KJ Apa Apparently Likes Numbers… (We Don’t)

When I was a kid, I wanted to be President or a Ballerina. I mean more than anything, I wanted to be a writer, because writing is life for me. But numbers? Anything to do with numbers?

Please no. That’s a hard hell no.

But for KJ Apa, he apparently likes numbers. In a recent interview with The Last Magazine he talked about what he wanted to be as a child.

“I wanted to be an accountant for a long time,” he laughs. “I wanted to play rugby and music was also a massive part of my life, but thinking realistically, I thought I’d go to university and study business and be an accountant.”

Lord, can you imagine an accountant that hot? I couldn’t either.

But God knew that we all needed KJ Apa in our lives and didn’t fall for that. He didn’t take the beauty away from us. Apa got involved with modeling through the agency where his Mom worked and the rest is history.

But when did he know that he wanted to make movies forever? Well that would be working on the film, A Dog’s Purpose.

“Working on that film was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life,” he says. “I realized after shooting that movie that I wanted to make movies for the rest of my life.”

We’d like to thank the Lord about for giving us KJ Apa.

See Apa on Riverdale, airing on The CW.

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