‘Supernatural’ 13×08 Review: The Scorpion and the Frog

Supernatural’s “The Scorpion and the Frog” introduced us to the weird/relatable Alice and showed how far Sam & Dean are willing to go to find Jack. This episode also reminded us of how far this show has come since Dean’s time in hell and how we’ll never hear Crowley call Sam & Dean rude names.

Let’s talk Supernatural’s “The Scorpion and the Frog”!

Dear Alice, Please Come Back

‘Supernatural’ 13×08 Review: The Scorpion and the Frog

Supernatural has a unique talent when it comes to guest stars. They are not flat characters who float away from our minds when they’re not on screen anymore. Instead Supernatural fleshes them out in interesting, funny, and memorable ways. They have their own backstory, quirks, and are essential in what’s happening in the story instead of being spare parts.

Part of me attributes this to Supernatural writers being cruel creators who want to kill us with feels when these amazing side characters die. The other side of me believes that Supernatural understands that the world around Sam and Dean is just as important as the main characters of the show. This ends up making this one hour show about brothers fighting whatever supernatural things come their way, into a rich tapestry full of complex and diverse people.

I loved Alice from the very first moment that I saw her. We know who the Winchesters are and maybe she did too, but Alice didn’t give a shit when she first saw them. She was cool, calm, and collected. And even when shit hit the fan, the fire inside of her didn’t flicker out. She ran because she was scared but she returned because she was brave. And at the end of it she faced her demons and came out stronger for it.

I’m immensely happy that she survived this episode and is still somewhere out there. My hope, and the hope of other fans, is that she appears in Wayward Sisters, the Supernatural spin-off. I think she would be an amazing addition to the team because of her willingness to try and sweet bank vault opening skills. I’m not sure when Jodie or her girls would get into a situation where they need to open a vault but it’s always best to be prepared.

What the Winchesters Will Do to Find Jack

‘Supernatural’ 13×08 Review: The Scorpion and the Frog

The Winchesters took a really big risk in joining Bart’s heist. And as expected things went crazy and they had to improvise. But this episode and everything that they did to get to the point where they have half of the Nephilim spell, shows their willingness to give someone a second chance. That someone being Jack.

Now let me clarify and say that things aren’t perfect. Dean wants to believe that Jack will do the right thing. How couldn’t he after Jack brought back Castiel? But time and distance is making Dean wary. Every moment that passes he wonders if someone else got to the Jack first and what destruction he could cause if influenced. This indecision or doubt in Dean’s mind makes his character more believable and sticks to the kind of person that Dean is.

Sam didn’t do much in this episode when it comes to character development. And that’s not a bad thing. Sam was consistent in this episode and sometimes characters end up having filler moments where they continue being who they are despite the situations that come at them. Sam was supportive, a badass, and dedicated to doing whatever he had to to find Jack. He believes nurture win’s over nature when it comes to this innocent Nephilim.

Dean in Hell & Crowley

‘Supernatural’ 13×08 Review: The Scorpion and the Frog

Am I the only one who teared up when we saw a flashback of Dean in hell? I know that it’s been a really really long time but that sort of event leaves a scar on you. It left a scar on Dean that he can never erase. And it scarred us.

When Dean went to hell it changed him as a hunter and it changed the way that we view the consequences on the show. There wasn’t a quick fix for this and you could tell in the desperation in Dean’s voice when he was calling out to Sam, that he was out of options and scared. That last part is the most heartbreaking because Dean is so damn strong. And to be reminded of one of his most painful moments just brings up all those feelings once more.

And then there’s Crowley.

Maybe I was deluding myself into thinking that maybe Crowley would come back. Sadly, he’s not coming back. Mark Sheppard’s time on the show is done and facing off with the new head crossroads demon reminded me of how far Crowley’s come and how we’ll never hear him call Sam or Dean, “moose” and “squirrel” again. *sobs in flashback feels*

While it’s sad to be reminded of what has passed when it comes to the pain Dean or Sam have endured or the people that they’ve lost, it’s nice to be reminded that this show is a creative powerhouse that isn’t slowing down. If anything, I think Supernatural is getting bigger and more creative by the season.

They’re going to outlast us all!

Favorite Scene from Supernatural’s “The Scorpion and the Frog”:


Check out the trailer for next week’s mid-season of Supernatural titled “The Bad Place”:

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