‘American Gods’: Bryan Fuller and Michael Green Exit as Showrunners

American Gods showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green have exited the show according to Deadline. They informed the cast yesterday of their departure.

Fuller and Green were the masterminds behind the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel. The Starz series garnered a season 2 renewal early on it’s premiere season. While the search for a new showrunner is currently happening, we can breath a sigh of relief at the fact that about half of the scripts for season 2, premiering mid-2018, have already been written and that Neil Gaiman will possibly be returning as co-showrunner when not working on his other series Good Omens for Amazon.

Reasons for Fuller and Green leaving the show vary. Some theorize that it had to do with creative differences and the direction that the show would be going in. Others believe it had to do with the series budget being slashed for season 2. While others believe that the departure had to do with the showrunners simply being busy with other projects.

Fuller is currently working on a series reboot of Amazing Stories for Apple and Green is writing the sequel to Murder on the Orient Express, whose first part is currently in theaters now.

Whatever the reason for the split may be, we’re glad to have seen and experienced Fuller and Green’s vision of the acclaimed novel and are looking forward to what comes next in season 2.

American Gods has been renewed for season 2.

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