‘Agents of SHIELD’ 5×06 Review: “Fun and Games”

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One thing that I’ve complained about this season is that the whole team haven’t been in a episode together. It’s made the season feel a little empty so far. Well, with “Fun and Games,”  Agents of SHIELD is fully back to the show we all know and love. With plenty of slices of action, heart, humor and yes….we got our FitzSimmons back together. And a nice sweet cherry on top too.

But more on that in a little bit. Let us focus first on the story of someone new we meet in this episode. A kid….well a inhuman kid by the name of Flint. His story intertwines with our team’s story. This gives a few much welcomed moments and one moment that was very disappointing.


I’m usually weary of new characters introduced on here (Looking at you Deke) but from the moment we meet Flint as he goes through his daily routine of trading and bargaining, I really dug him. He has what’s been missing from every other character we’ve met this season – a smile. Seeing Flint not have a permanent scowl on his face is so refreshing. This doesn’t last as he is chosen to go through the inhuman ritual (Teri-genesis). The lad looks to be a goner but thanks to our resident speedster Yo-Yo, Flint is saved and now powered.

This leads to two more things I enjoyed tied into Flint’s storyline here. First, Yo-Yo’s mentoring and befriending of him. I’ve loved Yo-Yo this season and seeing her bond with Flint by talking about how her powers first manifested was a highlight of the episode.

The other thing happens after the team and Flint are caught talking about his new Inhuman powers by Grill. Grill goes full evil villain mode and this is when Flint’s powers start to kick in. (Remember it’s usually moments of very high stress when a hero’s powers kick in). It starts with a few but eventually Flint is able to form a giant rock to squash Grill. What a enjoyable moment and couldn’t happen to a worse dude.

Now to the part of the story I hated and that was the pointless and useless: killing of Tess as she’s found hung by Kree soldiers with a note telling them to bring the inhuman to them. I hate this so much, as not just does it once again fridge a female character just so a male character can feel pain (Which, in this case may only be minutes before she’s forgotten) but also I was starting to like Tess. Way, way more than I do Deke who was nowhere to be spotted in this episode, thankfully.

It just feels like a lazy way to raise the stakes in Flint’s story. Tess’s murder didn’t need to be done. Why not just have her be kidnapped? This just feels like a waste of a potentially good character and I hope they don’t do the same to Flint.

Okay now that I got to vent, let me get to the part of the show most of us enjoyed I believe.


FitzSimmons was back last night and it felt like a warm blanket on a cold wintry night how good it felt. So Fitz as his Marauder alter-ego is very adapt in his ability to blend in with the scum and villainy of Kasius’s evil buddies. Either making demands or showing up Kasius by denying his slug dinner, the impact of the Framework to Fitz have not gone away just quite. But all of that pretense goes right away from Fitz’s face and voice as soon as he sees Jemma.

Fitz sees Jemma and goes to speak with her and opens up in one of the most beautiful speeches you will see.

“I’ve missed you so much. I spent 6 months locked up in an off-the-books military prison , not to mention 80 years frozen in space, all just hoping to find you. And here you are…… You know , I realized something : The Universe can’t stop us, because we have crossed galaxies, we have traveled through time, we survived the bottom of the Atlantic just so we could be together. And a love like that is stronger than any curse. You and I, we are unstoppable together. I don’t want to live another day without you. Jemma Simmons, will you marry me?”

Oh the feels.

Such a wonderful moment can’t be perfect though because this is Agents of SHIELD so Jemma didn’t hear a word of that as her hearing device is still off thanks to Kasius. Hate you so much, blue boy.

The device gets turned off later at Fitz’s demand and another instance of them about to talk is stopped thanks to a few people. While this is happening, Simmons is trying to focus on saving Daisy from her upcoming battle to death. It’s nice to showcase these little moments between characters and what better than to highlight the friendship of Daisy and Jemma.

So, the big fight takes place between Daisy and Kasius’s second in command Sinara (thanks to some prodding by Kasius’s brother who looks really done with his shit) and it’s a really good one. But then Daisy and Fitz’s go for the escape. After knocking out most of the Kree there with some knockout bullets (I forgot what they are called sorry), we finally get the reuniting of FITZSIMMONS  and it’s wonderful and emotional and…..just look for yourself.

Damn I love everything about this. The big heroic fight and rescue. Simmons taking a knife to Kasius earlier was another highlight, but this is what we will all remember. Well this and then what happens next….


Jemma proposes to Fitz and ladies and gentlemen we are going to have a FITZSIMMONS WEDDING!!!!!

It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time because what person doesn’t want to see their ship get married. Next to them having sex for the first time or kissing for the first time, this is the big moment each fan has for their ship. And since we’ve gotten the first two for Jemma and Fitz, this is the big one. Exciting but since this is also Jemma and Fitz, it would not shock me if another big alien invasion happened right at the moment the preacher asks if anybody objects. My guess: Skrulls.

Also I love that they are still the same two nerds bantering over everything as Fitz was all like “I did propose first though” and Simmons was “Surrrrreeee you did”


So Fitzsimmons is engaged and the team is about to be reunited. All looks hopeful doesn’t it?……..Doesn’t it???


  • This was Clark Gregg’s first time directing Agents of SHIELD and he did a really great job. Whether it was the big action scenes or the small intimate ones, he always let the actors be the focus and that’s all you really want from a director.
  • What about May you may ask after last week? Well she has a battle to the death with the Inhuman telepath Ben. Fitz is able to stop the fight and convinces Kasius to send May up to the surface. So yay?
  • As for Ben, his auction ends up going bad as Kasius has him murdered for lying to him about who time-travelled with Daisy. This death pissed me off less than Tess’s did because it was needed to showcase how bad Kasius can be. How ruthless he can be.
  • I think no “Taco Tuesdays” might be what Mack is saddest the most about the future.

Agents Of SHIELD airs on Fridays at 9 pm on ABC

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