‘Blindspot’: This Profound Legacy Sneak Peeks

After the little break for Thanksgiving, our favorite show returns! A new Blindspot episode airs tonight! As an appetizer of what awaits us in what seems to be a spectacular episode, here are three sneak peeks of “This Profound Legacy” that show quite significant and important situations. Here we go!.



Something interesting happens in this first sneak peek. Reade is trying to take down the clue that Patterson has found about the case and Tasha defends her – I’m here for this! -Both find Reade’s attitude suspicious, they know something isn’t right. It’s strange that he wants to “boycott” the clues. Why is he doing that? Will it have something to do with what we discovered about him in the previous episode? I can’t wait to find out!



In the second Sneak peek, Roman appears again. He calls Jane and mocks what happened with her daughter. He wants to do her as much damage as possible, but in the middle of all that he hums a song that makes Jane remember a moment with her daughter when she was a baby. She is humming the same song while caressing the little girl’s forehead. It’s a very cute scene.

What Jane tells Roman after that memory is important. She says to him “it’s true” and he answers “why would I lie, the truth is already painful in itself.” I think Jane had the hope or the idea that everything could be a manipulation, but remembering that moment with her daughter she knows that everything is true. Roman’s response is enlightening. He, as we know, wants to make her suffer at any price. But this time, he hasn’t had to do anything but tell the truth. He knows that discovering that secret helps him in his mission, he doesn’t need any artifice.

At the end of the sneak peek, Jane asks the team to trace the call. Will they get it? I think it’s not going to take them anywhere. Roman will be ahead of that possibility … this is getting more and more interesting!



Jane and Kurt are recording what looks like a warehouse and find videos that prove sexual assaults on children … 20 years ago. As Tasha says, it’s not a priority – although it should be. It seems that this proof is finally going to be examined, but someone is trying to prevent it. Someone with power may be involved in the abuse.

The case is quite significant because it deeply affects both Jane and Reade. She’s thinking about her daughter when she discovers the proof. It’s totally understandable that she imagines that something like this could happen to her and she is horrified at the thought of it. When you have children, these horrible cases affect you in a special way.

And Reade, as far as we know, he himself suffered those abuses so this will bring back painful memories.

Are you as keen as we are to see a new Blindspot episode? Do you like the sneak peeks?. Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC

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