protects you till his dying breath.

I spent the entire episode watching Jack’s mannerisms and wondering how people couldn’t fall in love with his adorableness. He tried to copy Dean and learn from him, down to putting his feet up on the table. He devoured that burger like it was going to disappear in the next couple seconds, like Castiel did all those seasons ago. And there’s no way anyone could be mad at him or claim he was evil after Jack solved the question on how he would get to the other side of that door.

Keeping all of this in mind, my heart broke when he told Sam that maybe he wasn’t worth the effort. He’s starting to understand what he is, why so many people fear him, and why Dean hates him. Someone truly evil wouldn’t make a statement like that or blink someone out of existence because he was protecting his guardians/friends. And even though I believe nature’s a big part of who we are, nurture can’t be discounted.

Jack has a chance with the Winchesters. They can guide him and teach him what it means to have understanding, empathy, and kindness towards your fellow man. And even though I’d like Dean to believe in him a little more, he’s got Sam by his side and that’s good enough for now. That gentle giant/moose will give him his best chance.

Dean Reverting Back to Season One Version of Himself


After everything that they’ve been through it’s kind of shocking to see Dean revert back to the man he was in season one. That man didn’t think that the supernatural had a chance. That man thought everything was black and white and that there weren’t any greys. That man is something that I thought we were past.

Losing Mary and Castiel has made him go back to what he knows best and what protected him from the pain of loss all those years ago. But he isn’t that man anymore and the sooner he realizes that the better. He has grown so much and seen how crazy and diverse this world is. Reverting back to the man that he was during season one does a disservice to the man he’s become over 13 seasons and the people that have influenced him along the way.

Right now he’s focusing on Jack because he doesn’t want to face who he’s lost and that this nephilim reminds him of the angel he lost. I get it. This anger is easy. But it won’t last long. He’ll break. And when he does the pain will be so overwhelming and all-encompassing that’ll it’ll take him a bit to get back on his feet. Good thing he has his brother by his side and a Nephilim that is learning how the world works from him.

That might not seem like enough for others but for Dean Winchester it’s plenty.

Additional Thoughts:

1. I really liked the foreshadowing of the Scooby Doo episode that’s coming our way.
2. Mary and Lucifer are having the most twisted and entertaining buddy movie where they travel across a AU version of their world. I need more of it. I also need more of Mary sassing Lucifer. He’s too full of himself.
3. I loved the new Prince of Hell in all his white. It’s kind of a fuck you to innocence, heaven, and lore that only the good guys wear white.

Favorite Scene from Supernatural’s “The Rising Son”:

Bonus Goodness That You Must See:

Check out the trailer for next week’s Supernatural titled “Patience”:

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