‘American Gods’: Gillian Anderson Confirms She Won’t Be Returning

Take a deep breath and hold my hand, fans of Gillian Anderson’s portrayal as Media on Starz’s American Gods. Our goddess and queen will not be returning when American Gods returns for a second season.

As if the news that she wasn’t returning to The X-Files weren’t enough, we get hit with this blow. According to the LA Times, her departure is connected to the departure of executive producers Bryan Fuller and Michael Green. They departed from the series last year after rumored creative differences and reported budget cuts.

Tied up into all these rumors is talk that Kristin Chenoweth, who plays Easter, might not return to American Gods from VarietyShe came on board because of the EP’s and their departure and the uncertainty of what comes next, would leave anyone on edge. And with the chemistry that Chenoweth has with the lead Ricky Whittle, who plays Shadow, it would be an even bigger loss to American Gods.

There’s no word on where American Gods goes next but it seems like Starz is struggling to keep this gem alive and going. Crossing fingers that things take a turn and this Neil Gaiman adaptation survives.

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