‘Blindspot’: 3×01 Spoilers Roundup

In recent days it seems like Blindspot fans have had even more reasons to get excited than usual, with all the news and teases coming out about our favorite show. It’s been literally one scoop after another and although we love it because we can’t wait for the season to start, sometimes it’s difficult to keep up.

There’s just so much information!

So, here, I do my best to collect, in one handy guide, all the news and information that has come out in the past fews days – all so YOU don’t miss anything.

Here we go!


Thanks to information from Tv Insider and Blindspot Spoilers we have 3 sneak peeks from the Season premiere, titled: “Back to the Grind”.


In this first sneak peek we see a lot of action as we hear Roman’s voice promising Jane that she will suffer and pay for what, in his eyes, was a betrayal.

We discover that Reade is the director of the FBI Office and that Ritch Dotcom now works for the agency, much to everyone’s surprise.

Plus we get to see several Jeller happy moments and other not so happy moments between them, which pretty much confirms that our Jeller heart will jump from joy many times this season … and we will also have to put ice cream in the freezer because we will surely need it. Not everything will be happiness for them.

There is also a scene that caught my attention: Jane fights in what looks like Jeller’s house with a man who comes to kill her. Is there a stuffed toy on the table? Could Weller’s daughter have been playing with him? If so, we’ll melt and wish to see Jeller babies soon.

It seems that the scene continues with that fight between Jane and the man and later there are some images where Kurt appears asleep and Jane cries while she looks at him and removes their wedding ring.

Speculation? I think everything is part of the same scene and that man breaks into the Jeller house after Kurt and his daughter have fallen asleep, Jane fights with that man – who wants to kill her because Roman has put a price on her head – and concludes that to protect Kurt and the little girl she needs to run away, because Roman is not going to stop and he’ll hurt them to get to her. In any case, it’s clear in the scene that Jane doesn’t abandon Kurt because she wants to.



In this second sneak peek Kurt and Jane discover that Jane has another layer of tattoos, totally different but that somehow connect with the ones that she already had. In addition, they discuss when she was tattooed, and Jane remembers an accident that she had where she was unconscious and both come to the conclusion that Roman must have tattooed her then.

This story is quite interesting, you feel that emotion, that intrigue from the beginning of the show about why those tattoos are there. We love it!



In the third sneak peek, Zapata and Reade find out that they’re kidnapped and far away from home. They seem to have had some unresolved issues between them since she’s working for the CIA, but they don’t get too much time to speak because they immediately bring Patterson and the three are together. I think it’s going to be crucial that they be together, because they can devise a plan between the three to escape or help in their rescue.

I’m looking forward to seeing the conversation between Reade and Zapata, I think there are very interesting nuances there


And that’s not all, Blindspot fans. We also have a few more They have posted a couple more pictures from the season premiere. They don’t reveal anything new but it’s always a pleasure to see something more about our favorite show.

And, in addition, thanks to Blindspotters Brazil we have a new shooting photo .


Thanks to the information from Blindspot Spoilers we have several interesting interviews from Jaimie, Luke and Sullivan talking about their characters in Season 3 and a making off of filming in Venice.



Jaimie talks about how impressive Venice is and that the city is like another character in season 3.

She says that the season begins where the other ends and we will also see what has happened to the characters in those two years and confirms that she left to protect the people she loved and we will know more about this at the beginning of the season.

About the new tattoos she says that we will know who put them there and why, as well as knowing how they were made, since they made them specifically.

Jaimie explains that Jane hadn’t made her own decisions as Jane but that she did it in the last two years and that has changed her as a person. I’m really excited about this! .

The Jeller relationship will be very complicated this season because she made the decision to leave without telling him and did it because she loves him and wants to protect him and her daughter, but “a broken heart is always a broken heart and we have to see where that leads us.”  My heart Jeller suffers … but I know it will be worth it in the end -.

She explains that there is something catastrophic that happens at the beginning of season 3 in a flashbacks and fans will realize the real reason why Jane is gone.



Sullivan says that being in Venice is a wonderful way to start the season and that for his character – Kurt – is a special site because he proposed to Jane in that city. I’m screaming! Venice is a very romantic place. Good work, Kurt!

He says that it was a hard end for the characters that Jane left Kurt and confirms that she did it to protect them. Kurt was really focused on his job and his marriage, he is completely in love.  I love this song

According to Sullivan, Kurt was looking for Jane mainly because he wanted to know if she was well and if she was still alive. “Kurt is in love with her. She’s his wife,” says Sullivan – and I dance happily to hear this! 

Sullivan says the new tattoos start a new chapter in the story and it feels like they start the show again.

They’re going to explore Jeller relationship and why Jane left. Sullivan believes that Kurt will understand that it was to protect them, but that it hurt him deeply and believes that it’ll also be interesting to explore how the team has gone in different directions.



Luke comments that he had planned to go to Italy with his wife to spend the holidays and that they spent a few more days while they were filming because the dates coincided.

He thinks that in Blindspot they want to make things as realistic as possible – I totally agree, it’s part of the charm of this show.

He loves to do his owns stunts because they bring reality and, in fact, he has had some bruises because of those fight scenes.

There’s a brutal scene in a boat that had to be repeated several times so that they could film it from different angles.

Luke says that at the end of season 2 Roman was begging Jane to kill him and end his misery because he didn’t know how to confront, assimilate and overcome everything that had happened to him throughout the season and that it seems interesting that she could’t kill him. My poor child … 

He says that Roman has a plan for Jane and will not let her get away with what she did because he feels she has betrayed him and has erased his life by erasing his memory. It’s going to be awesome.

For him it’s very funny to play the dynamics between Jane and Roman because he never knows where they can go.

He likes to think that there is still hope for Roman and Jane – and we too, as we explain here – although he doesn’t know how they could be reconciled, but there’s still love between them and he thinks that there must be so that there is such a point of hatred because you can’t hate someone if you’ve never loved them.



EXTRA INTERVIEWS: We leave you two more interviews thanks to Blindspot Spoilers and Dgct2.


In the first the cast talks about the new season, it is a very fun interview where they don’t say much new, but they expand on some spoilers:


In the second interview our two favorite brothers – AKA Jane and Roman – talk about their dynamics in the new season and the beginnings of the career of both actors.


This time thanks to Tv Insider we have news about the Season 3 premiere! Countdown begins! Who’s as excited as we are?

What was Jane doing climbing on a mountain, in the middle of nowhere, away from everyone she loves? Are Jeller married? Apparently, the Season premier will give us answers to these questions in the first minutes of the episode. Martin Gero, executive producer of Blindspot, commented:

“We’re going to clear up basically all the cliffhangers in the first 10 minutes”.

Gero added that after giving us all the answers that fans deserve after the Season finale, the story will restart:

“A new story will begin. It will involve all the characters, but in a new and exciting context.”

Jane’s new tattoos will be key this season. According to Martin Gero, these new tattoos are closely related to the cases that each week the “Team Blindspot” will have to solve and also with the mysteries that will involve his teammates. Regarding this, Gero comments:

“The two-year gap allowed them to live their lives, make mistakes and harbor secrets.”

However, even though the history of new tattoos seems more intriguing and obscure than ever, nothing is as it seems; Gero has indicated that we will have a brighter tone during this season. He says:

“The tone is a lot more fun this year. There’s humor folded into the high-stakes life-and- death nature of the show.”

EXTRA SCOOP: Thanks to EW we have news about one of our favorite characters AKA Zapata.

She has been working for the CIA for two years with Jake Keaton (Chad Donella) – the deputy director of the agency – as her direct superior. This character will continue in the show recurring during this season and, because he’s the Zapata’s boss, Keaton will continue to be an ally of the team. But is he one they can trust? Apparently not.

Are you excited about the new season? Did you expect anything different? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

Blindspot returns on Friday, Oct. 27 at 8/7c (NBC).

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