911? Yes, I’d like to report a crime. Bilquis, Mr. Nancy, and Mr. Ibis have stolen the show on American Gods and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same! *listens to operator* Of course this is serious and important police business. “The Greatest Story Ever Told” had three peopleRead More →


American Gods, the hit Starz show in its second season, will be coming back for a third round! Starz has confirmed that the series will be returning for a third season with a new show-runner. Charles ‘Chic’ Eglee, our newest addition to the American Gods family, is best known forRead More →

Starz announced through their American Gods twitter that the show has started production and is set to return in 2019. After much speculation about the direction of the show, especially after the departure of the EP’s and key actors, it finally feels like we can breath just a bit easier.Read More →

To watch Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously is to fall in love with Neil Gaiman, be it for the first time, for the eleventh, or for the fortieth. Mostly because to know Neil Gaiman is to love him, but also because you can tell, from the first minute, that this isRead More →

Starz’s American Gods has added two new deities. On Wednesday, the network announced that Orlando Jones has been cast as Mr. Nancy in the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel, American Gods. Mr. Nancy, the old African trickster god more commonly known as Anansi, is one of Mr. Wednesday’s (IanRead More →

We’re trying to keep our cool here. We’re trying really hard. We’re just failing at it. Because ‘American Gods’ is coming, and we here at Fangirlish couldn’t be more excited about it. The long awaited adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed contemporary fantasy novel has now officially begun production. Shooting hasRead More →

We were technically over the moon about this when they first announced it. And then, we got even more excited when Ricky Whittle was cast. And then Ian McShane. And Emily Browning. Basically, we thought we couldn’t be more ready for “American Gods.” Turns out we were wrong. Starz and FremantleMedia NorthRead More →